Unlock Your Zong SIM PUK Code In 2024- Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a Zong subscriber who has encountered issues with your SIM PUK Code? There are many times when your Sim is locked due to the wrong PUK code, so how to avoid it? You will also be wondering what a PUK code is.

At any stage of life, we all have entered the wrong PIN code, which led to a temporary block of our Sim. We know it causes a lot of frustration, so we have provided complete detail on Zong Sim Puk Code to avoid this inconvenience.

In this article, we will explain everything about Zong SIM PUK codes and guide you on effortlessly unlocking your SIM. So, let’s get started by addressing some common questions. Firstly we will be telling you about the Sim PUK code. When a SIM card is locked, the PUK code serves as a safeguard to regain access to the SIM card. The mobile network operator usually provides the PUK code specific to each SIM card.

Why Do You Need a SIM PUK Code?

There are several scenarios where you may need to use a SIM PUK code:

  1. Forgotten PIN: If you forget the PIN code for your Zong SIM card, you will need the PUK code to unlock it.
  2.  SIM-Lock: After entering the wrong PIN multiple times, your SIM card gets locked, and you can only unlock it using the PUK code.
  3.  New SIM Activation: You may need to enter the PUK code to set a new PIN when activating a new SIM card.

How To Unlock Your Zong Sim PUK Code 

If you are a Zong user and find yourself in a situation where your SIM card is locked, don’t worry. Zong provides a straightforward process to retrieve your PUK code and unlock your device. We will be sharing two methods of unblocking Zong Sim.

Through USSD

Follow these steps to know your Zong PUK code.

  • Dial *310# from the dialer.
  •  Select 9 (My Account) from the menu.
  •  Then select 4 (PIN/PUK Code)
  •  , Then enter the number you want to know the PUK Code of.
  •  Enter the Cnic on which that number is registered.
  •  Choose PUK1 or PUK2 from the given menu.
  •  Wait for a while; you will receive the PUK code in SMS.


Follow these steps to unblock your Zong PUK code through SMS.

  1. Go to the Write Message Option
  2.  Type PUK
  3.  Please send it to 830
  4.  You will shortly receive the PUK code of your Zong SIM.

By Call (Helpline)

The second option for unblocking the Zong PUK code is calling Zong’s helpline.

  • Dial 310 from any Zong sim.
  •  You will be connected with Zong Customer Care Representative.
  •  The customer care representative will then ask you to provide the 8 to 15-digit number on the back of the sim card you want to unblock.
  •  Then he will ask you about your details, e.g., CNIC, Mother’s name.
  •  After verification of the conditionals provided by you, the Customer care representative will unblock the Zong sim PUK code.

You can also look at other options to contact Zong customer service here.

Zong PUK Code Generator

There is no software or online website that can generate Zong PUK Code. , Don’t fall into the traps of scammy websites or people claiming to generate PUK code.

The default PUK code of every Zong sim is 0000, the only code that can unblock your Sim. If the code doesn’t work the first time, use it sparingly. This can lead to a permanent block of your Zong sim.


What is the default PUK code of every Zong Sim?

0000 is the default PUK of every Zong Sim. But, if this code doesn’t work for any reason, don’t use it repeatedly to avoid a permanent block of your Zong sim card.

What is Zong’s helpline Number?

To reach out Zong customer care representative, dial 310.

Can I change my Zong PUK code?

Sorry, but there isn’t any way to change or modify your PUK code. So, always remember your PUK code to avoid any problems in the future.


Wrapping up, Zong Sim PUK Code is necessary for unblocking your Sim card. In case of a wrong pin tries your zong sim will be locked. However, Zong provides multiple ways to unblock Zong Sim By USSD, By Sms, and By Call. All of them are mentioned above.

It’s important to remember that the default PUK code for Zong is 0000, but it’s advised not to enter it if it doesn’t work, as it could permanently block your SIM repeatedly. Keep your PUK code safe and secure, and contact Zong’s customer care for any further queries or support. With this knowledge, you can confidently resolve issues related to your Zong SIM PUK code and enjoy uninterrupted mobile services.

This was all about how to unlock your zong Puk code if you have any other questions related to zong you can ask us. We will answer them in Zong category ASAP!

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