Jazz internet packages 2024 With Complete Details

Jazz Internet Packages

If you are here to get the best Jazz Internet Packages then you are at the right place we have collected the best offers for you below. As you know the world is evolving it is becoming a technological hub and with the increase in technology, the need for the internet has become vital. In short, you can connect to anyone anywhere in the world with a single touch. The Internet keeps you updated with the world.

It has one of the fastest internet services in Pakistan including Jazz 3G/4G. Millions of people are connected with each other through the network. Jazz Data Bundles include daily, weekly, monthly and regional packages. The rate of these packages varies from each other.

Here we ThePackages bring to you all the Jazz Data offers and you can choose any package according to your balance. we have the most updated information here from official resources which you can trust.

Must Read: We have a separate category for Jazz All In One offers to visit it if you are looking for any of them. Visit Jazz Hybrid Packages (Offers that have SMS and Call minutes included alongside the internet ) if you are not here for all-in-one offers.

Jazz Hourly Internet Packages

Jazz has different hourly Packages including one-hour packages and bundles for several hours. The purpose of these bundles is to give users unlimited access to data for 1 hour at a minimal cost so that they can do their important tasks.

Offer NameSuper ghanta offer
PriceRs 12 incl tax
Validity1 hour
Data1024 MB
Subscription Code*638#
Status Code*638*2#

Jazz 2 hours Data Bundles;

It also has various 2 hours of Internet Packages. These are 3 bundles which consist of 2 social offers and 1 video offer.

Offer NameSashay offer or Jazz 2 Hours Facebook Pkg
PriceRs 10 incl tax
Validity2 hours
Data1024 MB for Facebook
Subscription Code*220*3*1#
Status Code*220*3*1*2#
Offer NameSashay offer WhatsApp or Jazz 2 Hours Whatsapp Package
PriceRs 10 incl tx
Validity2 hours
Data1024 Mb for Whatsapp
Subscription Code*220*1*1#
Status Code*220*1*1*2#
Offer Name Sashay offer youtube Or Jazz 2 Hour Youtube Pkg
PriceRs 10 incl tax
Validity2 hours
Data1024 Mb of youtube
Subscription Code*220*2*1#

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Mobilink has different Daily Internet Bundles according to your needs. Some of these packages have a validity of 1 day and some end at midnight.

Offer NameDaily mega
PriceRs 35 incl tax
Validity1 Day
Data1024 Mb
Subscription code*117*4#
Status code*117*4*2#
Offer NameDaily extreme
PriceRs 18 incl tax
Validity12am – 12pm
Data2048 Mb
Subscription code*757#
Status code
Offer NameDaily browser 
PriceRs 17 incl tax
Validity1 Day
Subscription code*117*11#
Offer Name Daily youtube and special
PriceRs 23 incl tax
Validity1 Day
Data1536 internet mbs for Youtube, Facebook, and Whatsapp
Subscription Code*968#
Offer NameFacebook bundle
PriceRs 3.30 incl tax
Validity24 hours
Data200Mb for Facebook Only
Subscription code *455#
Offer NameSindh super data offer
PriceRs 10 incl tax
ValidityDaily (11pm-9am)
Subscription code*773#
Status code*773*2#
LocationsHyderabad, Kotri & Jamshoro
PriceRs.7.3 Incl. Tax
ValidityDaily (12 AM – 9 AM)
Subscription code*577#
Status code*577*2#
Offer NameGujranwala Super Data Offer
PriceRs 7.3 Incl. Tax
ValidityDaily (12 AM – 9 AM)
Subscription code*775#
Status code*775*2#
Offer NameJanoobi Punjab Super Data Offer
PriceRs.10 Incl. Tax
ValidityDaily (11 PM – 9 AM)
Data5 GB 
Subscription code*742#
Status code

Jazz 3-Day Internet Packages

It also has 3 Days Internet bundle for its customers. There are two of these Packages and here you can find both. Subscribe to jazz for availing amazing offers now.

