Jazz 3 Day Internet Package: Code And Complete Details

Do you want to know the subscription code for the Jazz 3 Day Internet Package? Or do you want to get huge data at an affordable price? We got you! All you need is Rs. 60. Yes, with Rs 60, enjoy seamless internet connectivity along with other benefits for 3 days.

It is also known as the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer. Upon subscribing, you will get 1000 on-net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 10 off-net minutes. We have shared the terms of the agreement, the activation code, and everything you need to know about this offer below. .

By the end of this read, you’ll gain enough knowledge to subscribe to the Jazz 3 Day Internet Package in seconds. Say goodbye to lagging while playing your favorite games with Jazz 4G and enjoy uninterrupted connection for the next 72 hours. Let’s quickly dive into the details of this package.

Jazz 3 Day Internet Package Details

What this bundle offers is 1 GB of internet, 1000 Jazz mints, 10 off-net minutes, and 1000 SMS for just Rs 60. Dial *631# to avail the package for 3 days.

PackageJazz 3 Day Internet Package
PriceRs 60
Validity3 Days
Internet1 Gb
Off-Net Minutes10
Subscription Code*631#
Data Usage Check*631*2#

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Terms and Conditions

  • The Jazz 3 Day Internet Package is valid for a period of 72 hours from the time of activation.
  • This package is available to all Jazz prepaid customers.
  • To activate the bundle, dial *631#.
  • Auto-renewal of this bundle is not applicable. Users must re-enter the code to resubscribe to the offer.
  • The Jazz 3 Day Internet Package is applicable for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks based on the user’s device and network coverage.
  • The internet speed depends on various factors, including the device you are using and your area.
  • Jazz rescinds the right to terminate or change the price of the bundle without prior notice.

Why Subscribe To The Jazz 3 Day Internet Package?

  • Seamless Gaming: Often it happens that while playing online games, the internet becomes too laggy and causes interruptions that can lead to inconvenience during the game. But with Jazz 4G, you can enhance your gaming experience with its lightning-fast speed.
  • Watch your Favorite Shows: Never miss out on your favorite shows and stay updated with the latest movies. Jazz 4G offers high-speed internet, which allows you to watch any movie online.
  • Affordable: The best part of this bundle is its affordability. It comes with a price tag of Rs 60. You won’t find any bundle that gives that many resources at this price.
  • Complete Solution: This bundle is a complete solution for Jazz users. Get everything at your fingertips—call minutes, SMS, and internet—for merely Rs 60.


What Is The Jazz 3 Day Internet Package?

Jazz 3 Day Internet Package provides you with 1 GB of internet along with 1000 Jazz minutes, 10 other network minutes, and 1000 minutes for just Rs 60. It is sometimes referred to as the Jazz 3 Day Max offer.

What Is The Price Of This Bundle Including Tax?

The price of the bundle is Rs. 60 including tax. The pricing factor of the package makes it unmatchable.


Jazz 3 Day Internet Package is a top-tier and cost-effective solution for all your calling and internet needs. Finding hybrid packages to meet all your requirements at this price is very rare. Dial *631# to avail of this offer.If you have any problems activating this offer or want to do anything else, feel free to contact us. Stay connected, entertained, and informed on our social media accounts for the latest updates.

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