Zong Internet Setting 2024: Enjoy Blazing Fast 4G Internet Now

Looking for the best Zong internet setting to unlock the true potential of your 4G connection? Tired of slow browsing and buffering issues on your devices? We offer everything you require! Bid frustration farewell and welcome to frictionless browsing!

Three different methods to configure your internet settings are shared below. We will also share the Zong internet setting sms code to help you adjust these settings with just one click. We will also explain the step-by-step procedure to enable these settings on your device (Android or IOS) devices.

After reading this detailed guide, you can increase your internet speed faster. No more trial and error or searching for scattered information online. Start enjoying quicker downloading/uploading, more fluid streaming, and seamless browsing. So let’s get started to quickly set you up with the best Zong 4G internet speed.

Zong Internet Setting Via Multiple Methods

There are three methods to set your mobile internet settings. All of the three approaches are very easy. Use the most suitable method according to your situation.

  • Adding Setting Manually
  •  Zong Internet Setting Code
  •  Configuring Internet Setting Via Call

Zong Internet Setting Code

The best and easiest solution to this problem is to use Zong internet setting sms code. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to do it quickly without any problem.

  1. Type “All” in your message and send it to the 2161.
  2.   After a while, you will receive the settings on your device.
  3.   Open the received Message and enter 1234 as a password to install the settings.
  4.   Restart your device to apply the settings.

Adding Zong Internet Setting Manually

If you are facing any error configuring your net setting via the zong internet setting code, then you should use this method. It’s not difficult; all you have to do is paste the information below in the required place on your device.

WAP/Internet APN Setting

These are the WAP and Internet settings you must set on your mobile phone. Use the same settings option for both WAP and Internet. GPRS/EDGE internet settings are also the same.

Login Name< blank >
Pass< blank >
Wap Gateway IP10.81.6.33
Port (Incase needed)8000

Follow the instructions below to apply these settings quickly on your iPhone and Android devices without any trouble.

Adding Zong Internet Settings On Android/iPhone (IOS) Manually

Follow these steps to configure Internet settings on your Android or iPhone devices.

  1. Go to settings on your Mobile phone.
  2.   Navigate to the “Network & Internet” or “Connections” section.
  3.   Tap “Mobile Network” or “SIM & Network,” depending on your device.
  4.   Select the SIM card associated with Zong.
  5.   Click on APN or Access Point Names to view the previous settings.
  6.   Now tap on the Add button to make a new APN profile.
  •  Enter the following information for the APN settings:
  •  Name: INTERNET
  •   APN: zonginternet
  •   Proxy: Not set
  •   Port: Not set
  •   Username: Not set
  •   Password: Not set
  •   MCC: Leave as the default
  •   MNC: Leave as the default
  •   Authentication type: None
  •   APN type: Default
  •  APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  •  Bearer: Unspecified
  •  MVNO Type: None

Leave the remaining option to Default/Not set if you have any on your device.

Save the APN settings and make sure to select the newly created profile. After that, restart your device to apply these settings and check your internet connection. There is no need to configure your MMS settings for a faster net speed as directed by the Zong official website.

Zong Internet Setting Via Call Helpline

The 3rd and last way to configure your mobile internet settings is with the help of an official representative. If you have tried everything and cannot do it, you need to call 310 from your Zong number or Contact Zong. After that, the company representative will guide you with step-by-step instructions on call.

Note: This service is only for devices compatible with WAP/ Mobile Internet.


How To Increase Zong Internet Speed?

You can increase Zong internet speed by applying the right settings on your device. We have explained three ways to configure these settings and increase your internet speed.

How to configure Zong Internet Settings?

To configure Zong Internet settings via SMS, send All to 2161. You will receive a short message with internet settings. Open the Message, then enter 1234 in the password to install the settings.

How to reset the APN settings?

You can reset your APN settings by contacting by applying any of the three methods explained above. If you are still unable to do it you can visit your nearest Zong retailer.

Final Words

That was all about Zong internet settings. Configure your mobile’s APN settings now if you still need to, and start enjoying lightning-fast net on your Zong sim. The easiest method among all is using the Zong internet setting code.

If you are done with your settings, look at the Zong Internet Packages, select the best offer for yourself and start enjoying 4G net with blazing fast speed. If you are facing any error in solving the issue, you are always welcome to our comment section for any queries related to the above information.

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