Jazz Data Sim Packages 2024: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Offers

Are you looking for Jazz data sim packages with enough internet to meet your needs? Do you also want internet at an affordable price? We will share multiple offers to provide you with non-stop, fast internet.

Jazz Data Sim is the sim that was specially designed to provide internet to Jazz users. It offers faster and more affordable internet than normal SIMs. Here we will share all the offered Jazz data sim packages at the moment. We will cover all offers, including daily, weekly, monthly, social, and other offers.

By reading this article, you will be able to find the best data sim bundle according to your needs. Are you ready to redefine the way you stay connected? Let’s explore together!

Jazz Data Sim Package Details

Let’s explore different Jazz data sim bundles, from daily, weekly, to monthly. This is an ideal solution for users who want long-term internet plans without any data restrictions.

Jazz Social Data Bundles

The social data bundles include internet MBs for Facebook, Youtube, and IMO. Moreover we will also share a Pubg offer in this section as well.

OfferWeekly YouTube and Social
Validity7 Days
Internet5 Gb for (IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube & Facebook)
Subscription Code*660#
Data Check Code*660*2#
Unsubscribe Code*660*4#
OfferMonthly Social
Validity30 Days
Internet6 GB (Facebook & Whatsapp Only)
Subscription Code*117*45#
Data Check Code*117*45*2#
OfferWeekly PUBG Mobile Offer
Validity7 Days
Internet3 Gb (PUBG Only)
Subscription Code*670#

Jazz Weekly Data Sim Packages

Jazz weekly data sim packages include three offers. These bundle varies based on their data. Choose the one that fits your needs.

OfferJazz Weekly Extreme offer
PriceRS. 109.0
Validity7 Days
Internet25 Gb (12am-12pm)
Subscription Code*117*1#
Data Check Code*117*1*2#
Unsubscribe Code*117*1*4#
OfferJazz Weekly Mega Bundle
Validity7 Days
Internet9 GB Flat Internet
1 GB Whatsapp
Subscription Code*159#
Data Check Code*159*2#
Unsubscribe Code*159*4#
OfferJazz Mega Data Offer
Validity7 Days
Internet20 Gb
Subscription Code*117*48#
Data Check Code*117*48*2#
Unsubscribe Code*117*48*4#

Jazz Monthly Data Sim Packages

Here, we will offer Jazz Monthly data sim packages. These are longer and provide data at a faster speed. Get 30 days of internet usage by subscribing to any of the following offers:.

OfferJazz Monthly Starter
Validity30 Days
Internet3 + 3 GB (2 AM – 2 PM)
Subscription Code*117*77#
Data Check Code*117*77*2#
Unsubscribe Code*117*77*4#
OfferJazz Monthly Mega Plus
Validity30 Days
Internet12 GBs
6 GBs (2 AM – 2 PM)
Subscription Code*117*30#
Data Check Code*117*30*2#
Unsubscription Code*117*30*4#
OfferJazz Smart Sim Data Offer
Validity30 Days
Internet15 GB
7.5GB (1AM – 9AM)
Subscription Code*117*35#
Data Check Code*117*35*2#
Unsubscription Code*117*35*4#
OfferJazz Regular Data Sim Offer
PriceRs. 1,739.13
Validity30 Days
Internet60 GB
30GB (1AM – 1PM)
Subscription Code*117*73#
Data Check Code*117*73*2#
Unsubscribe Code*117*73*4#
OfferJazz Monthly Mega Offer
Validity30 Days
Internet100 GB
50GB (1AM – 1PM)
Subscribe Code*117*36#
Data Check Code*117*36*2#
Unsubscribe Code*117*36*4#

Jazz 3,6 Months Data Sim Packages

These offers include far longer validity periods than the regular ones. Get 90 and 180 days of internet usage with Long Duration Bundles.

OfferJazz 3 Month Data Sim Bundle
Validity90 Days
Internet150 GB Total
50 GB will be given each month
Subscription Code*117*15#
Data Check Code*117*17*2#
Unsubscribe Code*117*15*4#
OfferJazz 6 Months Data Sim Package
Validity180 Days
Internet600 GB
100 GB per month
Subscribe Code*117*16#
Data Check Code*117*18*2#
Unsubscribe Code*117*16*4#

Jazz Late Night Data Sim Packages

Late-night bundles offer a cheap solution for night owls. Get 25 GB for just Rs. 109. As the bundles are only made for night usage, the duration for which you can use the internet is 12 a.m.–12 p.m.

OfferWeekly Extreme
PriceRs. 109
Validity7 Days
Internet25 GBs (12 AM – 12 PM)
Subscribe Code*117*1#
Data Check Code*117*1*2#
Unsubscribe Code*117*1*4#
OfferMonthly Extreme
Validity30 Days
Internet10 GB(2 AM – 2 PM)
Subscribe Code*117*34#
Data Check Code*117*34*2#
Unsubscribe Code*117*34*4#

Visit here if you want to order any Jazz data sim online.

Terms and Conditions

  • These packages are only valid for Postpaid users.
  • Enjoy your data within the defined validity period.
  • Let’s keep it fair; excessive usage may slow things down.
  • Ensure your device is a match for seamless connectivity.
  • These perks are non-transferable; they’re your digital companion.
  • Jazz reserves the right to tweak things, but we’ll keep you posted.
  • Network strength plays a role; enjoy in areas with good jazz vibes.
  • Stick to the rules, and your data journey will be smooth sailing.


These were all the active Jazz Data SIM packages at the moment. These provide you with enough internet at an affordable price. Moreover, these sims provide faster internet as compared to usual sims.

Jazz Monthly Mega Plus is one of the best choices if you still have confusion about your selection. If you haven’t found any suitable offer for you, take a look at this detailed blog post about the usual Jazz data packages.

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