Jazz International Call Packages: Saudi Arabia, USA & Beyond

Say hello to Jazz International call packages 2023 and goodbye to hefty calling charges for abroad. Are you tired of racking up exorbitant phone bills for calling abroad? Do the complexities of international calling packages leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the best options? Well, Fret no more!

Jazz international call packages will cover all the global prepaid and postpaid calling bundles offered by Jazz. These will provide you with the best calling rates abroad and eventually save you money. We will share subscription codes and details related to these offers to help you activate them easily and avoid any extra fees.

Once you’ve completed this blog post, you can call your desired abroad location at the best possible rate. Let’s get into the details and make your international calling easy, whether you’re reaching out to Saudi Arabia, the UK, the USA, or any corner of the globe.

Jazz International Call Packages

Jazz international call packages are divided into two sections. One is the prepaid international package, and the other is the postpaid one. The details of all these packages are shared below. You can find the regular Jazz international call rates here if you are still looking for your desired calling county in these packages.

Jazz Prepaid International Call Packages 

Currently, Jazz is offering prepaid international call packages for five countries. These countries include the USA, UK, UAE, Canada and Saudi Arabia. Usually, most Pakistanis go to these countries to study or work.

Jazz Saudi Arabia & UAE Call Package

This special IDD offer is only valid for Saudi Arabia and UAE. Now, you can reach your loved ones with affordable call prices. It is also called the Jazz Saudi Arabia call package because of its higher number of calls to KSA.

Package NameJazz Saudi Arabia call package
Valid CountriesSaudia Arabia and UAE
UAE ratesRs.3.57/15Sec (Including tax)
Saudia Arabia ratesRs.2.38/15Sec (All taxes included)
Subcription Code*452#
Unsubscribe Code*452*4#
For offer information*452*3#
Usage Details/ Status Check*452*2#
  • Special numbers are not eligible for this deal.
  •  A 0.15 call set-up fee is also applicable.
  •  It is not valid for International roaming for both Pakistan and abroad.

Jazz United Kingdom Call Offer

Due to the high number of UK Pakistani residents, Jazz has introduced a special offer. Here are all the specifics of this bundle to help you contact your loved ones in the United Kingdom at affordable prices.

Package NameJazz UK Call Pakcage
Valid CountriesUK
UK ratesRs.1.2/30Sec
Subcription Code*456*2#
Unsubscribe Code*456*2*4#
Usage details*456*2*2#
For checking Bundle details*456*2*3#
  • This bundle is valid for both Mobile and Landline numbers.
  •  The bundle does not apply to special or Jersey Mobile numbers.

Jazz USA, Canada and UK Call Packages

It is a special offer for users calling the USA, Canada and the UK. Users will have to dial 456 before the number to make the call; this offer is not valid for premium numbers in these countries.

Package Name456 Offer (USA, Canada, UK)
Valid CountriesUK/Canada/USA
Subcription CodeJust dial 456 before the number
  • Only Landline numbers are valid for the UK among these countries.
  •  USA and Canadian Premium numbers are not included in the offer.
  •  The call set fee will be deducted, too. (0.15 Rs)

Jazz Postpaid International Call Packages

Jazz international call packages are not only limited to prepaid users. Jazz postpaid international packages are for more destinations than prepaid. Jazz offers reduced calling rates for its postpaid users with these bundles. You can enjoy hassle-free connectivity abroad from Pakistan without worrying about extra charges or high call rates.

Nine International Destinations

These calling rates are for the nine different locations across Europe.

Offer Name9 Internationl destinations bundle
Validity1 Month
Subscription CodeCall 777
Valid Destinations Across EuropeFrance, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom
100 Rs OffersM Initial, m100, m400, m600, m900,J 300, J 600 and J 999
50 Rs Offersm300, m999 and m1500,
M Unlimited (Basic+Premium)
IDD 9 Destinations Rates (Landline Only)Existing Rate(per 60 secs)Discounted Rate(per 60 secs)
France Rs.2.45/-Rs.1.39
Germany ##
Greece ##
Ireland ##
Italy ##
Netherlands ##
Portugal ##
United Kingdom Rs 1.900.89 Pkr

Jazz Postpaid USA, Canada and UK Call Packages

It is a special International direct dialling offer introduced by Jazz for its postpaid users for calling the UK, USA and Canada.

Package NameIdd USA,CANADA and UK Offer
Valid CountriesUK/Canada/USA
USA Calling Rate14.99/ 30 Minutes
Canada Calling RateRs.17.91 / 30 minutes
UK Calling Rate (Only Landline Numbers)5+tax For 15 minutes
Subcription CodeJust dial 456 before the number
  • Offer is not valid for Premium numbers like Yukon, Independents or others from any of these three countries.
  •  Mobile numbers from the UK are also excluded.
  •  There is no activation code; add 456 before the number and dial the USA, Canada and UK wherever you want.

Five International Destinations

Jazz brings new and much more affordable calling rates for five international destinations, including the USA, Canada, Australia, China, and Singapore. The charges for making a call in these five countries are the following.

Bundle NameFive International Destination
Activation Fee50/100 Pkr
Offer Durtion1 Month
Subscription CodeDial 777
Valid Countries USA, Australia, Canada, China and Singapore
100 Rs Offersm100, m400, m600, m900 and j300, j600, j999
50 Rs Offersm300, m999, m1500, Business Package M Unlimited (Basic+Premium)
IDD DestinationsExisting Rate(per 60 secs)Discounted Rate(per 60 secs)
USA (L+M)1.90 Pkr0.89 Rs
Canada (L+M)1.90 Pkr0.89 Rs
Australia (L)2.45 Pkr1.39 Rs
Singapore (L+M)##
China (L+M)##

International Direct Dialing Call Destinations

Jazz IDD allows callers to make international calls without an operator or a calling card. Now call anywhere in the world with Jazz 4g. You can check Jazz International’s destination call rates from the given link. The price per minute for landline and mobile numbers for all available countries is shared.


How Can I Get the Jazz International Call Package?

You can get the Jazz international call package by simply dialling any offer’s activation code.

How Much Is A Jazz International Call Per Minute?

You can check Jazz international call rates per minute for all countries here. These rates are for prepaid users.

How Can I Call the USA from Pakistan For Free?

There is no way of calling the USA from Pakistan with your Jazz sim for free. Although you can make it free using online platforms like WhatsApp and IMO.

What Is Jazz Saudi Arabia Call Package?

Jazz Saudi Arabia call package costs you 9.52 Pkr per minute on all the Saudi numbers except premium. You can activate this offer by dialling *452#. It is a lifetime offer.

How To Activate The Jazz International Call Packages?

There are different Jazz International call packages and different subscription codes to activate them. These codes are shared above alongside each offer details.

How Much Does Jazz Charge For International Calls?

Jazz international call charges depend upon several factors. Usually, European countries have higher call rates than Asian countries. If you subscribe to the above offers, you can make international calls at reasonable prices.

What Is Jazz International Call Activation Method?

There is no Jazz international call activation method. All you need to do is have a balance, or you can activate any international offer. Then, you can dial the desired number.


I’ll conclude by saying Jazz International call packages are the only most affordable way to communicate abroad with your Jazz sim. With tailored options for destinations like Saudi Arabia, the USA, Europe or anywhere, Jazz empowers you to break free from communication barriers without breaking the bank. Your input is valuable to us; please comment below.

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