Telenor Sms Packages (Daily, Weekly, 15 Day and Monthly Offers)

Telenor Sms Packages

Telenor is a Norwegian multinational Telecommunication company. It offers very economical SMS packages to its users in different durations according to your need. It holds 26% of the cellular market share in Pakistan. A total of 49 million people have been using the service in the region. Telenor gives tough competition to the other telecommunication providers in the market. It also provides services in the northern regions of Pakistan, where many operators failed to do so.

Telenor Sms packages play a vital role in connecting many people all over the region, as not everyone has a smartphone or access to the internet. Hence, messages help people connect with friends and loved ones. Telenor Daily SMS package and Telenor monthly Sms bundle are the most in-demand offers in this category.

If you are looking for other offers we have separate posts in detail for Telenor internet packages and call offers.

Prepaid Offers

Prepaid offers include different bundles according to the customer’s needs. The bundles vary according to their duration as follows.

  • Telenor Daily Sms Bundle
  •  Telenor 5-Day Sms Bundle
  •  Telenor Weekly Sms Bundle
  •  Telenor 15 Days Economy Sms Bundle
  •  Telenor Monthly Sms Bundle
  •  Sacha Sms Free

Daily SMS Packages

Telenor Daily Sms Package is the hottest message bundle, the cheapest among the other bundles. The daily messaging bundle will give you 240 messages in one day. It will help you stay connected with friends. There are two types of Daily Sms packages, including the daily SMS bundle and the 5-day Sms Bundle. Telenor 5-Day Sms Bundle provides 300 SMS which can be sent to any network.

Bundle NameTelenor Daily Sms Bundle
PriceRs. 4.78 Pkr
Subscription code*345*116#
Status code*111#

5-Day Sms Offer;

It is one of the most economical SMS bundles which is valid for 5 days.

OfferTelenor 5-Day Sms Bundle
CostRs. 9.5 Incl Tax
Duration5 Days
Activation code*345*015#
Or Dial 555
Remaining Sms*111#

Telenor Weekly SMS Package

NameTelenor Weekly Sms Bundle
FeeRs. 17 Pkr
Time Duration7 Days
Total Messages2000

Sending text messages is easier and more convenient than contacting someone online. It doesn’t require any additional bundles other than SMS. Telenor Weekly SMS Package gives access to 2000 SMS for 7 days. The other bundle under this category is Telenor 15 days economy SMS Bundle. The price of this offer is the same as the Weekly one but the difference is the amount of SMS given in the bundle. Its 15 Days SMS bundle gives 800 SMS for half a month.

15 Days SMS Bundle

BundleTelenor 15 Days Economy Sms Bundle
PriceRs. 17 Pkr
Validity15 Days
How to Subscribe*345*112#
Or Dial 555

Telenor Monthly Sms Packages

Its monthly bundle also gives you 1GB of data for WhatsApp. Users can get this offer after fulfilling the offer eligibility. Offer eligibility can be checked by visiting the terms and conditions section of the official Telenor Website.

NameTelenor Monthly Sms Bundle
CostRs. 60 Incl Tax
Period1 Month
Internet 1 GB for Whatsapp Only
Activation Code*345*363#
Status *111#

Telenor Postpaid SMS packages

Postpaid packages are different from prepaid ones. You have to convert your sim to postpaid to avail of these Sms bundles. There are three Telenor Postpaid Sms. The SMS bundles are valid for 30 days. Remember after 30 days the bundles will be renewed automatically. The three bundles are

  • Sms Bundle 1
  • Sms Bundle 2
  • Sms Bundle 3
BundleSms Bundle 1
PriceRs. 50 Incl. Tax
Validity30 Days
Subscription code*345*761#
OfferSms Bundle 2
FeeRs. 100 incl. tax
Activation code*345*762#
NameSms Bundle 3
CostRs 305 incl tax
Period1 Month
Total Sms7000
How to Subscribe*345*763#


Sacha Sms Free

Telenor 4g provides specific leverages to its users. Now you can send messages to anyone within the country free of cost. Sometimes we don’t have a balance or any package, and we need to convey our message to someone urgently; at the moment, this bundle makes our life easy. Telenor Sacha Sms free bundles give the customers 10 free Sms upon dialing *1122#. You will also get details about your balance usage, spending on Sms, call, internet, and recharge information.

How can I get free SMS in Telenor for 15 days?

Telenor gives its users 800 Sms for 15 days. Dial *345*112# or call on 500 to avail of this offer.

How can I get Telenor Sms?

It has several Sms bundles varying from day to month. All the message packages are mentioned above with complete details.

How to Unsubscribe Telenor Daily Sms Package?

Each bundle has a different subscription code as well as an unsubscription code. To unsubscribe daily Sms bundle dial *2*2*1#.

How can I check the remaining SMS and validity in the SMS package?

To check the remaining usage and validity of any of your SMS packages, dial *111#.

What is the best Telenor package?

The best Telenor offer in the SMS criteria is its 15 Days economy SMS bundle. This offer provides 800 Sms for 15 days which will cost Rs. 17 Pkr.

What is the code of the Telenor Weekly Package?

Its weekly offer gives 2000 SMS for 7 days. To avail this offer dial *345*117#. Remember that this offer will expire after the seventh day, so keep checking the bundle usage by dialing *111#.

When are Bonus SMS rewarded?

Bonus SMS are rewarded as soon as you subscribe to the offer. After the fee is deducted from your account, Bonus Sms will be given to you.

What is the message package of Telenor?

It offers different message bundles, including Postpaid and prepaid. All the offers are mentioned here.

How can I know my Telenor Package details?

Dial *111# to check the remaining usage of your SMS bundle.

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