Jazz Call Package Weekly 85 Rupees: 650 Minutes | Hot Offer!

Connect More, Pay Less: Discover the Jazz call package weekly 85 rupees! Has finding a budget-friendly call package with enough minutes become a daunting task for you? Are you tired of expensive phone bills eating up your budget while you struggle to keep in touch with your friends, family or coworkers? look nowhere else!

You have arrived at the right place.This jazz weekly voice bundle provides you 650 Onnet minutes in just 85 Rs load. The activation code, terms of agreement and other details related to this offer are briefly discussed below. We have also shared the pros and cons of this offer below to help you decide whether to activate it.

After reading this article, you’ll discover the full details of this Jazz weekly voice offer, including its subscription code and other perks. Utilize this chance to improve your Jazz calling experience and save funds simultaneously. Read on to unlock the ultimate Jazz call package tailored just for you!

Jazz Call Package Weekly 85 Rupees Details

Jazz provides you 650 net minutes for seven days in just 85 Pkr with this call package. Let’s uncover its subscription details!

Package NameJazz Call Package Weekly 85 Rupees
Balance Required85 PKR
Validity7 Days
Jazz Minutes650 On net minutes
Subscription Code*211*
Unsubscription Code*211*4#
Check Code*211*2#/ Jazz World App
Call Setup Free0.15 PKR

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Terms And Conditions

  • Only prepaid customers can subscribe to this bundle.
  •  By activating this bundle, you can get 650 jazz minutes
  •  This offer is valid for seven days.
  •  Call *211# from your Jazz sim to activate this bundle.
  •  A call set-up fee of 0.15 PKR will be charged.
  •  You can activate and consume this offer using every network.
  •  The charging pulse of this package is 512 kb.
  •  The internet speed depends upon the device, location and network signal.
  •  If you have not subscribed to any bundle, the base rate of PKR 5mb will be charged.

Pros And Cons Of Jazz Call Package Weekly 85 Rupees

If you have difficulty choosing whether this package is suitable for you, then after reading these pros and cons, you will have no worries in making decisions.


  • It is best for users who are looking for Jazz to Jazz minutes.
  •  This bundle has no time restriction; you can use it 24/7 all week.
  •  Jazz weekly call package has no area restrictions.You have the freedom to activate the bundle from anywhere in pakistan.
  •  It is a very affordable call offer as compared to others.


  • The minor reason you may not like this offer is no other network minutes.
  •  There is no internet data or sms in this offer.
  •  You have to charge 0.15 per call setup free on every call.


Can We Share Minutes With Jazz Call Package Weekly 85 Rupees?

No, you cannot share minutes with Jazz weekly voice offer. No such instructions are mentioned in the Jazz World App or on their official website. So this offer doesn’t provide any service like shareable minutes.

What Is The 85 Rupees Jazz Call Package?

The Eighty-five rupees Jazz call package provides 650 jazz minutes for seven days.

What Is Jazz Call Package Weekly 85 Rupees Code?

The Jazz weekly voice offer code is *211#, and its unsubscription code is *211*4#. You need to pay 0.15 Rs for dialing this activation code.


I will conclude by saying the Jazz call package weekly 85 rupees is the only best call offer you can get in the 100 rupees range for seven days. Six hundred fifty minutes of talk time is a bargain in this rising inflation in 2023. So activate now and no longer worry about the call package.

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