Ufone Call Packages 2024 With Complete Details

Do you need the most affordable call packages? Do you want to have to reach out to your loved ones? Then this is the best platform you have come across. Ufone call packages are the best solution for this.

Ufone is one of the largest Telecommunication and network providers in Pakistan. It offers a variety of call bundles with different time durations. There are different Ufone call package options available including daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Here we will provide you with the best and most recent call bundles. We will also be discussing postpaid call bundles. By reading this article you will able to subscribe to daily, weekly, and monthly Ufone call packages. All the packages are gathered from legitimate sources and with the most updated prices. So let’s see what’s in the store.

Also, check Ufone Hybrid Packages for more diverse bundles.

Ufone prepaid call packages

Ufone brings prepaid call packages for its users. The bundles in this category are only valid for the prepaid sim. Prepaid bundles come under three categories daily, weekly, and monthly. 

All the bundles are categorized according to their validity and prices. Find the bundle according to your balance and requirement. 

Ufone Daily Call Bundles

The bundles are valid for 24 hours or midnight of the same day. These are the cheapest bundles among all the call packages. Here you will see details of Ufone daily call bundles including price, call mints(on-net or off-net), subscription code, unsubscription code, and other incentives if there are any in the package.

NameUfone behisab offer
PriceRs 15.5 incl tax
Duration1 day
Call mintsUnlimited ufone calls
Subscription code*5700#
NameUfone Best Day Offer
PriceRs 16. Incl Tax
Duration1 day
Internet500 MBS
Subscription code*6060#
NameUfone Daily Pakistan Offer
PriceRs 21 incl tax
Duration1 Day
Internet10 MBs
Subscription code*888#
Unsubscription code*8880#
Usage details*707#
NameUfone best call offer
PriceRs 17.5 incl tax
Duration2 hours
Call mintsUnlimited ufone calls
Subscription code*343#
NameUfone Power Hour
PriceRs 8.2 incl tax
Duration1 hour
Call mints60
Sms 60
Data60 MBS
Subscription code*99#

Ufone Weekly Call Bundles

Here you will see all the ufone weekly calls. Weekly bundles have more call mints than daily ones, although the prices are a bit higher.

NameUfone Nayi Sim Offer
PriceRs 0
Duration7 Days
Call mints1000
Internet4gb(1gb Facebook and 1 gb whatsapp)
Subscription code*1000#
Usage details*706#
Imp NoteTo activate this offer buy a new sim and recharge 50 rs to activate the bonuses.
NameUfone Talk Time Offer
PriceRs 52.17 incl Tax
Duration7 Days
Call mintsUnlimited Call Mints between 9 am to 2 pm
Subscription code*6789#
NameUfone Weekly Pakistan Offer
PriceRs. 115 incl tax
Duration7 Day
Call mints700 
Data100 MB
Subscription code*8888#
Unsubscription code*8880#
NameUfone Best Weekly Offer
PriceRs 130 incl tax
Duration7 Days
Call mints1000
Data2 gb for Facebook
Subscription code*7070#
NameUfone Asli Chappar Phar Offer
PriceRs 140 incl tax
Call mints100
Data1 GB
Subscription code*5050#
Remaining resources*707#
NameUfone Super Minutes
PriceRs 170 incl tax
Duration7 Days
Call mints170 all network mints
Subscription code*210#

Ufone Monthly Call Bundles

NameUfone Nayi Sim Double Offer
PriceRs 0
Duration30 Days
Call mints10,500
Off-net mints1200
Internet48 Gb
Subscription code*141#
NoteThis package is only valid for new ufone sim. To avail of this amazing bundle buy a new ufone sim and recharge Super card Gold, this bundle will be subscribed automatically.


These were all the Ufone call packages. Now it’s up to you to choose the best available call bundle for you according to your requirement and price. Ufone offers a convenient and reliable service to its customers and is widely used all over the country. 


What Are The Call Setup Charges For Each Call?

Rs 15 paisa would be deducted from your account on each call. All the prepaid call packages have same call setup fee.

Does Ufone Offer Free Calls To Ptcl?

No, Ufone won’t allow you to make free ptcl calls, although on subscribing to any of the call bundles you will be able to call Ptcl numbers and it won’t cost you any additional charges. This is because Ptcl and Ufone have the same parent company.

How To Check Remaining Ufone Call Minutes?

Dial *706# to check the remaining call minutes. You can also download the MyUfone App to check the remaining details of your bundle.

What Is Ufone Super Minute Package?

Ufone Super Minutes offers 170 all-network call mints for Rs 170. This bundle will allow you to make calls on any network all over the country. To avail of this offer dial *210#. This Bundle is valid for 7 Days.

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