Zong YouTube Packages: 1 Hour, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & More

Looking for the perfect Zong YouTube Package to stay connected to your favorite videos without worrying about high prices and data limitations? Well, worry no more! Zong brings you a range of YouTube-specific packages tailored to your streaming needs.

Discover the best zong youtube offer according to your usage requirements. We have shared a wide range of Zong youtube packages with hourly, 1-day, weekly and monthly durations. Say goodbye to the frustration of limited data allowance while enjoying your fav YouTube content. Some of these bundles also offer complimentary usage of Tapmad and other social platforms like TikTok, IMO etc.

You will be able to find the perfect Zong Youtube Offer after reading this article and enjoy your preferred YouTubers without any worry. Whether you’re a casual YouTube user or an avid fan, these packages are designed to suit all types of users. So let’s get into the details of these bundles to find the most suitable offer for you.

Zong Youtube Packages

Zong offers several Youtube Bundles varying from hourly, daily, 3day, weekly, and monthly. All these bundles are specific for Youtube only. You cannot access any other internet app other than youtube. These are much more economical bundles than general internet offers. Let’s see their subscription codes, price and further details.

Zong 1 Hour Youtube Package

This offer provides unlimited Youtube for 1 hour for just 2.39 Pkr. If you’re searching for an inexpensive package for a quick refreshment, this is the finest option.

NameZong 1 Hour Youtube Package
PriceRs 2.39
Validity1 Hour
InternetUnlimited Youtube Data
Zong 1 Hour Youtube Package Code*1987#

Note: You can only activate this offer twice a day.

Zong Youtube Package 1 day

Zong youtube package 1 day provides you with 1.5 Gb of data for 24 hours for just 23 Rs. It is also known as Zong Daily social bundle because you can use Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO alongside Youtube.

NameZong Youtube Package 1 day
PriceRs 23
Validity24 Hours
Internet1.5 Gb data
Useable AppsYoutube, Facebook, IMO and WhatsApp
Zong Youtube Package 1 day Code*386#
Offer DetailsMy Zong

Zong Youtube Package 3 Days 

There is no available Zong 3 day Youtube package at the moment. We will update it as soon as any offer arrives.

Zong Weekly Youtube Package

There is only one Zong Weekly youtube package at the moment which is also called as a weekly video offer. Weekly Video includes data for Tiktok and Youtube only and is valid for seven days upon the day of subscription.

NameZong Youtube Package Weekly 
PriceRs 169
Validity7 Days
Data8 Gb
Allowed AppsTiktok, Youtube and Tapmad tv subscription
Subscription Code*570# or send “Sub1” to 916
Data Usage*102# or My Zong app
Unsubscription code send “UNSUB” message to 916

Terms And Conditions

  • Only for Zong prepaid sim users
  •  Free Tapmad Subscription
  •  Data is valid for three apps which include YT, Tiktok and Tapmad App
  •  It is not an auto-recursive bundle.
  •  No location restrictions.

Zong Monthly Youtube Packages

Zong has four monthly YouTube bundles available. Two of these bundles are postpaid which provide you with 25 GB and 12 GB of data and are available for subscription after conversion. Presented below are the specifics of each of these packages.

Youtube Package Zong

This youtube package Zong doesn’t just complete your youtube needs; rather, it’s a hybrid offer to meet all your needs.

NameZong Monthly Super Offer
PriceRs 1299
Validity30 Days
Data30 GB
Data details20 Gb general+ 6 Gb Youtube+ 4 Gb WhatsApp Note: Youtube data is also valid for Tapmad Tv
Zong to Zong Minutes5000
Off net minutes450
Subscription Code*4567#
Usage DetailsZong App
Terms And Conditions
  • After your allocated MBs are finished, you will be charged 1+Tax per MB for additional data usage.
  •  No auto subscription upon expiry
  •  Internet data is valid for all kinds of internet services (2g, 3g or 4g)
  •  You can also enjoy Tapmad Tv services with Youtube data

Youtube Package Zong

NameZong Monthly Youtube Package
PriceRs 400
Validity30 Days
Data15 GB
Valid AppsFacebook, Youtube, WhatsApp and IMO
On-net Minutes500
Off-net Minutes100
Subscription ProcessMy Zong App
Usage DetailsZong App
Terms and Conditions
  • No call set up fee
  •  Multiple subscriptions are allowed
  •  Extra Internet Usage Rate: 1 + Tax/ Mb

Zong Postpaid Youtube Packages

NameZong 25 Gb Monthly Youtube Package
PriceRs 800 + Tax
Validity30 Days
Data25 GB
Subscription Code*567# > Add ones> Youtube add ones> 25 Gb Bundle > Subscribe
Unsubscribe CodeSame as the activation method; select unsubscribe at the end
Usage DetailsZong App
NameZong 12 Gb Monthly Youtube Package
PriceRs 500 + Tax
Validity30 Days
Data12 GB
Subscription Code567# > Add ones> Youtube add ones> 12 Gb Bundle > Subscribe
Unsubscribe MethodSelect unsubscribe at the bottom using the same activation procedure.
Usage DetailsZong App

Benefits of Choosing Zong YouTube Packages

Zong YouTube packages offer many benefits that enhance your YouTube streaming experience and provide seamless access to your favorite videos.

Affordable Plans

Zong YouTube packages are budget-friendly, starting from Rs 2. These youtube bundles are specially designed for students to meet their education needs. Students can subscribe to these Zong Youtube Packages and watch important lectures on youtube without worrying about high rates.

Other Video Platforms

You also get to use other video platforms with some of these Zong youtube packages as a complimentary service. These platforms may include Tiktok, Tapmad Tv and other social apps.

Large Data for All Kind Of Use

You get almost unlimited Youtube data for any use from these bundles. Whether you are a Youtuber and want these bundles for downloading/uploading, streaming, or you are a student and want to study with YT lectures.


How can I check my remaining data on Zong YouTube Package?

The best way to check the remaining data of Zong youtube packages is with the My Zong app. It will show you all kinds of subscribed packages and their remaining details.

What Is Zong Youtube Monthly Package Code?

*567# is the Zong Monthly Youtube package code.

How To Use Free Youtube On Zong?

There is no Zong free youtube package offered by zong just now, but you can subscribe to zong hourly youtube package for just 2.39 rupees. Dial *1897# to avail this offer.


That was all about Zong YouTube Packages. With high-speed internet, uninterrupted video streaming, and flexible subscription options, Zong ensures a delightful streaming experience.

Zong Weekly Youtube Package is the best choice among all the packages, but if you are looking for affordability, you can subscribe Zong 1 Hour Youtube Package twice daily.

If your search for the best offer still needs to be finished, consider watching this comprehensive blog post about Zong Internet Packages.

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