Jazz Balance Save Code 2024 (Updated)

Are you tired of losing your balance? Want to save Jazz balance to use it in time of need? Often, you recharge your number and need to remember to turn off the internet data, and all your balance vanishes or gets consumed. To avoid this situation, we bring you the Jazz Balance Save Code.

It enables you to save extra balances in a backup account that you can access anytime. We know how it feels to receive the text if your balance is less than 10 Rs. In this article, we have mentioned multiple ways to save your Jazz Balance. Follow the step-by-step instructions to avoid any inconvenience.

Once you have finished this read, you will know the code to save your extra balance and avoid irrelevant balance consumption. Along with the code, we have also shared other working methods as well. Stay with us till the end to learn all of them.

Methods To Save Jazz Balance

There are 2 methods to save Jazz balance. Both of these are authentic ways. Although the first method is free of cost, the other one is paid. Let’s check out what these methods are and how to activate or deactivate them.

  • Code dialing methods
  •  Doosra balance service method

Jazz Balance Save Code 

The first method we are going to share is the code method. Dial *275# to activate this offer completely free. You will also receive a verification message after the service activation.

Package NameJazz save balance Code
PriceFree of cost
Validity30 Days

Doosra Balance Service Method

The second method we are going to share is the doosra balance saving method. By this method, you can save your balance in a virtual account. Your balance will be kept in a virtual account until you unsubscribe from it.

Every transaction will cost Rs 1.5. You can only save up to Rs 100 using this offer. To activate the Doosra Jazz Save Balance offer, dial *869#, and to deactivate, dial the same code and then press 3.

Package Name Doosra Jazz balance save code
Price Rs1 incl.tax.
Validity30 days
Sub- code*869#

Terms Of Agreement

  • This offer is valid for prepaid customers.
  •  To subscribe to Jazz Balance save code, dial *275#.
  •  This offer expires after 30 days.
  •  This is a recursive offer, which means multiple subscriptions are allowed.
  •  To subscribe to the Doosra balance service method offer, dial *869#.
  •  You can keep up to Rs 100 in your account using the Jazz Doosra balance save offer.
  •  For any queries, contact Jazz customer care.


How Can I Save the Jazz Balance?

There are two options to save Jazz balance: code dialing and the doosra balance save method. We have shared the details of both of these methods above.

How Can I Get Full Balance on Jazz? 

Dial *279# to avail of the entire balance on Jazz.

How Can I Transfer My Jazz Balance To Another SIM?

You can transfer jazz balance to another sim by dialing code *828#* Recipient Number*Amount#.


In conclusion, there are multiple methods to save your easy load, but the best of them is using Jazz balance save code. Jazz provides a virtual account and allows you to keep your recharge in it. There, the balance is kept safe until you unsubscribe from the offer.

It has a limit of 100, so you should use it only in emergency situations. Talking of emergency situations, you must also know how to receive or send a balance to anyone. You can learn more about it from the Jazz balance share code.

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