Jazz Advance Unsubscribe Code 2024: Quick and Easy Steps

Are you looking for a Jazz Advance unsubscribe code and don’t want to receive the advance balance without your consent? Are you fed up with repaying Rs 15 advance with an extra Rs 4+tax to Jazz every time you recharge? No need to worry; we are here to tell you the Jazz auto advance unsubscribe method.

Whenever we dial *112#, Jazz gives us an advance of Rs 15; every time your balance ends, Jazz automatically gives you an advance. But this can be frustrating as we didn’t ask for an advance balance, and when repaying that amount, Jazz deducts an extra Rs 4+tax with the advance amount of Rs. 15.

You will understand how to cancel your subscription to jazz advance after reading this post. Whether you are looking for the Jazz Advance off code or Jazz Advance khatam karne ka code, all are the same. Keep reading to discover how to unsubscribe from Jazz Advance and put an end to unwanted charges.

Understanding Jazz Advance

Before looking further for Jazz advance unsubscribe code, let’s briefly understand how the service works. Jazz Advance provides customers with a small loan balance, usually Rs. 15, that can be used for calls, SMS, or data.

The advance amount is deducted from the next recharge, along with a small service fee of Rs 4+ tax. This service ensures that users stay connected in need of the hour without balance, too, but activating this service sometime causes Jazz Advance balance unsubscribe code.

Why Unsubscribing Jazz Advance?

While Jazz Advance is useful, some customers prefer to refrain from using it or receiving a constant advance. Here are a few reasons why you might want to unsubscribe from Jazz Advance:

  • You have enough balance and don’t require an advance.
  •   You find the service fees associated with Jazz Advance to be inconvenient.
  •   You are receiving frequent notifications about Jazz Advance, which is annoying.

Jazz Auto Advance Unsubscribe Methods

There are two multiple methods that you can use to unsubscribe from Jazz Advance.

  • Using Jazz Advance Unsubscribe Code
  •  Using Menu to Unsub

Let’s take a look into the details of these two methods.

Using Jazz Advance Unsubscribe Code

The Jazz Advance unsubscribe code is the fastest and simplest way to end this service. Jazz has introduced a free code to deactivate the Advance balance service. Now you must dial *112*4# to stop getting Jazz Advance without your consent. This feature would be applicable when you have paid your outstanding Jazz Advance. It is the quickest jazz auto advance unsubscribe method.

Using Menu to Unsub

The second method involves using Jazz’s official menu to deactivate this service instead of the Jazz Advance balance unsubscribe code, so follow these short steps quickly to start the process.

  • Dial 123
  •   You will be taken to Jazz’s official menu
  •   Then reply with 5
  •   Now reply with 3
  •   After that, wait for a confirmation message.

When the confirmation message receives, your Jazz sim will be unsubscribed from the Jazz Advance feature. You can follow Jazz on Facebook to stay updated with the latest packages and news. You can also use this method to deactivate the loan service instead of the Jazz Advance unsubscribe code.

Using Jazz World

Jazz auto advance unsubscribe can also be done with the Jazzworld app. Jazzworld tells you about all kinds of available offers. You can also subscribe, unsubscribe, and check the usage details of all packages. So here is your easiest Jazz Advance khatam karne ka code ????.

With Customer Care

You can also Unsubscribe from the Jazz loan offer with the help of customer care in case you are having difficulty doing it yourself. You can contact Jazz customer support by dialing 111 300 300 or emailing customercare@jazz.com.pk. That’s another easy method instead of using the Jazz advance balance unsubscribe code.


Will I lose My Jazz Advance Balance If I Unsubscribe?

You will retain your Jazz Advance balance when you unsubscribe from the service. The balance is still available for usage until it is completely used.

What Is The Jazz Auto Advance Unsubscribe Easiest Method?

The easiest method to Jazz auto advance unsubscribe is using the code or Jazzworld app.

What Is The Limit Of Jazz Advance?

Now, customers can simultaneously take Jazz Advance twice. The advance amount is Rs 15. The code for availing of Jazz Advance is *112#.

What Is Jazz Advance Unsubscribe Code?

*112*4# is the code for the deactivation of this service.

Can I Get Loaned Credit Again After Dialing The Jazz Advance Balance Unsubscribe Code?

Yes, you can again get Jazz Advance after unsubscribing it. Follow the subscription process by Jazz, and you can access the service again.


In conclusion, the Unsubscription process is easy; all you need to do is dial the Jazz Advance unsubscribe code *112*4#. It is frustrating, especially when you need to pay extra service charges. Because once you dial *112# to take Jazz advance every other time your balance is low, Jazz will automatically give you an advance loan without asking you.

Following the steps, you unsubscribe from jazz auto advance service and enjoy a more personalized mobile experience. You can try the other one if the above-explained methods are not working. So stop paying extra service charges every time you recharge from now on. Feel free to ask if you have any queries related to Jazz or any other sim. We will answer them in the All Sim FAQs section.

So this was a detailed answer to your question Jazz Advance khatam karne ka code ????…

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