Ufone International Recharge

Are you living abroad and want to send credits to your family back home from another country? One of the top network providers in Pakistan, Ufone, recognizes this and provides easy foreign recharge choices to support its clients in keeping in touch with their loved ones abroad. In this article, we will explore Ufone international recharge options in detail and guide you on recharging your Ufone number online or through retail outlets.

International Mobile Recharge

Ufone International Recharge provides a hassle-free international mobile recharge service that enables its customers to recharge their Ufone numbers while residing outside of Pakistan. This service is a lifeline for Ufone users who must recharge their accounts while living abroad.

There are several methods to send credit to your friends and family from various countries which are the following.

Phone-to-Phone Transfer

With Ufone’s international mobile recharge service, users can transfer credit from their Ufone number to any other mobile number in Pakistan. The process is simple; customers only need to dial 123 followed by the recipient’s mobile number, the amount to transfer, and the # sign.


Ufone has made it incredibly convenient for its customers to recharge their Ufone numbers online. Customers can easily recharge their Ufone number through the Ufone website or the Ufone mobile app. Select the recharge option, enter the Ufone number, select the amount to recharge, and make the payment using a credit/debit card or a mobile wallet. Ufone’s online recharge service is quick, secure, and available 24/7, making it a popular choice for Ufone customers.


Apart from online recharge, Ufone also offers its customers the option to recharge their Ufone numbers through retail outlets across Pakistan. These retail outlets include Ufone franchises, Ufone customer service centers, and other authorized retailers. Customers can visit these outlets, provide their Ufone number, select the recharge amount, and make the payment. The retail recharge process is quick and reliable and offers customers the convenience of visiting a store to recharge their Ufone numbers.


How do I recharge my Ufone number while residing outside of Pakistan?

You can use Ufone’s international mobile recharge service or recharge your Ufone number online through the Ufone website or mobile app.

Can I transfer credit from my Ufone number to another mobile number in Pakistan?

You can transfer credit from your Ufone number to any other mobile number in Pakistan using Ufone’s phone-to-phone transfer service.

What payment options are available for online Ufone Pakistan International Recharge?

You can make the payment using a credit/debit card or a mobile wallet.

Where can I recharge my Ufone number through retail outlets?

You can visit any Ufone franchise, Ufone customer service center, or other authorized retailers to recharge your Ufone number. You can also recharge online through Ufone’s official website.

Is Ufone’s international recharge service available 24/7?

Yes, Ufone’s online recharge service is available 24/7. However, retail outlets may have specific operating hours.


In conclusion, Ufone’s international recharge service offers its customers the convenience of recharging their Ufone numbers anywhere in the world. Whether through online or retail outlets, Ufone makes it easy for its customers to stay connected with their loved ones in Pakistan.

So if you’re a Ufone customer living abroad, don’t worry about staying connected. Send recharge to any number today, and stay in touch with your loved ones in Pakistan. Visit here incase you want to have a look at other Ufone international services.

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