Jazz IMO Package Monthly 2024| Hot Offer!

Are you in pursuit of the best Jazz IMO package monthly or weekly bundle? Are you searching for an affordable package with enough IMO data to cater to your needs for a complete month? If so, then you are at the right place.

We will give you a brief insight into all the active Jazz monthly and weekly IMO offers below. We will also share the subscription codes and other information related to these offers below so you can activate them easily. These packages come in very handy to stay in touch with your relatives abroad and save you a lot of money.

In light of the information presented in this blog post, you can activate the most suitable Jazz Imo package for yourself. From unlimited video calls to seamless media sharing, these are one of the most affordable offers. Keep reading as we unveil the details of these bundles.

Jazz Imo Packages Details

There is no only Imo package Jazz available at the moment. But there are some pocket-friendly social bundles you can activate to use Imo and other social media apps. These are both monthly and weekly offers. Let’s have a look at their specifics in the following section.

Jazz Imo Package Weekly

There are 2 Jazz weekly Imo packages available at the moment.

  • The first offer provides you 5GBs of IMO data for seven days in just 180 Pkr. You can subscribe by dialing *660#. With this bundle, you can also use whatsapp, Facebook, BiP, and Youtube alongside IMO. It is also named Jazz weekly youtube & Social.
  •   The 2nd Jazz Imo weekly package provides 8 Gb IMO data for just 254 Rs. It is a hybrid bundle, so you also receive 500 jazz minutes,500 sms, and 25 off-net minutes. This bundle is also known as Jazz weekly social plus offer. You can activate it by dialing *668#.

Jazz Imo Package Monthly 

There are 4 Jazz IMO Packages Monthly available at the moment.

  • The first bundle provides 4096 Mbs for IMO for a month for just 194 Rs. This data is also valid for Whatsapp, IMO, and BiP. That is why it is also known as Mahana bachat offer. Dial *614# to activate it. You will also get 300 On-net minutes, 2000 sms, and 40 off-net minutes.
  •   The 2nd offer on our list is Jazz monthly social plus offer. It gives you 10 GBs IMO data with 300 0n net minutes,50 off-net minutes, and 300 sms for 30 Days in just 260 Pkr. Dial *617# to activate it.
  •   The 3rd available Jazz IMO package monthly gives 7GBs data. The internet in this bundle is valid for WhatsApp, IMO, BiP, and Facebook. It will cost you 193 PKR. You can activate it by dialing *661#. Along with these, get 12000 sms.
  •   The last on our list is Jazz Infinity Social. It provides 15 GBs IMO, BiP, and whatsapp data for three months in just 450 Pkr. With this offer, you can enjoy 500 on-net minutes,50 off-net minutes, and 500 sms. The subscription code of this bundle is *620#.

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What Is Jazz Facebook WhatsApp Imo Monthly Package Code?

The Jazz Facebook WhatsApp Imo Monthly Package Code is *661#.

What Is Only IMO Package Monthly?

There is no Only Imo package monthly. There are social offers where you get data for Imo and other popular social media platforms at cheap rates.

What is the price of the IMO package in Jazz?

There are multiple Jazz Imo packages. Their prices vary according to allocated data, validity, and other specifics. We have shared their details above.

What Is The Monthly Jazz Package Of Whatsapp And Imo? 

The monthly jazz Whatsapp and Imo package provides you with 4 Gb of data for WhatsApp and IMO. You will also receive 300 Jazz minutes, 40 other network minutes, and 1200 sms with this offer. Call *614# to activate this offer.

Final Words

There is no only Imo package Jazz yet, but you can activate Jazz Imo package monthly or weekly bundles. These are budget-friendly, and you can also use other social media apps like FB and WhatsApp with these offers.

Subscribe to the most suitable offer now and enjoy using it non-stop, IMO. If you have any queries related to any bundle or anything, you are always welcome in the comment section.

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