Telenor International Roaming Packages

Are you travelling abroad and want to reach out to your loved ones at home? Or are you worried about costly data bundles? Telenor is here to help you out. With Telenor International Roaming Packages bundles, you can subscribe to the most affordable and convenient packages. These IR bundles will provide you with internet, sms, and voice mints while travelling anywhere in the world.

Telenor International Roaming Packages cover a wide range of destinations around the world. Whether travelling to Europe or America, Telenor has amazing and suitable IR bundles. So, why pay excessive charges for calling or using data while travelling? Stay with us to find out all about Telenor International Roaming Packages.

Prepaid International Roaming Packages

Now get the most affordable rates with Telenor’s prepaid international roaming packages. With various options to choose from, you can select a package that suits your needs and budget.

From the Saudi Arab Roaming Offer to the USA, UK, AUS & Turkey Data Roaming and Hybrid Roaming Offers, Telenor has got you covered. In this section, we will take a closer look at the prepaid international roaming packages offered by Telenor, including their features, validity, and subscription codes and all other details.

Saudi Arab Roaming Offer

NameSaudi Bundle(Prepaid)
Validity30 Days
PriceRs 799
Internet1000 Mbs
Call mints30 mints
Sms30 outgoing
Subscription Code*759#

UAE, QATAR & OMAN Roaming Bundle

NameUAE, QATAR, OMAN IR Bundle(Prepaid)
Validity30 Days
PriceRs 1499
Internet1000 Mbs
Call mints100
Sms100 outgoing
Subscription Code*759#
Valid CountriesUAE, QATAR, OMAN

Telenor International Roaming Global Bundle

NameGlobal Bundle (Prepaid)
PriceRs 2999
Validity30 Days
Subscription Code*759#

USA, UK, AUS & Turkey Data Roaming Offer

NameMega Data Bundle USA/UK/AUS/TURK
PriceRs 1499
Validity30 Days
Internet1000 Mbs
Subscription Code*759#

Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey & Singapore Data Roaming Bundle

NameMega Data Bundle Thailand/Malaysia/Turkey/Singapore
PriceRs 1499
Validity30 Days
Internet3000 mbs
Subscription Code*759#
Valid CountriesThailand/Malaysia/Turkey/Singapore

USA, UK, AUS And Turkey Mini Data Bundle

NameMini Data Bundle USA/UK/AUS/TURK
PriceRs 399
100 MBS30 Days
Internet100 Mbs
Activation Code*759#
Valid CountriesUSA/UK/AUS/TURK

Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey And Singapore Mini Data Bundle

NameMini Data Bundle Thailand/Malaysia/Turkey/Singapore
PriceRs 399
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*759#
Valid CountriesThailand/Malaysia/Turkey/Singapore

Telenor Postpaid International Roaming Packages

At the moment their is only One postpaid International roaming package offered by Zong. This is global bundle which means it it valid for all the countries in the world. The details of this bundle are shared below.

Global Bundle

NameGlobal Bundle (Postpaid)
PriceRs 7499
Validity30 Days
Internet1500 Mbs
Call Mints30 mints
SMS30 sms
How to Activate*759#
Valid CountriesAll over the world


How to activate International roaming on Telenor?

Now, you can activate international roaming on Telenor by dialing +92 42 111 345 100; your call will be transferred to Telenor’s representative. Tell the representative to get your international roaming activated. Or you can visit their Official website

Does Telenor work in the USA?

Yes, Telenor offers an international roaming bundle for USA/UK/AUS/TURK. You can subscribe to Mega Data Bundle to get 1000 MBs for 30 days for just Rs 1499 Pkr. This bundle will only be valid for USA, UK, Australia, and Turkey.

What are international roaming charges?

The charges may vary on different factors. For European or American states, the charges are a bit high as compared to the Asian countries. This is due to the distance between Pakistan and that state. To check the prices of all the bundles, read this article. Here, you will be able to find all the answers to your queries.

Telenor International Roaming Packages countries list?

Telenor offers its international roaming services in most countries, including the USA, UK, Singapore, Turkey, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Malaysia, and many more. To see more about the countries, read the above article on Telenor International Roaming Packages.

What is Telenor International Roaming UAE?

Telenor offers UAE, Oman, and Qatar IR bundle, which gives 1000 MB data, 100 mints(incoming and outgoing), and 100 outgoing messages for 30 days. The price of this bundle is Rs 1499 Pkr. For free activation, dial *759#.


In conclusion, Telenor International Roaming Packages offer a wide range of bundles with attractive prices and offers. Telenor IR bundles also cover a decent amount of countries, including the USA, UK, European, and Asian countries. Customers can now enjoy undisrupted connectivity with their loved ones while travelling abroad. Now you can handle your business calls more efficiently and reach out to your fellows with ease.

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