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Do you have a Jazz sim and are looking for a free way to access Jazz TV Links and watch your favorite TV shows and channels? Do you also want to enjoy Pakistanis channels in HD? 

Don’t worry; here, we will guide you on how to watch your favorite content using the Jazz TV links in hd quality for free. We will also provide complete details about Jazz Tv and how you can enjoy it for free. 

After reading this article, you will be able to enjoy all your fav channels in premium quality for free, whether you enjoy catching up on the latest dramas, following thrilling sports events, or exploring entertaining talk shows.

What is Jazz Tv?

Jazz TV App is a mobile application developed by Jazz, a leading telecommunications company. It is called as Tamasha App nowadays. It is designed to provide users access to a wide range of entertainment content, including live TV channels, on-demand videos, movies, and TV shows, all conveniently accessible on their smartphones or tablets.

With Jazz TV App, users can stream their favorite TV channels in real-time, allowing them to watch their preferred programs while on the go. The app offers diverse local and international media, covering news, sports, entertainment, music, and more genres.

In addition, to live TV, Jazz TV App offers a library of on-demand videos, including popular TV shows and movies. A large selection of content is available for viewers to peruse and enjoy whenever they want. The app also provides features like pause, rewind, and resume, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

The Jazz TV App is available for Android and iOS devices; users can easily download it from the respective app stores. To access the free content, users must have an active data connection or connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Free Jazz Tv Content

Jazz provides a large number of Jazz Tv Links for free. These links include the popular news, entertainment, and sports channels. You can watch most of the content for free by downloading the app or visiting their official website.

Premium Jazz Tv Content

Some channels and movies are also called Premium Jazz Tv Links. To access these links, you need to subscribe to these packages first. The details of these packages are shared below. You can access these channels after subscribing to these packages.

All other Jazz Tv Links shared on the internet are broken and don’t work, including the MX player method. But for everyday use, you can access all the channels for free in good quality.

Jazz Tv Packages

Jazz offers bundles to both postpaid and prepaid customers. There are multiple packages for prepaid users, which include daily, 3-day, weekly, and monthly offers. While postpaid users only have a monthly bundle.

Prepaid Jazz Tv Packages

Prepaid bundles include a variety of offers from daily to monthly and with a price range from 10 to 120 Pkr. The details of these packages and subscription methods are shared below.

How to Subscribe

You can subscribe to all the packages below by visiting the official Tamasha app or Jazz Tv web. You can pay by three methods.

  • Mobile Wallet
  •  Credit/Debit Card
  •  E-Wallet (Easypaisa/Jazz cash etc.)

First, you will select the package. Then you will be asked the number where you want to activate the box. Then, you must pay by any of the above three payment methods. You can also call the Jazz helpline if you can’t subscribe by this method.

Terms and Conditions

All the offers mentioned above are automatically renewed. To cancel the subscription, users can open the Tamasha App and navigate to the ‘Subscription Packages’ section within the app or contact the Jazz helpline for assistance.

Please note that users will be charged according to their existing data package or bundle once the allocated streaming data provided by Tamasha is fully consumed. If the user is not subscribed to any data bundle, regular data charges will be applicable based on the user’s Jazz base plan.

Jazz Tv Daily Offer

OfferTamasha Daily Package
PricePKR 10 incl. Tax
Content AccessUnlocks both free and exclusive paid content
Streaming Data2GB
Validity1 day

Tamasha 3 Day Bundle

OfferTamasha 3-Day Package
PricePKR 25 incl. Tax
Content AccessUnlocks both free and exclusive paid content
Streaming Data5GB
Validity3 days

Jazz Tv Weekly Package

OfferTamasha Weekly Package
PricePKR 50 incl. Tax
Content AccessUnlocks both free and exclusive paid content
Streaming Data10GB
Validity7 days

Jazz Tv Monthly Package

OfferTamasha Monthly Packages
PricePKR 120 incl. Tax
Content AccessUnlocks both free and exclusive paid content
Streaming Data25GB
Validity30 days

Jazz Tv Free Data

If you are not subscribed to any offer, you will be automatically given 1 Gb of streaming data for premium content daily, where you can enjoy all your fav paid Jazz Tv Links for free.

