Cheapest Jazz Call Packages Complete List (2024 Updated)

Jazz Call Packages;

Today we are going to help you in finding the cheapest Jazz Call packages including prepaid and postpaid offers in the best possible way keeping in mind your need and budget.

In fact, these are the most used jazz call packages in 2023 according to the Official survey.

So if you are looking to find the best offer then follow these steps.

  • Select the Duration ( Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Etc)
  • Select the affordable price
  • Check out the subscription details and Enjoy the calls with your family or friends.
  • Or you can also select by your city or location-based offers which are very affordable but only if available.

Let’s drive in the article to find the best offers for you.

Important Info; We have mostly mentioned those packages here which focuses on the call alongside minutes and SMS since Jazz doesn’t have only call packages. If you want higher internet data alongside mints and SMS visit Jazz All In One Packages.

Prepaid Call Packages

Jazz Hourly Call Packages;

There is only 1 bundle available in this category at the moment which is Jazz 2 Hours Call Package.

Package Name Friends Bundle or Jazz 2 Hours Call Package
PriceRs 10
Validity 2 Hours
Tamasha App120 Minutes
Subscription Code*555# or *3000#
For Status Check*320*2#
Information Code*320*3#
To Unsubscribe*320*4#

Jazz Daily Call Packages;

Jazz daily call packages include 7 packages including 4 location-based packages.

Name Jazz Super Bundle
PriceRs 21 (Price may vary based on your location)
Validity1 Day/ 24 Hours
On net MinutesUnlimited
Subscription Code*212#
Status Code*212*2#
Info Code*212*3#
Unsubscription Code*212*4#
Bundle NameJazz Daily Super Plus or Har Din Package
CostRs 35
Validity1 Day
On net Minutes 500
Off-Net Minutes5
Internet500 Mb’s
How to subscribe*558# or *114*4#
Status Code*558*2# or *114*4*2#
Info Code*558*3# or *114*4*3#
How to unsubscribe*558*4# or *114*4*4#
NameJazz Day Bundle
CostRs 17
Validity Till mid-night or Raat 12 Baja take ka liye
Mb’s 20
How to subscribe*340#
Status checking code*340*2#
Information about the bundle*340*3#
How to unsubscribe*340*4#
Location-Based Daily Call Packages;

These packages can be only subscribed in these locations. 3 of them are province-based, meaning these will only work in provinces like Punjab, KPK, or Sindh and 1 is the City offer, which is Karachi (The most populated city in Pakistan).

Name Jazz Sindh Daily Offer
Fee12 Rs
Offer DurationTill mid-night
On-net Minutes Unlimited
Data250 Mb Data
Activation Code*522#
Status Code*522*2#
Info Code*522*3#
Deactivation Code*522*4#
Name Jazz Punjab Daily Offer
Price12 Pkr
ValidityTill Mid Night
On-net MinsUnlimited
Data250 Mb
How to subscribe*6000#
For Status Checking *6000*2#
Bundle Information *6000*3#
Unsubscribe Code*6000*4#
Name Jazz KP Daily Offer
Price13 Pkr
Valid TillTill 12:00 Am (At night)
Internet250 Mb
Sms1500 Sms
How to subscribe*291#
Status Check*291*2#
Info Code*291*3#
How to unsubscribe*291*4#
Bundle NameJazz Karachi Daily Offer
Cost13 Rs
DurationTill mid-night or 12:00 Am
MinutesUnlimited (On-net minutes)
Internet250 MB
Subscription Code*400#
Status Code*400*2#
Information Code*400*3#
Unsubscribe Code*400*4#

3 Day Packages;

You can only gift this bundle to others who have prepaid numbers. This offer is for your loved ones may be friends or family. You can gift this more than one time to the same number.

This offer cannot be used by yourself although you can subscribe to Jazz 3 Day Max Offer which we will provide you same minutes and data but with 46 Pkr.

Bundle TitleGive a bundle or Gift Jazz Bundle
Cost35 Pkr
Valid For3 Days
On net minutes100
Data1 Gb
Activation Key*919#
Status Key*898*2#
Info Key*898*3#
Deactivation Key*898*4#
Offer NameJazz 3 Day Max Offer
CostRs.46 (Incl. Tax)
Validity 3 days
Data 1 GB ​DATA
Minutes100 On-net Mins
Subscription code*631#
Status code*631*2#
Info Code*631*3#
To Deactivate*631*4#

Jazz Weekly Call Packages;

