Jazz 3 Day Extreme 3000 Mb Offer | Updated 2024 Details

Are you in search of the best 3 day Jazz internet package? Then? Then Jazz 3 day extreme 3000 mb offer for you? How can this offer address your data requirements? How does it compare to other internet packages available?

Jazz introduces the Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer, designed to address your data woes and provide a seamless internet experience for just 60 Rupees. Its initial price was 30 rupees when this offer was launched; now, its updated price is 60 Pkr. Keep reading to find the subscription code and complete details below.

After reading this detailed article, you will be able to subscribe to Jazz 3 day extreme offer easily. We will also discuss its key features and benefits, which make this offer special. Whether you are a student or a professional this bundle fits everyone’s needs. So let’s quickly dive into this jazz 3 day internet package details.

Why Subscribing To Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer?

This Jazz 3 day internet package offer has several benefits which can make you subscribe to this offer if you still need to. Let’s find out!

More Data

Jazz offers 3000 MB of fast data. This amount of data is enough for all your internet needs. Whether you want to take online lectures, watch youtube videos, use Facebook and other social media apps, or download files.

Faster Internet

Jazz is among the leading internet providers in Pakistan. With Jazz 3 day internet package, download your important files and class lectures at blazing fast speed. Jazz also is in the race to introduce 5G to its customers so that they can experience faster internet.

Flexible Duration

Jazz 3 Day Extreme 3000 Mb has a time of 3 days, which is a suitable duration for a regular internet user. Sometimes the period is so much, but the internet data ends within a few days, so it becomes frustrating as you can only renew it once the duration of that internet plan expires.

Affordable Price

The price of Jazz 3 din net pkg is Rs 60, which compared to other data plans, is far more convenient and affordable. With only 60 Rs, you can enjoy 3000 MB of data for the next 3 Days.

Best for Students

This bundle is specially designed for students to cater for their internet needs. The usage timing of this offer is from 2 am-2 pm. And that is the time for students to attend college or take online classes. The Jazz 3 Day Extreme 3000 Mb package provides them with the necessary data allocation to fulfil their academic needs.

Jazz 3 Day Extreme 3000 Mb Offer Details

Here are the complete details of this very famous 3 days Jazz internet package.

Offer NameJazz 3 Day Extreme 3000 Mb Offer
PriceRs 60
Validity3 Days
Timing2 Am to 2 Pm
Internet3000 Mb
Jazz 3 Day Extreme 3000 Mb Code*114*14#
Data Usage Check*114*14*2#

You can also subscribe to this bundle using Easypaisa or Jazz Cash. If you want to know anything else about Jazz 3 day extreme offer, you are welcome in the comment section.

Agreement Guidelines of Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer

You automatically agree to the guidelines when you subscribe to the Jazz 3 day internet package.

  • All the taxes are included in the bundle’s price.
  •  The status code checking is completely free.
  •  You must subscribe to it again upon expiry because it is a non-recursive offer.
  •  The additional charge after the data expiry is 1 Pkr/Mb.
  •  The usual price charged per Mb is 3.59 Pkr if you are not subscribed to Jazz 3 day extreme 3000 mb offer.
  •  The charged price would be 2.14% higher in Balochistan, Gilgit, AJK and Islamabad.
  •  The price would be 16.67% higher in all tribal areas, including PATA (Provincially Administered Tribal Areas) and FATA.
  •  When you use the service in the Federal Territory, Baluchistan, AJK, and Gilgit Baltistan, a 17% Federal Excise Duty will be applied to your usage amount.
  •  Jazz reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or offer at any moment without any notice.


What Is The Price Of Jazz 3 day extreme 3000 mb?

For Rs 60, you can avail Jazz 3000 mb Package and enjoy 3000 MB of internet between (2 am-2 pm) for the next three days. Dial *114*14# to subscribe to the bundle.

What is the time duration of this bundle?

The time duration for above mentioned bundle is three days between 2 am-2 pm. The data used after 2 pm will deduct the balance from your account, so remember the validity of this bundle while using the internet.

How to check the remaining Mbs of the Jazz 3 Day Extreme 3000 Mb?

Dial *114*14*2# to check the remaining resources of the bundle.


That was all about Jazz 3 day extreme 3000 mb offer. It is the best Jazz 3 day internet package available at the moment. You get 3 Gb data in only 60 Rs for three complete days without any restrictions.

Subscribe now and start enjoying Jazz 4g internet now. If this package doesn’t fit your needs, you can look at this brief guide about Jazz Internet Packages and find some suitable offers for you.

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