Jazz Weekly Voice Offer Enjoy 1000 Jazz Minutes All Week

Subscribe to Jazz weekly voice offer and get rid of the notification in the middle of an important conversation that your call minutes are running low. Or you are tired of hefty charges of call bundles causing unnecessary stress. But worry no more!

The Jazz Weekly Voice Offer provides a generous allocation of 1000 minutes with Pkr 120 only for the entire week, ensuring ample time to connect with friends, family, and colleagues without the fear of running out of minutes. The sharing minutes option in this offer make it even more special.

After reading this post, you will be able to know the complete details of this offer, including terms and conditions, minutes sharing method and the subscription code. We will also share some key benefits of this offer if this is your first time using this offer. So, join us as we unlock a new level of communication freedom and convenience at affordable rates.

Jazz Weekly Voice Offer Code And Details 

This offer provides you 1000 on net minutes for seven days for just 120 Rs. Here are the details of this offer.

Package NameJazz Weekly Voice Offer
Validity7 Days
On net Call Minutes 1000 
Subscription Code*211#
Offer Status Code*211*2#
Shareable Minutes 30
Shared Minutes ValiditySame Day Mid Night
Code for Sharing *308#
Status Code of Shared Minutes*308*2#

How To Share Minutes From Jazz Weekly Voice Offer?

If you subscribe to this offer, you can also share minutes with anyone with Jazz prepaid sim. Simply dial *308# from your phone to start. You must share the number where you want to send these minutes. 2 Rs will be charged to the person sharing the minutes.

After that, 30 minutes will be shared from your minutes to the other person. Dial *308*2# to verify the status of shared minutes. These minutes will be valid for the same day till midnight. You can share the minutes multiple times. Look at the terms and conditions below to better understand everything related to these shareable minutes.

Terms And Conditions

  • While subscribing to this offer, you will be charged Rs 0.15 as a call setup fee.
  • This offer is resubscribeable.
  • The offer is nonrecursive, which means that it does not renew automatically.
  • Only prepaid users can subscribe this offer.
  • The shared minutes will be valid starting that day and lasting till midnight.
  • Customers who share minutes will be charged a sharing cost of Pkr 2 (including tax). If the customer’s balance is sufficient, the sharing attempt will succeed. .
  • We will deduct 0.15 as a call set up fee for sharing the incentive of 30 minutes.
  • You can share an unlimited number of minutes with a single consumer.
  • Customers are given limitless freedom to share minutes as long as they have more than 30 minutes of remaining bundle time and have more than Rs. 2 in their account balance.
  • *308# is the dialing code to share 30 minutes.
  • The recipient of the shared minutes can check the status of the shared incentives by dialing *308*2#.

Why Subscribing Jazz Weekly Voice Offer?

There are many reasons which make this Offer special. If you still need to subscribe and are confused, consider these reasons. These help you in clearing your mind.

Comparatively Cheaper Price

One of the main reasons to subscribe to the Jazz Weekly Voice Offer is its comparatively lower price. With this offer, you can enjoy a great deal of voice calling minutes at an affordable rate, allowing you to stay connected with your loved ones without breaking the bank.

Shareable Minutes

Another advantage of the Jazz Weekly Voice Offer is sharing your minutes with friends and family. This feature enables you to allocate a portion of your voice calling minutes to other Jazz subscribers, making it a convenient choice for group communication.

1k Jazz Minutes

1k Jazz Minutes This bundle provides an impressive 1,000 on net minutes, giving you ample time to talk and connect with your contacts. Whether you need to make important business calls or catch up with friends, this offer ensures plenty of time at your disposal throughout the week.

These minutes will also help you in contacting your closed ones without going online on Skype or WhatsApp.


What Is The Code Of Jazz Weekly Voice Offer?

*211# is the Jazz Weekly Voice Offer Code. By dialling this code, you can activate this promotion.

What Is The 7 Days Package Jazz Call?

Generally, Weekly Voice Offer Jazz is also known as seven days package jazz call. The details of this offer are shared above. You can check other Jazz weekly call packages in this brief guide Jazz Call Packages.

How Can I Get 1000 Minutes In Jazz?

You can get 1000 on network minutes by subscribing to the weekly voice offer. 

What Is A Weekly Voice Offer Jazz Rs 70?

Weekly voice offers Jazz Rs 70 is the same weekly call package. Its previous price was 70 Rs although Jazz has changed it to 120 Now.


That was all about the Jazz Weekly Voice Offer. If you only require on-net minutes and are looking for a weekly call plan, this is your best option. Its price and shareable minutes make it even more special.

Subscribe now and start enjoying calling your loved ones or colleagues. You can post a question in the comments section if you have any. We will be pleased to respond and dispel any questions you may have.

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