OfferFree Jazz Tv Data or Free Tamasha Data
Streaming Data1GB
Exclusion8 PM to 9 PM
Additional NotesApplicable to users not subscribed to any of the above offers

Postpaid Jazz Tv Packages

There is only 1 monthly postpaid bundle at the moment. The subscription method of this offer is the same as prepaid bundles. The details of this offer are shared below.

Monthly Postpaid Package

OfferJazz Monthly Tamasha Package
PricePKR 120 incl. Tax
Content AccessUnlocks both free and exclusive paid content
Streaming Data90 hours
Validity30 days

Jazz Tv Free Postpaid Data Offer

OfferFree Jazz Tv Data
Streaming Data3 hours
Additional NotesApplicable to users not subscribed to any of the postpaid offers

Key Features

Jazz TV has many unique features, making it an excellent choice for jazz lovers. These features include:

  • Live concerts: Jazz TV broadcasts live shows from around the world. Now you can stay connected with your favorite stars from all over the world.
  •  Documentaries: With Jazz Tv, you can watch various documentaries and learn interesting historical facts. All this for free with Jazz 4g.
  •  Music videos: Every one of us loves to listen to music. So, Jazz Tv is here to provide you with free and Ad-free music, and that’s too free.

How to Access Free Jazz TV Links

Accessing Free Jazz TV Links is a straightforward process. Jazz Tv is named Tamasha App on Playstore and other app galleries. You need to download it. They offer limited data daily if you want to enjoy premium Jazz Tv Links for free. It is for both prepaid and postpaid users. Its details are shared above.

Note: There is no way to access it through Mx player or any other app. If you want more data, subscribe to any of the above bundles.

Free Jazz Tv Links 2023

Jazz Tv offers a variety of channels, Entertainment, Kids’ Channels, sports, Movies, Dramas, and much more. Here the some of the most known Channels provided by Jazz Tv for free. You can enjoy these channels by just downloading the app. There is a lot of free content on the Tamasha App, which you can check by visiting.

1. Sports Channels

  • Geo Sports
  • PTV Sports
  • Ten Sports

2. Drama Channels

  • HUM Tv
  • Urdu1
  • APlus
  • ARY digital

3. Movie Channels

  • Film world
  • Filmax
  • Filmazia

4. News Channels

  • Aljazeera
  • Express News
  • Ary News

5. Music Channels

  • 8XM
  • Oxygen
  • Jalwa Tv

6. Kids Channel

  • Pogo

7. Lifestyle Channels

  • Hum Masala
  • Geo Entertainment
  • Saudi Sunnah

Why Choosing Jazz Tv?

Here are some of the benefits of using Jazz TV:

  • Free: Jazz TV is a free streaming service, so you can watch all of your favorite content, including Pakistani Dramas, sports, movies, and music, without paying a subscription fee.
  •  Various content: Jazz TV offers a wide variety of content from all over the world, including live concerts, sports, documentaries, and music videos.
  •  Easy to use: It is easy to use; all you have to read this article to understand how Jazz TV works and enjoy Free Jazz TV Links Mx Player. It’s available on various devices, including Android, iOS, and Smart TVs.


Is the content from Free Jazz TV Links in multiple languages?

You can access the content on Free Jazz TV links in multiple languages. A broad audience finds pleasure using Jazz Tv.

Can the content available on Jazz Tv be downloaded?

Yes, MX Player allows you to download content from Free Jazz TV Links, enabling offline viewing for your ease.

Are there any ads while streaming Free Jazz TV Links on MX Player?

No, there aren’t any ads while streaming Free Jazz TV Links on MX Player. MX Player provides a smooth and uninterrupted experience.


Wrapping it up, paid Jazz TV links are only accessible with limited data. This limited data is given to you for free when using the app, but you aren’t subscribed to any bundle. There is no other way to access premium content for free. All the links on Google showing how you can access it with the Mx player and VLC media player are fake.

If you need more data on Premium content, subscribe to the packages shared above. If you don’t know, Jazz Tv and Tamasha are the same apps. The old name of the Tamasha App was Jazz Tv.

If you want to take a look at other Jazz services, you can visit our Jazz category.

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