Jazz One Day Net Pkg- 2 GB For Rs 21

Do you need a quick, reliable internet connection for just a day? Whether for work, streaming your favorite shows, or scrolling social media, the demand for short-term data solutions is rising. For this purpose, we bring you Jazz One Dat Net Pkg, also called Jazz Daily Mega.

Jazz brings you the perfect package with highspeed 4G Data in the fast-paced world. For just Rs. 35, keep the internet at your doorstep. Curious to know more about the bundle? Stick around as we delve into the details and answer your key questions.

In this article, we will provide you with every minute detail of the offer. After reading the blog post, subscribe to Jazz One Day Net Pkg and enjoy seamless internet for one day.

Jazz One Day Net Pkg Details

Also known as Jazz Daily Mega, Jazz 4G offers 1 GB of internet for 24 hours upon dialing *117*4#. The validity of the bundle is for 24 hours.

OfferJazz Daily Mega
PriceRs. 35
Validity1 Day
Internet1 Gb
Subscription Code*117*4#
Usage Details*117*4*2#

Alternate Jazz One-Day Internet Package

There is an alternate Jazz Daily Internet Package in the store. Therefore, we will guide you on the daily bundles offered by Jazz. Starting with,

Jazz Daily Extreme Offer

The second bundle under the Jazz 1 Day Internet Package is Jazz Daily Extreme. Jazz offers 2 GB of internet data from (12 am-12 pm) for just Rs. 21. Isn’t it a cheap offer? Yes, sir, it is. So what is the wait? Go on and subscribe. Dial *757# now. Go grab your Jazz sim now at nearest Jazz Franchise.

BundleJazz Daily Extreme
PriceRs. 21
Validity1 Day (12am-12pm)
Internet2 GB
Subscription Code*757#
Usage Details*757*2#

If this offer doesn’t suit you visit this detailed guide about Jazz internet packages.

Term and Conditions

  • Both bundles are valid only for Paid customers.
  • The validity of the bundles is 24 hours and (12 am to 12 pm) respectively.
  • The bundles are not recursive, meaning you must redeem the subscription code to renew the subscription.
  • The offer can change anytime.
  • Jazz 4g reserves the right to terminate or change the offer without prior notice.
  • The internet speed will depend on various factors, i.e., Coverage area, smartphone, and weather.


How Do You Subscribe To One Day Jazz Net Pkg?

Eventually, there are two Jazz One Day Net Pkgs in store for you, and they have different subscription codes. We have mentioned each of the bundle details above.

What is Jazz One Day Net Pkg Code?

The subscription code for Jazz Daily Mega is *117*4#, and to subscribe to Jazz Daily Extreme, dial *757#.

How Do You Check The Remaining Mbs In Jazz?

To check the remaining MBS in Jazz, add *2# after the subscription code; as for Jazz Daily Extreme, dial *757*2# to check the remaining MB. For Jazz Daily Mega, dial *117*4*2#.


Jazz One Day Net Pkg offers affordable solutions for your internet and connectivity needs in few . After reading the blog, it’s clear that the Jazz One Day Net Package covers every aspect and fulfills all your connectivity needs. Jazz Daily Mega and Daily Extreme give a decent amount of internet for one day at affordable prices.

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