Jazz Number Check Code- Free Method

Are you out of balance and want a recharge but need to know your Jazz number? Or do you like to share your number with someone who doesn’t know your number? Well, then, Jazz Number Check Code is a handy option.

Jazz Number Check Code or Jazz Sim Number Check Code is designed for maximum convenience. A simple code shows your SIM number on the mobile screen. It is free to check your Jazz number. There is no need to navigate complicated menus or search for your SIM card number.

This blog will teach you how to check Jazz numbers with a simple code. Just a quick dial, and you’ve got your number. There’s no need to memorize your Jazz number now; dial the code, and boom, here’s your number. So, let’s start.

Jazz Number Check Code Details

Dial *99# from your Jazz sim. Remember to dial the code from the Jazz sim whose number you want to know. Often, we find ourselves in a situation where someone asks for our number, and suddenly, it feels like we don’t see the number. So, without feeling embarrassed and going through a long list of menus, dial *99#, and boom, here’s your Jazz Number.

Offer NameJazz Number Check

Term and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for both prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • The Jazz Balance Check code is free.
  • This code only works for active sim, so if it doesn’t, it might be an inactive sim card.
  • Jazz can change the check code at any time so that you can check out our article. If this code isn’t working, we will update it.
  • For any queries, visit the Jazz Help Center.


How Can I Find My Jazz Number?

To check your Jazz Number, dial *99# from your Jazz number.

Are There Any Charges To Check The Jazz Number?

No, there aren’t any charges to check your Jazz number; dial *99#.


In conclusion, the Jazz Number Check Code, *99#, provides a hassle-free solution for Jazz users to retrieve their mobile numbers without charges quickly. This user-friendly service is designed for prepaid and postpaid customers, ensuring everyone can easily access their Jazz number at no cost. Users can swiftly obtain their number on their mobile screens by simply dialing *99# from an active Jazz SIM, eliminating the awkwardness of forgetting one’s number in social situations.

If you want to know anything else feel free to ask in the comment section. We will share the answer as soon as possible in the Jazz section.

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