Jazz SMS Packages 2024 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Offers

Jazz SMS Packages

We are going to know about all the Jazz SMS Packages after the intro to the post. In this modern world where connection with each other is so important whether it’s your business or friends or you want to talk to your family members, text messages are one of the very convenient methods to solve this problem.

The standard rates of SMS are very high so you must have a pkg especially if you need to text a lot. Moreover Jazz is a very fast-growing network in Pakistan with Millions of customers increasing daily and it brings the best SMS Packages at a fair price.

Note: So here we are going to mention all the Jazz message Pkg’s including Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and monthly bundles but if you want to have 3g,4g Internet and Onnet or Offnet minutes then visit our Jazz All In One Packages.

Let’s get into details now……..

Jazz Daily SMS Packages;

We have only one active bundle here for it’s daily message pkg others include data and minutes so they are included in Hybrid Offers.

Pkg NameJazz Daily SMS and Whatsapp Offer
Price 8 Pkr (Including tax)
Validity24 Hours
Whatsapp MB’s10 MB
Subscription Code*334#
Daily SMS and Whatsapp Offer Unsubscribe Code*334*4#
Status Code*334#

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages;

NameJazz Weekly SMS and Whatsapp Offer
Price26 Pkr (Including tax)
Validity7 Days
Whatsapp Mb’s25Mb
Subscription Code*101*1*07#
Status code *101*2*07#
Information Code*101*3*07#
Weekly SMS and Whatsapp Offer Unsubscribe Code *101*4*07#

Jazz SMS Packages In Mountains

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages;

NameJazz Monthly Social Package
Cost148 Pkr (Including tax)
Duration30 Days
Social Data (FB, Whatsapp, Snapchat, IMO and BIP)7 GB
Subscription Code*661#
Monthly Social Bundle Unsubscribe Code*661*4#
Status Check *661*2#
Information Code*661*3#

Other Subscription Methods:

Additionally these pkg’s offers can also be subscribed with both Easypaisa JazzCash or their Official Website and the Jazz world app.

More Details about these Offers;

In addition here are some very important details about these packages.

  1. Undoubtedly Internet MBs with SMS can be used on all 2G,3G, and 4G networks.
  2. Additionally 0.06 Rs will be deducted to check the remaining details or by dialing the status code.
  3. Moreover you can subscribe to these offers at any time.
  4. If you are using the internet without any dundle subscription then rs, 5/Mb will be deducted.
  5. It’s important to realize 3g,4g internet Speed may vary because of several factors like Distance from the site from where your network is connected, the number of users and Devices and the page you are trying to visit, and many more


How can I get Jazz Weekly SMS package?

You can get this weekly message package by dialing *101*1*07#.

  • How to check Jazz message Pkg?
  • How to check Jazz remaining sms package?

Ans: Basically you can check it by dailing status code firstly these are different for each bundle. For example for daily sms & whatsapp offer dail *334#, for weekly sms & whatsapp bundle dail *101*2*07# and to check monthly sms bundle which is monthly social deal dial *661.

What is Jazz WhatsApp package?

It provide you 10Mb with it’s daily bundle and 25 mbs with it’s weekly offer for whatsapp so you can subscribe it’s monthly social which will provide you can use 7gb for whatsapp for 30 days.

How to check Jazz SMS package validity?

You can check the validity by dailing the status code of each package which we have mentioned above. If you are using it’s services through make your own bundle then these are the codes. So you can check daily bundle by *303*1# and weekly offer by *303*7# and monthly offer by *303*30#.

How to unsubscribe jazz daily sms package?

As I have mentioned above to deactivate or unsubscribe daily message package dial *334*4#.

What is the code of Jazz daily SMS package?

As we have describes above the code of this offer is *334#.

How can I subscribe Jazz Daily WhatsApp?

If you want to subscribe to it’s daily sim message and whatsapp offer then you can dial *334# as i have shown above otherwise visit our internet or hybrid bundle category of this company.

Monthly SMS & Whatsapp Bundle FAQ’s

What is monthly social package of jazz?

Monthly social package consist of 7GB social data for 30 days and 12000 messages.

How do I check my monthly jazz social package?

You can check your monthly social pkg by dialing status code which is *661*2#.

How do I subscribe to jazz social package?

You can subscribe to this bundle by dialing *661#.

  1. What is jazz monthly WhatsApp package code 2023?
  2. How can I subscribe Jazz monthly SMS and WhatsApp pkg?

As a matter of fact they don’t have monthly package only for whatsapp in 2023 instead it has social offer with 7000 Mb’s social data and 12000 messages and you can subscribe it with *661#. Generally this bundle is also called as Monthly SMS and Whatsapp offer.

What is SMS ?

Basically it is a text message which you send without using any application like whatsapp and Telegram and you can send this from your sim to any sim. You don’t need to have the same company for sending messages.

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