Jazz 4g Device Packages

Jazz 4g Devices and their Packages

Jazz has different device 4g packages for its users. These are internet devices you can take anywhere and connect to more than one device with. You can connect several Mobiles with the Jazz device. It gives you more coverage and internet speed than the sim data. These devices have different battery capacities. They also support micro sd cards. Each Jazz 4g device’s internet packages are mentioned below.

Here we have only talked about device packages visit Jazz internet packages for mobile data.

These are the following three devices offers;

  • Jazz super 4G Wifi
  • Jazz super 4G wingle
  • Jazz home Wifi

Jazz Super 4G Wifi

This Wifi device has the following features

  • Massive internet speed of up to 150mbps
  • It also supports micro sd cards up to 32 Gb
  • The battery capacity of this device is 2300 mAh
  • No installation is required for this device; plug and play
  • You can set up this device with single touch through the mobile app
  • This Wifi device comes with a warranty

Price = Rs 4200 Pkr

Jazz super 4G wingle

  • Jazz super 4g wingle provides 4G internet with speed up to 150mbps
  • A micro sd card slot is available
  • Slim design, easy to carry
  • You can connect up to 12 devices at the same time
  • With a single tap on the mobile app, you can set this up
  • Comes in warranty

Price = Rs 3000 pkr

Jazz wifi device packages

Jazz home Wifi

  • Unlike other devices, this device provides fast internet data in a long-range
  • You can also set up an admin app and then customize the wifi
  • Jazz home Wifi offers internet speed of up to 150mbps
  • This device comes with a warranty

Price = Rs 5500

How to Order

To order any of these devices, Dial *5299# or visit the company’s official website.

Remember, if you order these devices, the company provides you free home delivery. You can also visit the nearest jazz point or retailer.


There are different Jazz 4g device packages for the customers. The duration of these internet packages is different; some are monthly, while some are of long duration. Here we will give the details of both the monthly and Long-duration bundles.

Jazz 4g Device Monthly Internet Packages;

The first type mentioned here is Jazz device monthly internet packages. There are three packages in monthly bundles Regular, Mega and Heavy. These three are different from each other in a few aspects, including pricing. These packages are valid for 30 days. Following are the three Jazz monthly device packages.

Bundle nameRegular
PriceRs 1739.13
Total recharged requiredRs 2000
Internet60 GB
30 GB(1am – 1pm)
Subscription code*117*73#
Status code*117*73*2#
CostRs 2,086.95
Recharged requiredRs 2,400
Data100 GB
Activation code*117*36#
Data usage details*117*36*2#
Device PackageHeavy
FeeRs 2,608.69
Recharged requiredRs 3,000
Internet Data150 GB
Status code*117*74*2#

Long Duration Device Bundles

Jazz has introduced long-duration device bundles. The purpose of these packages is to benefit the users. Now you don’t have to worry about internet data duration. Jazz device packages offer super fast internet for three months and six months. You may be wondering how to avail these incredible offers, so here we bring you the Long duration device packages.

Name3 Month Package
PriceRs 5,625.17
Total easyload requiredRs 6500
Data65 Gb
How to Subscribe*117*15#
Status code*117*17*2#
How to unsubscribe*117*15*4#
Package name6 Month Bundle
CostRs 12,173.91
Total recharge requiredRs 14,000
Internet100 GB
Activation code*117*16#
Status code*117*18*2#


There are three types of Jazz 4g device packages. All these offers have different specifications and are made according to the user’s requirements.

  • Welcome Back Offer
  • Digital offers
  • Location-based offers

Jazz 4g Device Welcome Back Offer

This offer is only available for customers who have subscribed again with the Jazz device package. If you have been using the device before and you left using it or the device has not been used for 3 months you are eligible to avail of welcome back offers.

Offer Welcome Back Weekly Offer
CostRs 370
Recharge requiredRs 321.73
Data20 GB
Duration7 Days
Activation code*6363*8#
PackageWelcome Back Monthly Offer
PriceRs 1200 
Recharge requiredRs 1043.47
Data50 Gb
Subscription code*6363*8#

Jazz 4g Device Digital offers

There is only one Digital offer for users.

NameDigital Offers
PriceRs 1,043.47
Total EasyloadRs 1200
Data25 GB
Timespan30 days
How to subscribeCan be subscribed with Jazz cash and the Jazz world app

Location-based Jazz 4g Device Packages

4g device packages include Location-based offers. Location-based means these packages will be available for users in specific areas. You can avail of this offer if you are outside that location.

Package nameNorth LBC
PriceRs 1565.21
Recharge requiredRs 1800
Internet70 Gb
Usage details*117*65*2#
Offer NameSouth LBC
CostRs 1043.47 
Total Recharge Rs 1200 
Data36 GB
Duration30 days
Activation code*117*81#
Status code*117*81*2#
Deactivation code*117*81*4#
BundleKarachi LBC
FeeRs 2086.95
Total rechargeRs 2400
Data100 GB
How to access*117*80#
Status code*117*80*2#

How and where to buy;

You can buy any Jazz device by visiting the nearest franchise or ordering it from the official website.


How to insert a sim in a Jazz device?

Open the back of the device and find the Sim slot. Put the sim card in the slot and then slide the sim tray upward so that your sim doesn’t move from its place.

How to set Wifi password?

Firstly connect the smartphone to the device and then enter http://jazz.wifi in your browser. There you have to enter the login details. After login, go to the settings option and click on password. Now you can change or set the password.

How many smartphones can I connect with Jazz Device?

You can connect up to 12 smartphones with one device.

What is the price of the Jazz Wifi device?  Three different devices are mentioned above. All of them have different prices.

Which device is best for the internet in Pakistan?  Jazz home Wifi is the best solution for your internet problems. Now you can buy this super 4g wifi device for Rs 5500. The device will be delivered to your doorstep after you order it from the official website or by dialing *5299#.

Which portable internet device is the best?  4g wingle devices are the best portable data devices.

What are the battery capacities of these devices?  J super 4G wifi has a battery capacity of 2300 mAH.

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