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Do you want to call someone urgently and need a balance in your account? We often need to contact someone, but we can’t reach them due to a lower balance in the account. So, worry not. With Jazz Advance Code, we have sorted out this inconvenience.

Jazz Advance Code is a facility offered by Jazz to facilitate its users. By a simple code, you can now get the advance balance within seconds, and you can return the balance later. This offer gives some advance credit when you are out of balance.

After reading this article, you will be able to get Jazz Advance within seconds whenever you beed. So, without further delay, let’s jump toward the topic.

What is Jazz Advance Code?

The Jazz Advance Balance Code allows users to obtain an advanced balance when their current balance is insufficient to make calls, send messages, or use data services. This feature is handy in urgent cases, and Jazz Advance becomes your go-to option, providing instant credit to keep you connected when it matters most.

How To Get Jazz Advance Balance?

Dial *112# to receive Rs. 45 in your account as an advance loan. Previously, Jazz offered a Rs 15 loan, but now it has updated the amount to Rs 45. The charges for Jazz Advance will be Rs 8.40 at the time of recharge. The Jazz advance unsubscribe code is *112*4#.

OfferJazz Advance Code
ValidityYou can avail this offer anytime
Advance AmountRs 45
ChargesRs 8.4
Subscription Code*112#
UnSubscription Code*112*4#

Visit here if you want to know any call or internet package to subscribe for this loan.

Term and Conditions

  • Customers will get Rs 45 as Jazz Advance balance.
  • This feature is only available for prepaid customers.
  • You can only avail of Jazz Advance once at a time; to avail of the advance balance again, you must repay the previous amount.
  • Jazz will charge an additional Rs 8.40 along with the Advance amount, which is Rs 45.
  • Also, when you dial *112#, this offer is automatically activated for the next 4 hours. So whenever the balance is below 15, Jazz will automatically give you the Advance.
  • For any query reach out Jazz customer care.


What Is Jazz Advance Loan Code?

To avail of a Jazz advance loan, dial *112# and get Rs 45 as a Jazz loan, which you can repay later.

What Is The Jazz Advance Unsubscribe Code?

To unsubscribe from this feature, dial *112*4#. Dial this code free of cost to deactivate the Advance Loan feature.

What Are The Jazz Advance Charges?

Rs 8.4 will be charged with the advance amount whenever you recharge your Jazz number.


In conclusion, Jazz is offering a Jazz Advance of Rs 45. This is to facilitate the users and provide a small amount of balance to allow them to call or send a message in a time of need. Although the users have to pay the amount back with an additional charge of Rs 8.4. This offer still comes in handy when making an urgent call and needing more balance. Jazz Advance code is *112#; diall now to avail of this offer.

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