Offer Name3-day extreme
PriceRs 39 incl tax
Validity3 Days
Data3GB between (2am-2pm)
Subscription code*114*14#
Status code
PriceRs.46 (Incl. Tax)
Validity3 Days
Data1 GB ​DATA
Minutes100 Mins
Subscription code*631#
Status code*631*2#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Mobilink brings amazing bundles for its customers to provide them super fast 3G/4G Data for the duration of One Week. You can also get a free subscription from the Tamasha App by activating the Weekly Mega Plus offer.

Tamasha App

Tamasha App is a mobile application that you can get on Playstore and Applestore. It is an entertainment app where you can watch your favorite movies, Dramas, news, and Sports including live matches. There are also top live Tv channels including HUM, Urdu1, BOL, and many more.

Free access to the biggest football events including UEFA Champions League and Bundesliga. Fast and Buffer free streaming of these events.

There are also many opportunities to win grand prizes and free internet by participating in quizzes and completing daily tasks.

This offer is both for the Prepaid and Postpaid users

Offer NameWeekly premium
PriceRs 212 incl tax
Validity1 Week
Mints50 mins
Subscription code*117*47#
Status code*117*47*2#
Offer NameWeekly Social and Youtube
PriceRs 138 incl tax
Validity1 Week
Data5GB Whatsapp, Facebook, Imo, Youtube, and BiP
Subscription code*660#
Status code*660*2#
Offer NameWeekly plus – sale
PriceRs 230 incl tax
Validity1 Week
Data10Gb from which (5GB can be used between 2 am – 2 pm)
Subscription code*157# or subscribe from JazzWorld App
Status code
Offer NameWeekly mega
PriceRs 287 incl tax
Validity1 Week
Data9Gb internet
1Gb social (Whatsapp)
Subscription code*159#
Status code*159*2#
Offer NameWeekly extreme
PriceRs 109 incl tax
Validity1 Week
Data25Gb (12am – 12pm)
Subscription code*117*1#
Status code
Offer NameWeekly mega plus
PriceRs 338 incl tax
Validity1 Week
Data25Gb from which 10GB can be used between (2 am – 2 pm)
Free Tamasha app
Subscription code*453#
Status code*453*2#
jazz weekly pubg offer
Offer NamePubg offer weekly
PriceRs 50 incl tax
Validity1 Week
Data3Gb out of which 2500 Mb are for Pubg
Subscription codeSubscribe to JazzWorld App

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

These Packages provide you with endless and fast streaming without any buffering for the whole month. Jazz also offers social monthly bundles to its users. For the 30 days, you have access to the fastest 4g internet. Monthly internet packages includes

Offer NameInfinity browser
PriceRs 126 incl tax
Validity30 days
Data2048 Mb
Subscription code*709#
Status code*709*2#
PriceRs.695 (Incl. Tax)
Validity30 Days
Data25 GB DATA
Minutes300 All network minutes
Subscription code*2000#
Status code*2000*2#
Offer NameMonthly supreme
PriceRs 699 incl tax
Validity30 Days
Data24Gb out of which 12Gb can be used from (2 am – 2 pm)
Subscription code*117*32#
Status code*117*32*2#
Offer NameMonthly mega plus
PriceRs 458 incl.tax
Validity30 Days
Data12 gb of data of which 6Gb can be used from (2 am – 2 pm)
Subscription code*117*30#
Status code*117*30*2#
Offer NameMonthly extreme
PriceRs 184 incl tax
Validity30 Days
Data10Gb (2 am – 2 pm)
Subscription code*117*34#
Status code
Offer NameMonthly browser
PriceRs 276 incl tax
Validity 30 Days
Data6Gb of which 3Gb can be used between (2 am – 2 pm)
Subscription code*117*77#
Status code*117*77*2#
PriceRs.148 (Incl. Tax)
Validity30 Days
Data7 GB DATA (Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, BiP & Snapchat)
SMS12000 SMS
Subscription code*661#
Status code*661*2#

