Telenor Internet Packages-Detailed Guide

The Internet is a basic need of everyone. Every individual has access to the internet. The Internet is changing our lives, making our lives simpler and more accessible. The Internet has become a necessity. Internet is being used in every sector of life, whether it is education, medicine, transport, or any other field. With the increasing and rapid internet use, many operators are providing different data bundles. Data bundles include daily, weekly, and monthly offers. All vary differently from each other. Here we bring Telenor Internet Packages for you.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

The first category in Telenor Internet packages is Telenor Daily Internet Packages which evolve around all the data bundles for one day. There are few but very affordable offers in this criteria. Telenor daily lite 4g bundles are listed below. All the internet packages keep on changing, and new offers are introduced by the networks, so here we will be updating you frequently.

Telenor Good Time offer is the value for money bundle as it only costs 6 pkr and gives 250 social mbs for facebook and unlimited telenor calls for the next 2 hours. The best part is you can activate this offer multiple times a day. Call setup charges will be applied for every call with in the duration of the package.

NameTelenor Good Time Offer
PriceRs. 6 incl. tax
Duration2 hours
Internet250 MB Facebook
Onnet CallsFor 2 hours
Subscription Code*345*20#
NameDaily Social Pack
PriceRs. 3 incl tax
Internet70 MB (Facebook and Whatsapp Only)
OfferDaily Offpeak Offer
CostRs. 15
Duration1 Day (6 AM – 6 PM)
Internet1500 MB
Activation Code*10# 

Daily Youtube Offer

If you love to watch youtube on daily basis than this package is best for you. Telenor Daily Youtube offers the users 500 mb of data for only Rs 8 pkr.

Youtube is an video sharing service which allows the users to watch unlimited videos with out any cost and also gives access to download that videos to watch them when offline. The users can also like and comment on the videos. Youtube is available on every smart phone and can also be accessed by Pc. It was launched on 14th Febuary 2005.

BundleDaily YouTube Package
FeeRs. 8 incl. Tax
Data500 MB
How to activate*60#
Package nameRaat din 3g 4g package
ValueRs. 18
Time span1 Day (12 AM – 12 PM)
Internet1.5 GB
How to subscribe*150#
Name4G Daily
PriceRs. 15 incl. tax
Validity1 Day
Internet250 MB
Subscription code*13#
Name4G 3-Day Bundle
PriceRs. 44 tax included
Duration1 Day
Data1000MB, out of which 500MB can be used between (2 AM – 8 AM)

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Weekly bundles are far better than daily ones as the duration of the offers is better. If someone wants hassle-free internet for 7 days, 4G weekly Ultra plus offer will give you 20GB of internet, out of which 10 Gb can only be used from 1 am to 11 am. For cricket lovers, Telenor has introduced Weekly Sports Package that will 1500 MBs for crickwick only for 30 pkr. All the Telenor Weekly Internet bundles and Telenor social pack packages are listed below.

Name4G Weekly Ultra Plus
PriceRs. 240 incl. tax
Data20GB 10GB can be used between(1AM – 11AM)
Offer4G Weekly Super
FeeRs. 120 incl tax
Duration7 Days
Internet4000 MB (incl 2000 MB 1 AM to 11 AM)
How to subscribe*288#
Package name4G Weekly Internet Max
CostRs. 55 incl. tax
Period7 Days (12 AM – 9 AM)
Data30 GB
Activation code*19#

The 1500 MBs are only for Cricwick and CricnGif. Cricwick and CricnGif are 2 sports news platforms where you can watch the scorecard of any Sports event going on, including Football, Cricket, Basketball ball and many more. Cricwick provides you with live cricket scores. You can also stream the premier league.

Cricwick offer

You can subscribe to Crickwick’s offer via Telenor through their website or app. If you want to activate this service for one day, it will cost you Rs 4+tax. Rs 15 + tax would be deducted from your account if you subscribed to this offer for one week.

NameWeekly Sports Package
PriceRs. 30 Incl. Tax
Mbs 1500 MBs only for Cricwick & CricnGif
Days7 Days

Soundcloud and Patari are online music streaming platforms. Both channels provide unlimited music streaming with the latest songs from worldwide. Soundcloud has more than 265 million tracks, and you can also upload your track if you want. On the other hand, Patari gives you access to all the Pakistani traditional and new music. Patari gives a free trial for 2 weeks after that, if you are willing to continue, the subscription must be bought.

