Best Jazz YouTube Packages 2024 Daily, Weekly & Monthly Offers

Jazz YouTube packages are the ultimate solution if you are also a Jazz 4G user who loves streaming videos on YouTube? or If you are tired of buffering and data limitations keeping you away from your favourite YouTubers.

You can say goodbye to buffering and data limitations with various daily, weekly, and monthly Jazz YouTube packages described below. 

These packages are designed to provide a seamless streaming experience on YouTube, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite videos without interruptions. Whether you’re into music, vlogs, tutorials, or gaming, Jazz 4G YouTube packages have covered you. Say hello to buffer-free streaming, HD-quality videos, and unlimited access to your favourite content.

Jazz Youtube Packages

We understand your problems. That’s why we created a brief post on Jazz 4G YouTube packages, designed to provide an uninterrupted and immersive streaming experience. If you’re searching for the most affordable youtube offer without worrying about data restrictions, this article is for you. We’ll also provide a step-by-step guide on activating Jazz 4G YouTube packages within moments.

Jazz offers three bundles, including daily, weekly, and monthly offers. Let’s take a look at their details without a further due.

Jazz Daily Youtube And Social Package

This bundle is for those who prefer daily YouTube usage; Jazz offers a convenient daily youtube package that caters to your specific needs. This bundle is valid for 24 hours and is the cheapest among all the other Youtube bundles. Jazz 1 day Youtube package is the best choice if you rarely use it, like when you are bored for entertainment.

NameJazz YouTube Package 1 Day
Price Rs 27, including tax
Validity1 Day
Internet1.5 Gb
Subscription Code*968#
Usage Details*968*3#

Jazz Weekly YouTube Package

Jazz provides a week-long Youtube bundle to provide uninterrupted Youtube streaming. Jazz offers a Weekly Youtube bundle for Rs 138. Now watch your favourite videos without worrying about data for an entire week. This bundle provides additional 50 off-net minutes.

OfferWeekly Youtube
PriceRs 217
Validity7 Days
InternetData 5 GB (IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook & BiP)
Off-net mints50
Activation Code *660#
Usage Details *660*2#

Jazz Monthly YouTube And Social Offer

Monthly youtube bundles are there to keep you connected all month long. Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, vlogger, or love watching videos in your spare time, Jazz’s monthly YouTube packages ensure you always have enough data.

BundleJazz Monthly Youtube and Social
PriceRs 450 incl. tax
Validity30 Days
Youtube Data 15 GB 15 GB (Youtube and Social)
On-net mints500
Off-net mints50
Subscription Code*620#
Check Remaining MBs*620*2#

Terms And Conditions Of Jazz YouTube Packages

  1. Both Prepaid and Postpaid users can subscribe to these Youtube packages.
  2.    Unless specified, the data in these bundles will not work on internet activities other than Youtube.
  3.    Jazz Youtube Packages can be subscribed to by the provided subscription code or JazzWorld App.
  4.    The prices of these bundles vary from time to time. Jazz Official can change the costs of these bundles anytime without prior notice.
  5.    These bundles have different validity periods, including daily, weekly, and monthly options. Customers should choose the package that best suits their usage requirements.
  6.    Only used data from the Jazz YouTube bundles will be carried to the next subscription period. All the remaining data will be expired when the bundle ends.


How Do You Subscribe To Jazz Daily Youtube and Social Package?

You can subscribe to the Jazz YouTube package for 1 day by dialling *968#. With this bundle, get 1.5 GB of YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook for just Rs 27, including taxes.

What Is The Monthly Youtube Package Jazz code?

Get 15 Gb of seamless Youtube data for an entire month for Rs 450. Dial *620# to subscribe to Jazz Monthly Youtube and Social. Also, get 500 off-net and 50 on-net mints with this bundle.

Are Jazz YouTube Packages Available For Both Prepaid And Postpaid Users? 

Yes, both prepaid and postpaid users can subscribe to Jazz Youtube packages.

What Happens If I Exceed My Data Limit Before The Package Expires? 

You will be charged according to the usual data rates if you exceed your allotted data.


In conclusion, Jazz YouTube packages are the best solution to enjoy your favourite YouTubers without worrying about high prices and data limitations. Jazz Monthly YouTube offers the best choice among these packages if you can afford it. You can stream videos seamlessly, explore new channels, and stay connected with your favourite YouTubers with just one go. Increase your user experience with Jazz 4G.

If these Youtube bundles don’t meet your requirements, we have a guide on Jazz internet packages 2023 With Complete Details. Visit the article to find a suitable bundle for you.

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