Jazz International Roaming: Packages, Activation, and More!

Are you planning a trip outside Pakistan and looking for Jazz international roaming packages? Do you want to avoid new sim purchase issues and expensive internet offers abroad? Well, Your answer is at hand!

Here, we will share all you need to know about Jazz International roaming. From its activation to subscribing packages and FAQs, we will discuss everything in detail. We will share all the data roaming, call, and SMS offers provided by Jazz in this blog post.

After reading this ultimate roaming guide, you can travel at the most reasonable rates without worrying about internet, calls, or SMS usage. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or gearing up for your maiden voyage abroad, this post will solve all your connectivity problems. To find your best offer, activate and say goodbye to the confusion and anxiety that often accompany international travel.

Jazz International Roaming

Jazz provides its roaming services for the following 47 countries. The packages and rates shared below are valid for all these Jazz international roaming countries.

Algeria, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Nepal, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan.

Jazz Data Roaming Packages 

There are only 6 Jazz data roaming packages being offered at the moment. These packages can be used in all the countries mentioned above. To check these bundles’ status and remaining details, dial *2222#.

Remember to activate international roaming before subscribing to these packages. You can dial *7626# and type 3 for activation and deactivation. Postpaid customers can activate it by calling 777. 

Jazz Daily Data Roaming Bundle

The first bundle of Jazz international roaming is a daily offer that provides 100 Mbs for 359 Rs. This price includes all taxes. 

Offer NameJazz Daily Data Roaming Package
Price358.5 Pkr
Validity1 Day
Data100 Mbs
Subscription Code*7626# > 30+ Countries bundle>1> Activate

Jazz Weekly Data Roaming Packages

There are two Jazz roaming weekly bundles. One is a mini weekly offer, which provides you 500 Mbs, and the other is a weekly max offer, which gives you 1000 Mbs.

Offer NameJazz Weekly Data Roaming Package
Price1792.5 Pkr
Validity7 Days
Data500 Mbs
Subscription Code*7626# > 30+ Countries bundle>2> Subscribe
Offer NameJazz Weekly Max Data Roaming Package
Price2987.5 Pkr
Validity1 Week
Data1000 Mbs
Subscription CodeDial *7626#> IR Offers>3>Subscribe

Jazz Monthly Data Roaming Packages

There are two Jazz roaming packages in this category. The first is a monthly bundle providing you with 3000 Mbs for 30 days. The 2nd one is a 90-day offer. It gives you 5000 Mbs for 3 months. 

Offer NameJazz Monthly Data Roaming Package
Price6572.5 Pkr
Validity30 Days
Data3000 Mbs
Subscription CodeDial *7626#> IR Offers>4>Subscribe
Offer NameJazz 3 Month Data Roaming Package
Price10157.5 Pkr
Validity90 Days
Data5000 Mbs
Subscription CodeCall *7626# > IR Bundles>5>Activate

Jazz Saudi Arabia Data Roaming Bundle

Jazz Saudi Arabia data roaming offers 5 Gb data for a complete month. It is the best offer for Jazz users in Pakistan who plan to visit Saudi Arabia for Hajj, Umra, or any other work. 

Offer NameJazz Saudi Arabia Data Roaming Package
Price2000 Pkr + Tax
Validity1 Month
Data5 Gb 
Activation Code*ROAM# / *7626#
Remaining Volume*2222#
Terms Of Agreement
  • Remember to activate roaming in Pakistan.
  •  Regular postpaid users must have a 5000 Pkr credit limit to activate it.
  •  To subscribe to this offer, B2B postpaid users must have a 10000 Pkr credit limit.

Jazz Call Roaming Packages

Local outgoing calls or calls to Pakistan will cost you around 60 Pkr per minute. ROW calls will cost 300 Rs per minute, and you will be charged 1500 Rs per minute for Satellite calls. Incoming calls on roaming will also cost you 60 Pkr per minute. These rates are valid for all the countries mentioned above. 

If you find these rates expensive, ask your associates or family members to activate Jazz international call packages and then call you. 

Jazz SMS Roaming Packages 

There are Jazz SMS roaming packages, but if you are roaming in valid countries for Jazz roaming, you can send messages anywhere at 18 Pkr per text. The incoming messages are free, and eighteen rupees are for outgoing messages. 


How Can We Recharge While Roaming?

You can recharge your sim while roaming by simply using the card. Scratch it and dial *123*card number# for the recharge. The other alternative may be using Top Up outlets online for the recharge. 

What Is Jazz International Roaming Activation Code?

Jazz international roaming activation code is *7626#. You can dial and follow the instructions on the screen. It also answers, “How to do jazz roaming activation online?”

Is International Roaming Free?

No international roaming is not free. Subscribing to the offers and their activation will cost you some charges. 

What Is Jazz International Roaming Helpline?

Jazz international roaming dedicated helpline is 03002000100. You can also contact them via their customercare@jazz.com.pk. It works for both prepaid and postpaid users. You can also contact them via these helplines on their Contact Us page.

How To Activate International Roaming On Jazz?

You can activate it by dialing *7626# and then selecting the 3rd option, which will show you the activation and deactivation buttons. You can select the best one according to your requirements. The alternative options are to email them on their helpline and visit your nearest franchise. 

Final Words

Those were all the available Jazz international roaming packages. If any other offer arrives, we will update it as soon as possible. There are no country-specific offers like Jazz roaming in Qatar, the UK, the USA, or any other country except Saudi Arabia. That is due to the large number of Pakistanis visiting Saudi Arabia.

Please ask us in the comment section if you want anything else about Jazz International Roaming. 

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