Jazz Tune Subscribe Code Complete Details

Want to set a caller tune of your favorite song? Every time someone calls you, they will listen to your set tune. You can set it as your call tune, whether it is a Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, or any song. Jazz 4G provides its users with many themes to choose from and set them as their caller tunes. Dial Jazz Tune Subscribe Code and start enjoying.

Dial the code and set Pakistani and foreign singers across the globe to your tune. We have shared multiple methods to activate this offer. We have also shared the unsubscribe code for when you no longer need it.

This post will let you set any song as your caller tunes within a few seconds. Improve the experience of people calling you and let your personality shine through in your ringback tone. Stay tuned for various tunes as we uncover the details of this offer.

Jazz Tune Subscribe Methods

There are two methods to enjoy Jazz tunes. The first one is with the help of sending an SMS, and the other one is by dialing the Jazz Tune subscribe code. Keep reading to find the details of both ways.

Via Sms

Jazz now has 400,000 songs, which you can set as your caller tune. Set your favorite song as a jazz tune by messaging SUB to 230. Rs.3.01/ day (incl. tax).

Package NameJazz Subscribe Tune Code
Charges3.01 or one day incl.tax
Content download chargesRs 11.53
IvR chargesRs 0.72/Min by dialling 2301
Validity1 Day
Sub- codeSend SUB to 230
Unsub-codeText Unsub to 230.

Jazz Tune Subscribe Code

  • Dial *2301*RBT Code#.
  •  Dial *230# for the USSD menu and subscribe.
  •  While listening, if you wish to set a particular tune as your caller tune, press *3.
  •  Call 2301 from your Jazz number (call charges Rs. 0.72/Min)

Let us briefly explain how to set any caller tune on your number. First, visit the Jazz Tunes library and choose your favorite song. Every song would have a RBT Code. Copy the RBT code of your favorite music and Dial *2301*RBT Code#.

Term and Condition

  • Both Prepaid and Postpaid customers can avail of this bundle.
  •  If you decide to activate Mobitunes and Apni Dhun simultaneously, remember that you’ll be charged separately for each subscription.
  •  You can access the content library by visiting JazzTunes.pk
  •  To unsubscribe from the service, send Text Unsub to 230.
  •  The balance and recharge required for a bundle may be rounded up to the nearest whole number.


What Is The Jazz Tune Subscribe Code?

You can subscribe to jazz tunes by sending SUB to 230.

How Can I Change My Caller Tune?

You can send an SMS to the toll-free number 56789 with the first three words of your favorite tune. Or, dial *230# for the USSD menu and subscribe. While listening, if you wish to set a particular tune as your caller tune, press *3.

Jazz Tune khatam krny ka Tarika?

To remove Jazz tune from your number, dial 230 or send Unsub to 230.


Dial Jazz tune subscribe code and give your calls a musical vibe. Subscribe by texting SUB to 230, and set any of the 400,000 songs as your caller tunes for just Rs. 3.01/day. Easily switch themes and bid farewell by dialing 230 or texting Unsub to 230. Elevate your phone calls with the rhythm of your choice!

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