Offer NameWeekly Music Package
PriceRs. 10 incl. tax
Validity7 Days
Internet1000 MB for Soundcloud & Patari
How to subscribeVisit the official Telenor Website
NameWeekly Video Package
PriceRs. 86 Incl. Tax
Data5000 MB for (Youtube, TikTok, Likee and SnackVideo)
Offer4G Weekly Internet Max
PriceRs. 55 incl. tax
Time SpanOne Week (12AM – 9AM)
Internet Data30 Gb
Activation code*19#
NameWeekly 6 to 6 Package
FeeRs. 60 incl. tax
Days7 Days
Internet4000 MB (6 AM – 6 PM)
Subscription code*71#
Bundle4G Weekly Ultra
PriceRs. 190 inc tax.
Total Data8GB
1GB Extra for SoundCloud & Patari
Code *336#
NameWeekly Zoom Package
PriceRs. 80 incl. tax
ValidityOne Week
Total Mbs3000 MB
How to Activate*345*56#

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor Internet package brings Monthly offers that last the longest. They are valid for a whole month. Telenor Data bundles include a variety of offers, including social and browsing Mbs. For Pubg fans, Telenor has a Pubg monthly offer which will allow the users to have 2 GB of data for the game only and an additional 100 MBS for regular internet. Next, there is also a Snapchat offer which is free of cost. You will get 2000 MB of Snapchat data for 1 month.

OfferPUBGM Monthly Offer
PriceRs. 60
Data 2GB PUBG mobile+100MBs
Subscription code*345*57#
PackageFree Snapchat Package
Cost0 rs
Time30 Days
Internet2000 MB Snapchat
Activation code*915#
Name4G Monthly Super
FeeRs. 350 incl. tax
Time span30 Days
Data12000MB of which 6000MB can be used between (1 AM-11 AM)
How to subscribe*345*169#

Social Offers

Monthly Social Pack Plus gives an additional 10,000 Sms and social MBs. If you want to subscribe to the Sms bundles, only, there is an article about that. Just visit Telenor Sms Packages on this site.

BundleMonthly Social Pack Plus
PriceRs. 85 incl. tax
Validity1 Month
Internet6,000 MBs for Facebook And WhatsApp
OfferMonthly Social Pack
FeeRs. 52
Time span30 Days
(Facebook & Whatsapp)
Activation code*911#

4G monthly lite is a cheaper Monthly data package which allows the customer to use 4 gb for 30 days. Remember 2 gb from the bundle can only be used between 1 am to 11 am. Telenor has the best and most affordable data offers.

Name4G Monthly Lite
CostRs. 190 incl. tax
Internet4GB (incl. 2GB 1AM – 11AM)
Subscription code*301#
Name4G Monthly Ultra Plus
FeeRs. 700 incl. tax
Duration30 Days
Data50 GB of which 25 GB can be used between (1 AM-11 AM)
Subscription code*303#
Bundle4G Monthly Starter Bundle
PriceRs. 370 incl. tax
Internet MBs8 GB
(4 GB 1 AM – 7 AM)
Activation code*302#


How can I get 50 GB of internet on Telenor?

Telenor Internet Packages bring 50 GB internet data for their users. Now you can subscribe to 4G Monthly Ultra Plus by dialling *303#. Although there is a time limit for the 25 GBS of the 50 GB.

How can I subscribe to Telenor 20 GB?

4G Weekly Ultra Plus is a Telenor Weekly Data Bundle that gives you 20 GB of internet data weekly. The price of this offer is Rs. 240.

How can I check my Telenor 75 GB?

To check the remaining data of your Telenor Internet Bundle, dial *999#.

What is Telenor Weekly Internet Package?

All the weekly packages have a duration of 7 days after these days, the bundle will be expired, and if you want to re-subscribe, you have to pay the bundle price. There are several Telenor Internet Packages that are mentioned above.

What is Raat din 3g 4g package?

Raat din 3g 4g package can only be subscribed at every midnight at 12 am. This package is valid for 12 hours, from 12 am to 12 pm. Users will get 1.5 GB of non-stop fast internet for only Rs 18. To activate this offer, dial *150#.

Free Snapchat Offer

How can I get free snapchat on Telenor?

Snapchat is a social media App. It allows the users to send photos and videos to each other. It is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. Telenor gives its users free Snapchat internet for 30 days. You can activate this offer by dialling *915#.

Which Telenor Package is best for the Internet?

All the Telenor Internet bundles are made as per the customer’s requirements, so we cant simply specify a single package and claim it to be the best. You can visit the website, see all the offers, and then subscribe to the package that best suits you.

How do I activate 4G monthly super?

Dial *345*169# to subscribe to Telenor 4G monthly super for Rs 350 pkr, incl. tax.

What is a Monthly social bundle?

Telenor brings Monthly Social Pack and Monthly Social Pack plus, which gives Social MBS for a whole month. Visit the website for further details.

What is SoundCloud?

Soundcloud is a community of different artists, basically music artists. It was first introduced in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. It has more than 250 million tracks with more than 30 million artists on the platform. If you are a music fan and want to get the latest songs without any interruption, download Soundcloud which is available on Playstore and Applestore.

You can listen to songs for free, but if you want to support any artist, there is also an option for that. Soundcloud is available in 190 countries around the globe. The premium version of Soundcloud costs 4.99$ per month. The perks of the premium version are that you will have access to unlimited songs without any ads, and you will also be able to save the songs offline. The best part of SoundCloud is that you don’t have to create an account to listen.

Telenor internet packages bring the Weekly Music Package, which will give you access to patari and Soundcloud.

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