How To Check Jazz Package Status And Expiry? Quick Guide

Have you ever wondered how much Jazz Mint or Mbs remain on your current bundle? When is the package set to expire? If you face these problems, you are in the right place. Learn How to Check Jazz Package Status and Expiry

There are several ways to find out the status of a Jazz Package: Jazz World, Jazz Whatsapp Bot, and USSD code. After reading this post, anyone can apply any of these simple techniques.

We understand your needs and have your back. Find all the possible solutions for checking your Jazz 4G package status and expiration. The best part is that all of these methods are free to use. So, without any further delay, let’s start the guide.

How To Check Jazz Package Status And Expiry?

There are three ways to check the remaining resources of any jazz bundle. The methods are mentioned below.

  • Jazz USSD Code
  • Jazz World App
  • Jazz WhatsApp Bot

Jazz USSD Code To Check Jazz Package Status

Follow these steps to find the remaining Jazz bundle resources via USB code.

  • Open your dialer.
  • Dial the subscription code of the bundle you have been subscribed to.
  • Add *2# at the end of the code to check the status of your current fortune.
  • I.e., you have been subscribed to Jazz Weekly Hybrid, whose subscription code is *700#. So, to check the remaining resources, we will add *2# at the end of this code: *700*2#.

Jazz World App

You can also check your current bundle’s remaining MBs, mints, and SMS from the Jazz World App. Follow the instructions below.

  • Open the Jazz World App.
  • You’ll see the (Usage Details) option on the front page. Click on it to view all the bundles you have subscribed to, where you can also check the details of each pile, including the remaining resources and expiration date.
  • You can also click My Account on the home page and select My Subscriptions options for the package details.

Jazz WhatsApp Bot

The third method to check Jazz package status, expiry, and other details is the Jazz WhatsApp Bot.

  • You must message the Jazz Whatsapp bot at 0300-3008000 for this approach to function.
  • Send “hi” to this phone number.
  • The bot will send you a message requesting you to choose from a list of options and click “Account Details.”
  • Wait a while. The Jazz Whatsapp Bot will again send you a message with several options; select “Balance and Usage Details” as the first option.
  • Other options include “Package and Tariff Details” and “Call and Recharge History.”


How Do I Check The Jazz Package Status?

Check the Jazz package status by following the methods mentioned above. Choose any way that suits you.

Is There Any Fee For Checking Package Status?

No, there isn’t any fee for checking your Jazz package details. All the methods are entirely free, with no hidden charges.

What Is Jazz’s WhatsApp number?

Save this number and send it to 0300-3008000. The Jazz WhatsApp bot will further guide you.


This concludes our quick post on How to Check Jazz Package Status and Expiry. You won’t need to worry about your bundle expiring now. Whether you want to use the Jazz World app, the USSD code, or the Jazz Whatsapp Bot, monitoring your packages guarantees continuous connectivity and low costs.

Suppose you are an international traveler looking for some packages to stay connected with your family and friends back home. If you want to know anything else, you can ask us in the Jazz section.

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