Infinity Browser Jazz 2gb Internet Package Complete Details

Are you tired of paying hefty amounts for internet bundles? Do you want a reliable, affordable internet package that provides seamless browsing experiences? We have the best bundle for you that is Jazz 2gb internet package.

This bundles is design putting in mind the needs of Students. Students need internet 24/7 for sending important emails, browsing educational websites and seeing online content to help them out in studies. And also, the price is so minimal that every student can afford it.

Jazz understands the pain points of internet users like you. The purpose of this bundle is to meet your requirements without breaking the bank. But what’s the process? How can you subscribe to it?

In this article, we will tell you about Jazz’s monthly 2 GB internet bundle and guide you through the steps to subscribe. Say goodbye to data limitations and embrace uninterrupted browsing with the Infinity Browser Jazz.

With a monthly data limit of 2GB, this package provides enough data for browsing websites, checking emails, using social media platforms, and even streaming content.

Jazz Monthly 2gb Internet Package Complete Details

Jazz provides 2 Gb internet data to it’s users for complete 1 month with this offer. You can avail this offer in just 217 Pkr.

NameJazz Infinity Browser
PriceRs. 217
Validity1 Month
Internet2 GB
Subscription Code*709#
Status Code*709*2#
Package Information Code*709*3#

This bundle is available in every region of Pakistan. So why waiting subscribe Jazz Infinity Browser now can experience fast and seamless internet with Jazz 4G.

This bundle is especially good for browsing whatever browser you use weather it’s chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera because it has less data and a complete month duration.

Terms and Conditions

All the Terms and conditions are mentioned clearly, please read them carefully to avoid any inconvienience.

  • This bundle Jazz Infinity Browser is valid for all Jazz customers, including Prepaid and Postpaid.
  • This bundle can be subscribed at any time of the day.
  • This bundle is valid for 30 days from the day of subscription.
  • In the event of excessive use other than the 2Gb, an amount of Rs 2 per mb would be deducted from your account.
  • Rs 0.06 will be charged to check the status of the remaining data.
  • Jazz 4G reserves the right to change the price of bundles without notifying us prior.
  • Jazz also reserves the right to terminate your package upon seeing any unlawful activity.

Why Subscribing to Infinity Browser Jazz?

The answer is simple; Infinity Browser Jazz has all that needs to be the best package for you. It is the most affordable monthly internet bundle in the market. With just Rs 217, you can get two gb for a month.

Alongside the affordability, this bundle is a blessing for light data users due to it’s long validity of 1 month. Now you can stay connected and enjoy online content with Infinity browser Jazz. Jazz is known for its widespread network coverage. Whether living in remote or northern areas, you can subscribe to this bundle.


Are Jazz Monthly 2 Gb Internet Package and Infinity Browser Jazz Same Bundle Or Different?

Yes, they are both the same bundles with just different names. Jazz monthly 2 gb internet package, Jazz 2gb internet package, or Infinity Browser Jazz are all the same. So, make sure to understand the names.

How to Unsubscribe Jazz 2Gb Internet Package?

There is no specific code to unsubscribe from this bundle. The bundle will automatically expire when the data limit of 2gb will be used or the period of the bundle is ended.

What is the Validity of Jazz’s monthly 2gb internet package?

The Jazz monthly 2gb internet package 2 Gb is valid for one month after the day of subscription.

How to subscribe to Infinity Browser Jazz?

Dial *709# to subscribe to Jazz Infinity Browser Jazz and get 2 gb of the internet for 30 days.


In conclusion, Infinity browser jazz’s monthly 2 GB internet package is the most affordable monthly bundle among all the other Jazz offers. With just a price of Rs 217, it gives you 2 gb of internet data. For students, this is a lifesaver. Students can send emails, browse websites and complete their assignments on time.

In the end a pro tip for you. This bundle is good for light work like chatting or social media or any other purpose but if you are a heavy data user we would not suggest subscribing this offer.

We have provided all the details on how to subscribe to this bundle. Now enjoy a faster and smoother internet experience with your favorite network, Jazz. If you want more internet bundles, than we highly recommend you visit the article on Jazz Internet Packages.

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