NameJazz Weekly Premium
Fee212 Pkr
Duration7 Days
Minutes (All network)50
Internet4 Gb’s
Subscription Code*117*47#
Status Code*117*47*2#
Info Code*117*47*3#
Deactivation code*117*47*4#
NameJazz Weekly Voice Offer
PriceRs 84
Validity7 Days
Minutes (On-net)650
Subscription Code*211#
Status Code*211*2#
Info Code*211*3#
Unsubscribe code*211*4#
Offer NameJazz Haftawaar All Rounder Offer
PriceRs.120 (Incl. Tax)
Validity7 Days
Sms1000 SMS
Minutes1000 On-net Mins
Other Network Minutes50
Activation code*747#
Status code*747*2#
NameJazz Super Sim Offer or Jazz Nayi Sim Offer
PriceRs 60 (Including tax)
Validity7 Days
Minutes (On-net)600
Minutes (Off-net)30
Internet6 Gb
Subscription Code*476#
Status Code*476*2#
Info Code*476*3#
Unsubscribe code*476*4#
NameJazz New Sim Offer
Price99 + tax
Validity7 Days
Minutes (On-net)1500
Minutes (Off-net)Nill
Internet1500 Mb’s
Subscription Code*989#
Status Code*989*2#
Info Code*989*3#
Unsubscribe code*989*4#

Jazz City or Location-Based Weekly Call Packages;

Offer NameLajawab Haftawar Offer
PriceRs.75 (Incl. Tax)
Data2.5 gb
Sms2500 Sms
Minutes2500 On-net mins
Subscription code*565#
Status code*565*2#

This Offer will only work in following cities:

Mandi BahaudinMalakwalPhaliaDera Ghazi Khan
Name Sindh Raabta Offer
Price70 Rs
Duration1 Week
Minutes1000 On net mins
Internet1 GB
Subscription Code*766#
Bundle Status*766*2#
For Pkg Information*766*3#
Unsubscribe Code*766*4#
NameAttock, Harripur & Nowshera Offer or Weekly Offer
Price138 Pkr
Validity7 Days
Minutes (On-net)500
Internet8Gb (4Gb can best be used between 2 am-2 pm)
Subscription Code*598#
Status Code*598*2#
Info Code*598*3#
Unsubscribe code*598*4#
Offer NameSargodha Weekly Offer
PriceRs.100 (Incl. Tax)
Duration7 Days
Sms2000 sms
Minutes2000 On-net mints
Subscription code*627#
Status code*627*2#
NamePeshawar & Chakwal Haftawar Offer
Price195 Rs
Validity1 Week
Minutes (All networks)100
Data10 Gb
Tamasha App 7 days subscription
Subscription Code*109#
Status Code*109*2#
Info Code*109*3#
Unsubscribe code*109*4#

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Offer NameJazz Mahana Bachat Offer
FeeRs.149 (Incl. Tax)
Data4 GB (Whatsapp, IMO & BiP)
Minutes300 On-net Mins
Other Network mins40
Activation code*614#
Status code*614*2#
NameJazz Monthly Premium
Cost695 Pkr
Validity1 Month
Minutes (All Network)300 (Without call set up fee)
Internet25 Gb’s
Subscription Code*2000#
Status Code*2000*2#
Info Code*2000*3#
Deactivate code*2000*4#
NameJazz Voice Infinity Offer
Price63 Pkr
Price for (Gwadar/Turbat)94.50
Validity6 Months/180 Days
Minutes (On-net)115
Internet250 Mb (Whatsapp)
Subscription Code*710#
Status Code*710*2#
Info Code*710*3#
Unsubscribe code*710*4#
Bundle NameShahdadkot monthly offer
PriceRs 319
Duration1 Month
Minutes (On-net)2000
Minutes (Off-net)200
Data Volume2 Gb
Activation Code*873#
Status Code*873*2#
Info Code*873*3#
Unsubscribe code*873*4#
NameJazz DG Khan Monthly Offer
Price330 Pkr
Validity1 Month
Minutes (On-net)2000
Minutes (Off-net)200
Internet2 Gb
Subscription Code*705#
Status Code*705*2#
Info Code*705*3#
Unsubscribe code*705*4#

Jazz Sim Lagao Offer;

  • This offer is available for users who have not used their Sim for 1 month or more than that.
  • It will not be available on the Eid holidays or chand rat.
  • You can simply avail 50 on network minutes daily and 3k Sms alongside 6Gb data (3Gb Whatsapp) by inserting your sim again and dialing *551#
  • On spending 15rs or more you will get extra 50 on-net minutes, 50 SMS, and 50 MB’s which will be for one day (except 9 pm-1 am)
NameJazz Sim Lagao Offer
Validity2 Months
Minutes (On-net)3000 On-net Mins
Internet6000 Mbs (3000 Mbs Whatsapp)
Sms3000 Sms
Subscription Code*551#
Status Code*553*2#
Info Code*553*3#
Unsubscribe code*553*4#

Postpaid Call Packages

Postpaid packages mean you have to pay at the end of the month on the bill date. These packages are subscribed without paying the money while availing of the offer. Here we are going to mention all the Jazz Postpaid Call packages. You can call all the local networks with these offers.