Jazz Cities Monthly Internet Offers:

PriceRs.123 (Incl. Tax)
Data5 GB
Subscription code*596#
Status code
PriceRs.195 (Incl. Tax)
Data10 GB (FREE Tamasha App)
Mins100 All Network Mins
Subscription code*109#
Status code
PriceRs.138 (Incl. Tax)
Data8 GB Data (4GB 2AM – 2PM)
Mins500 Jazz Mins
Subscription code*598#
PriceRs.41 (Incl. Tax)
Data4 GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO & BiP on 4G Network only
Subscription code*499#
Status code*499*2#
PriceRs.70 (Incl. Tax)
Data1GB Data
Mins1000 Mins
Subscription code*766#
Status code*766*2#
PriceRs.108 (Incl. Tax)
Data4 GB Data with Free Whatsapp
Mins500 Mins
Subscription code*545#


What is Jazz 3g/4g?

It is one of the fastest internet providers in Pakistan. Jazz offers its users 3g and 4g services. 3g and 4g are the most advanced form of internet.

How can I check my Jazz Internet Package?

To find any internet bundle Dial *444# on your mobile.

How to check the Data usage of your bundle?

There are several methods of checking data usage.

Dial the status code of your bundle. Every Bundle has a status code which we have provided along with the Package details.

Go to JazzWorld App and visit the history option there.

Dial 111 and then press 5.

How can I get the Jazz Monthly Package?

There are many Jazz monthly internet offers that we have mentioned above, you can visit our website ThePackages, or dial *444#.

What is the Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Package code?

You can avail of Jazz Monthly Social which gives you 7 GB of fast data for Whatsapp, Facebook, IMO, BiP, and Snapchat by dialing activation code *661#.

What is Social GB?

Social GBS or Social MBS refers to the internet data you can only use for social media including Tiktok, facebook and whatsapp.

How can I subscribe to Jazz weekly for 25GB?

You can activate Jazz Weekly Mega plus which gives you 25 GB of fast Data and free access to the Tamasha App.

How can I get free data on Jazz sim?

jazz customers can get free internet by downloading JazzWorld App from Playstore. There you get daily free MBs.

How do I activate Jazz Youtube Monthly?

No, there is no offer such as Jazz Youtube Monthly although you can avail of Jazz Weekly Social and Youtube Package for Rs 138 incl. tax

How do I subscribe for 3 Day Extreme Internet?

You can subscribe to 3 Day Extreme bundle for Rs 39 incl. tax and by dialing *114*14#.

Can we transfer internet data to another mobile?

You can not transfer data to another mobile but you can share the internet with your friends by giving them a hotspot.

Is Whatsapp free on Jazz?

No, Whatsapp is not accessible on Jazz. There are different Packages for Whatsapp that you can see on our Website.

Which Jazz package is best?

The answer to this question is not simple. There are different packages as per the requirements of the users. However, the speed of the internet remains the same so you can activate any offer as per your need.

How can I get 1Gb on Jazz?

You can now get 1Gb of mobile data by subscribing to Daily Mega Offer which will cost Rs 35 including tax. To avail of this offer dial *117*4#. You can also visit our website for more packages.

Is FB free on Jazz?

Facebook is free on this network. You can click on the Jazz free mode on Facebook but you can’t view pictures or videos in free mode. Yet you can comment and chat for free.

What is Jazzworld App?

The jazz world is a perfect solution if you are a Jazz user. There are some amazing features in the app that will enhance your user experience. You can now create your own bundle there. There is an Islam section in the app where you can find Ahadees, Daily Ayat, Quran Recitation, and the Tasbeeh counter. There are Daily rewards in the form of free Internet for the users. You can also avail more than 10,000 discounts on different Restaurants. The status of the remaining MBS can also be checked by the App. Users other than Jazz can also get this app.

How can I subscribe to Taxila Offer?

This bundle can be activated by dialing *596#. You will get 5 GB of internet for 7 days. The offer will expire at midnight on the 7th Day.

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