Telenor Call Divert Code: Manage Your Calls Now

Are you coming here in search of the Telenor Call Divert Code? Do you also want to learn how to divert your calls free of cost? Fred, we will tell you about the activation and deactivation of this offer.

We have mentioned the details of the Call divert offer below, including terms and conditions. You will learn how to deactivate this offer below. We have also answered some of the most common questions about this offer in the FAQs section.

After reading this article, you can divert your calls and stop diverting them whenever possible. Keep reading as we dive deep into the details of this article.

What Is Telenor Call Divert Code?

Call divert, or call forwarding, is a mechanism in which if you are busy with any work or don’t want to attend to incoming calls, you have the best option to divert the incoming Call to another landline or phone number. Telenor provides manageable methods to enable Calls to redirect. Here is how you can activate this offer.

Telenor Call Divert Activation Code 

You can activate the Call divert offer without any charges. Follow the instructions below.

Package Name Telenor Call Divert Code
Price Free
ValidityUntill you activate
Activation code**21*phone number #

Telenor Call Divert Deactivation Code

**21# is the Telenor call divert deactivation code. After doing this, you will return to the original setting and start receiving calls on your phone. It won’t require any balance to deactivate this offer. You can get more information by visiting the Telenor helpline.

Terms And Conditions

  • Only prepaid customers of Telenor can activate this bundle.
  •  You can only redirect the Call when your mobile phone is busy.
  •  You can change this bundle on a weekly and monthly basis.


How Do I Activate the Telenor Call Forward Code?

You can activate the Call Divert offer with the subscription code. The subscription code of this offer is **21*phone number#.

How Much Charge is Required To Activate A Call Divert Offer?

This offer is free of cost. You do not need any charges to activate this bundle, and a 0 PKR balance is required to deactivate this offer.

Can I Divert Calls To An International Mobile Number?

Yes, You can divert calls with national and international numbers with charges. Divert calls with a national number are free of cost. 


In conclusion, this offer comes in handy when you are at an important meeting and don’t want any calls, so the Telenor Call Divert Code will let you forward all the incoming calls to another number. Now, attend your important meetings without missing any calls.

Stay focused on your work and let your friends or colleagues answer your calls whenever you want. This bundle has no validity period. You can deactivate this bundle by unsubscribing the code provided above.

If you have any other questions about Telenor sim, please ask us in the comment section. We will answer them as soon as possible in the Telenor category.

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