Telenor Hybrid Packages

Telenor Hybrid Packages have all the incentives you need as a sim user. It provides you with fast internet with sms and unlimited calls. The Hybrid itself indicates all the offers are combined into one and by activating one offer you will get Telenor minutes, Sms, and Data. There is no doubt these are the most useful bundles. If you are to subscribe to calls, sms, and data bundle individually it will cost you a fortune rather you can choose from Telenor Hybrid Packages.

There are different Hybrid Bundles varying according to the duration. These are Daily, 3Day, Weekly and Monthly offers. At the moment there are no hybrid offers available for 1 day so we’ll start with the 3day bundles.

Telenor 3 Day Hybrid Bundles

As the name indicates these offers will be valid for 3 days. It means the bundle will expire at the midnight of 3rd day and after that to continue using the package you will have to subscribe again.

Name3-Day Hybrid Package
PriceRs 50 incl tax
Days3 days
Internet150 MBS
On net mints150 mints
Off-net mints15 mints
SMS150 sms
Activation Code*345*210#

Telenor 3/3 Offer is a 3-day small offer for users who want Telenor mints at a cheaper price. Rs 50 pkr is the total cost.

OfferTelenor 3/3 Offer
FeesRs. 50 incl. tax
Validity3 Days
Data50 MB
Mints600 minutes
Sms300 sms
Subscription Code*345*243#
To check the remaining resources *123#

Telenor Weekly Hybrid Packages

The weekly offers have a time span of 7 days which is a lot better than the daily ones but the prices will be slightly higher.

PackageTelenor Sahulat Mini Offer
FeeRs 75 including Taxes
Duration7 days
Internet 100 MB
(+ 200 MB for WhatsApp, FB & Twitter)
Call mints200
Offnet mints20
Activation Details*170#
BundleTelenor Haftawar Sahulat Package
PriceRs120 Including Taxes.
Internet 100
(350MB Additional for Social Pack)
Minutes1000 Telenor mints
Offnet mints70
How to activate*5*7#

7 Day Hybrid bundle is a 7-day all-in-one offer which gives 1500 MBS along with 1000 minutes and 50 off-net minutes for just Rs 68 pkr. This offer can be subscribed to multiple times.

Bundle Name7 Day Hybrid
PriceRs 68 incl tax
Internet1500 MBS
On net mints1000 mints
off-net mints50 mints
SMS10000 sms
How to activate*345*79#
Telenor Weekly Easycard Extreme Bundle

Easycard Offers

The most internet you can get on any weekly bundle is 40 GB. Weekly EasyCard Extreme give you 20 GB for the whole day and 20 GBS which can only be used within the span of 1 am to 11 am. Not only you will get unlimited internet but 7500 Telenor mints and sms would also be included in this Easycard. There is no code for this package hence this offer can only be subscribed to through their official website.

PackageWeekly EasyCard Extreme
CostRs. 300 incl. tax
Time spanWeekly
Internet20GB+20GB (1 am-11am)
Data7500 Telenor & PTCL minutes
Mints200 mints
Sms7500 sms
Activation procedureOffer can be subscribed to through the website
Remaining Resources *123#

Weekly Easycard 180 has amazing incentives which allow the buyers to use 3 GB data along with 1500 mints and 1500 sms for just Rs 157 pkr. The purpose of this bundle is to give a stress-free week.

NameWeekly EasyCard 180
FeeRs. 157 incl. tax
Validity7 Days
Internet3 GB
Telenor Minutes1500 mints
Other networks minutes80 mints
SMS1500 sms
Subscription Code*175#
Usage details*123#

In addition to the weekly easy card 180, there is Weekly EasyCard 160 which is cheaper but has less resources as compared to the Easycard 180. This bundle will give 1000 Telenor and ptcl minutes for just Rs 135 pkr.

NameWeekly EasyCard 160
PriceRs. 135 incl. tax
Data1500 MBs
On net minutes1000 telenor and Ptcl
Other networks mints50 mints
Activation code*963#
Usage Details*123#
BundleWeekly EasyCard Mega
PriceRs. 235 incl. tax
Time Span7 days
Internet12GB (Incl. 6GB 1AM – 11AM)
Mints2000 Telenor+PTCL minutes
Off net mints 85 minutes
Sms2000 sms
Activation code *001#
Remaining resources*123#

Telenor Monthly Hybrid Packages

The offers with the most validity are the Monthly Packages. The prices are much higher than the other two categories but these packages are valued for money. These bundles give you ease for the whole month. Now stop worrying about your package ending so soon, just subscribe to these offers.