Some of them are automatically subscribed again on the bill date those are called Bolt-on packages and others are Add-on. Here we will mention 6 Bolt-on packages and 2 add-on packages.

  • Must Read: The Validity of all these packages is 1 month whether they are Bolt-on or Add-on.
  • *2222# can be dialed to check the remaining minutes of these postpaid call packages.
  • Bolt-Ons offers can only be subscribed to one at a time. Subscribing the 2nd offer will automatically remove the 1st subscription.
Bolt-on packages;

The subscription code for all the Bolt-on offers is *446*3*1#. You can simply dial it and select the package you want to subscribe to.

J All Net Super;

J All Net Super provides you 450 minutes on all networks at just 675 Rs.

J All Network ​Lite ;

You will get 115 all-network minutes at 189 Pkr.

J All Network Mini;

J All Network Mini bundle will provide you with 225 All-net minutes at 345 Rs.

J All Net Smart;

From J All Net Smart you will receive 335 All net minutes with 525 Pkr.

J All Network Basic/Budget;

J All Network Basic/Budget provides you with 575 All-net minutes at 870 Pkr.

J All Network Unlimited;

J All Network Unlimited is the biggest package that provides you 1200 All net minutes at 1575 Rs for 30 days.

Add-on packages;

The subscription string for all the Add-on offers is *446*3*2#. Dial and select the required offer.

In this category, there are only 2 packages.

100 All-Net and 200 All-Net

  • With 100 All-net as the name indicates you will get 100 all-network mints with 200 Pkr.
  • The 2nd offer provides you 200 Mins with 400 Pkr.


How to get Free Tamasha app subscription?

Muft tamasha app ka liye milayen *2299# or Dial *2299#.

Which Jazz Call Package is the best?

It depends on various factors including the duration and price you are looking for but generally Weekly Voice Offer is one of the best pkgs where you get 650 on-net mints in just 84 rupees.

How can I get unlimited Jazz minutes?

You can get unlimited minutes by subscribing it’s Voice Infinity Offer which is for 6 months. You can dial *710# to subscribe it and if you want it more than once then dial the same code again and all your minutes or Mb’s will be added alongside old ones.

How can I make a free call on jazz?

This service is also called as Zero Balance Call Service. You can avail this offer by simply dialing *600#. Once you have subscribed dial the code again and you are good to go for a free SMS and a miss call.

How do I subscribe to Jazz 100 minutes?

You can get 100 minutes and 1 Gb of data by subscribing to the 3-Day Max Offer. To avail this offer dial *631#.

What is Jazz offer 5555?

*5555# gives you Just For You offers which you can also find on the company’s official app. These offers vary from person to person. There are 100 different offers for everyone go and subscribe to your favorite one.

What is Jazz VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for voice-over LTE. This is the latest call technology where you can do HD calling with 6 times better performance than the normal one.

How do I subscribe to Jazz 24 hour package?

We have given 7 daily offers which you can check above. The most famous offer of them is Jazz Super Bundle where you get unlimited calls for 24 hours and it can be subscribed by dialing *212#.

How can I get Jazz one day call package?

You can subscribe Day bundle by dialing *340# where you will get unlimited minutes till 12:00 Am.

How do I subscribe to Jazz 2 hour call package?

You can subscribe to the friends bundle for 2 hours by dialing *555# or *3000#.

What is Jazz call weekly?

There are different weekly call packages. We have given 10 weekly bundles above in detail. You can select the best offer according to your needs.

How do I activate Jazz weekly call package?

You can activate Jazz Weekly Voice Offer by dialing *211# and it will provide you 650 on network minutes for 7 days.

What is the monthly call package of Jazz?

Monthly Premium is the best 30-day package which can be activated by dialing *2000# and it’s fee will be 695 Pkr.

How can I activate the Jazz 180 days call package?

The bundle name is Jazz Infinity Offer and it can be activated by dialing *710#.

How to check Jazz Remaining Minutes?

The remaining minutes can be checked by dialing *110#.

How can I check my Jazz postpaid package?

There are 4 solutions for this offer. 1 is you can check through the Jazz world app and 2nd is you can check with the 777 helpline. You can also check your bill details by dialing *1111# or with WhatsApp with their self-service number [03003008000]. Send hi and then and then send 1 and you will receive your details.

What is Jazz’s postpaid Helpline?

Postpaid helpline can be connected by dialing 111.

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