With this Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package, you will get 100 mints daily so that means for the month you will be given 100 mints daily. So what are you waiting for dial *345*30#.

BundleTelenor Mahana Rakhwala Package
CostRs 428 incl. Tax
Duration Monthly
Internet300 MBS
Telenor Minutes3000
Activation Code*345*30#
BundleTelenor Mahana Rakhwala Package
CostRs 428 incl. Tax
Duration Monthly
Internet300 MBS
Telenor Minutes3000
Activation Code*345*30#
NameMahana Budget Package
FeeRs. 80 incl. tax
Data3GB (WhatsApp Only)
On net mints300 mints
Other networks minutes10 mints
How to subscribe*514#
Usage Details*123#

Monthly Extreme Offer

Offer NameMonthly Extreme Offer
CostRs. 950 incl. tax
Total Days30
Internet 60GB (30GB 1AM – 11AM)
Telenor Minutes 7500 mins
Off-Net mints600 mins
How to activate*708#
Remaining resources check *123#
NameMonthly Super Plus
PriceRs. 600 incl. tax
Duration30 Days
(20GB 1 AM – 11 AM)
Minutes500 mins
Other networks mins100 min
Activation Code*979# 
Remaining incentives*123#
NameEasyCard 1000
CostRs. 900 incl. tax
Time SpanMonthly
Internet18GB+18GB (1 am-11am)
Minutes 7,000 Telenor & PTCL minutes
Off-net minutes600
Activation Code*248#
Remaining resources*123#
OfferSocial All-in-One Package
PriceRs. 130 incl. tax
Data8GB (Facebook + WhatsApp) + 100MB
On net mints250 mins
off-net mints25 mins
Activation Code*572#
Usage details*123#


This Hybrid Add-on bundle 125 will work only on the postpaid sims. If you are a prepaid user you can convert to postpaid by going to any Telenor franchise nearby.

NameHybrid Add-On Bundle 125
PriceRs. 172 Incl. Tax
Validity30 Days
Data150 MB
Telenor Minutes150
Offnet Mins50
Activation Code*345*73#

This package is also valid for Postpaid users only. There is no subscription code for the bundle but you can avail this amazing offer by downloading the Telenor App from the play store or the App store.

Telenor App

Telenor app is an amazing platform which is designed as per the user’s needs. A lot of problems can be solved with a single click. There are some perks of using the Telenor App which are

  • You can view the call sms and data usage details of the last 30 days.
  • You can recharge your sim and can also pay the postpaid bills.
  • Any free offer will be listed in the App.
  • If you have any complaints against the network or any bundle here you can file the complaint.
OfferHybrid Add-On Bundle 600
PriceRs. 825 Incl. Tax
Time SpanMonth
Internet4000 MB
Mints2000 Telenor minutes
Offnet mints300
Activation CodeTelenor App

These were the Telenor All in one package, but if you want only Internet packages you can visit our previous post by clicking here.


How can I activate the Telenor Monthly all-in-one Package?

Telenor hybrid packages bring the monthly all-in-one bundle which gives 8 GB of social data which can only be used for Facebook and Whatsapp. This bundle also gives an additional 100 MBS for Internet usage.

How can I check my Telenor offers?

To check which offers you have been subscribed to dial *66#. You can subscribe to more than one bundle at a time.

How can I check my Telenor Hybrid Package?

You can check the remaining resources of any package by dialling *123#. The remaining SMS can be checked by dialling *111# and through *222# you can see your remaining minutes.

What is the Monthly Extreme offer?

It is one of the most expensive offers of Telenor All in one package which gives 60GB of internet for Rs 950 incl. tax. 30 GB can be used between 1 AM – 11 AM. This offer also gives 7500 Telenor minutes and 600 other networks mins.

What is meant by off-net minutes?

Off-net minutes are also called other network mins. Telenor hybrid bundles give off-net mints which allow the users to call any network within Pakistan. It is very costly to call someone on other networks by using Sim Balance so Telenor all-in-one Bundles are here to help you out. By activating these bundles you will be given incentives at a minimal cost.

What is the code of Telenor Monthly Package?

By dialling *979#  you can activate Monthly Super Plus for Rs. 600 incl. tax.

How can I activate Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package?

Dial *5*7# to avail this offer. This offer is valid for 7 days and after the time period, you will be charged for every MB you use or any call you make. 350 MBS for the social internet will also be available. All Telenor users are allowed to subscribe to this offer.

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