How To Check SCOM Sim Number

Have you forgotten your Scom sim number and come here searching how to check your Scom sim number? Or are you looking for a way to find your own Scom sim number for free? If so, you’re not alone. Many SCOM users face challenges retrieving their SIM number, but we have the answers you seek!

This article will help you in checking your SCOM SIM number in a few quick steps. We will inform you of multiple ways, including some ways to check your Scom sim number for free. Whether you’re a new SCOM user or someone using the service for a while, knowing how to access your SIM number is crucial for various purposes. To check your SCOM SIM number, follow the straightforward instructions explained step by step below. 

By the end of this post, you can quickly check your SCOM SIM number for free. You won’t need to fight or waste time trying to find this information anymore. We will provide concise, reliable, and 100% working methods to access your SIM number promptly. Furthermore, we will also share some other essential Scom codes at the end that will enhance your overall user experience. So, let’s quickly find it out without further due.

Methods To Check Your Scom Sim Number

You can discover your com sim number using many techniques. Below we have explained 4 working methods to find your number. These methods include;

  • Dialing Code
  • Scom Helpline
  • Official App
  • Missed Call Method

Let’s look at the details of these methods to help you find your Scom number quickly.

Code To Find Your Scom Own Number

By dialing the code *999# from your SCOM SIM-enabled device, prepaid and postpaid users can easily inquire about their SIM number. It’s important to note that a nominal fee of RS. 0.01 will be deducted from your account for using this code. This quick and cost-effective method instantly provides you with the information you need.

Contacting Scom Helpline

Another reliable option for obtaining your SCOM SIM number is contacting the SCOM helpline. Dial the helpline number 111(726-726) (355) and speak to a representative who can provide accurate information and guidance. It’s important to note that a charge of RS 2.01 will apply for utilizing this helpline service.

 During the call, the representative may ask for details such as your name and CNIC number for verification purposes. Once verified, the representative will share your SCOM SIM number. The helpline method ensures you obtain specific assistance and accurate information from a trustworthy source.

Scom Official App

The SCOM mobile app is a user-friendly and feature-rich tool that simplifies managing your SCOM services. Here are the steps to check your SCOM number using the official app:

  • Download and install the SCOM mobile application from the official app store relevant to your device’s operating system (e.g., Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS).
  • Launch the SCOM app and log in using your SCOM account credentials. Sign up first If you haven’t created an account yet.
  • Go to the app’s account or profile area after logging in.
  • Search for a menu item or tab that says “My Number” or comparable. You can locate your personal SCOM number there.
  • Tap on the “My Number” option, and the app should display your SCOM phone number on the screen.

Additionally, the SCOM app offers various other valuable features, such as monitoring your remaining balance, SMS, minutes, and data usage. With the SCOM app, managing your SCOM services has always been challenging.

Missed Call Method

An easy and convenient method to check your SCOM SIM number is through the missed call option. Dial the number of a trusted family member or friend from your SCOM SIM-enabled device and your SCOM number will be displayed on their screen. This method requires no additional costs or complicated steps, making it a hassle-free way to access your SCOM SIM number. Ensure you have the contact saved on your device for quick and easy reference whenever you check your SCOM SIM number.

How To Check Scom Own Number Without Balance?

You can use their official mobile application to check your number on SCOM (Smart Cell) without having any balance. To use this method, you need two things: login to the app and an internet connection. 

To use this method, you must be signed up to the Scom official App; otherwise, you will be asked for your number to sign up, which you still need to get. If you have the login to the app, you can go to your account’s section>profile section and find your Scom number. 

Why Knowing Your Scom Sim Number Is Necessary

Your SCOM SIM number is a unique identifier for your SIM card and plays a vital role in several aspects of mobile communication. From network security to troubleshooting and managing mobile services, understanding the importance of your SCOM SIM number is essential for maximizing your mobile experience.

Enhancing Network Security and Authentication

One of the critical reasons for knowing your SCOM SIM number is to enhance network security and authentication. Your SIM card contains sensitive information and is a gateway to your mobile network. Knowing your SCOM SIM number ensures that only authorized users can access your mobile services, preventing unauthorized usage and protecting your data.

Troubleshooting Network Issues and Device Compatibility

When faced with network issues or when switching to a new device, knowing your SCOM SIM number becomes crucial. Telecommunication providers often require your SIM number to diagnose and resolve network-related problems specific to your SIM card. Moreover, checking your SCOM SIM number ensures compatibility between your SIM card and device, avoiding connectivity issues.

Managing Mobile Services and Subscriptions

Your SCOM SIM number is closely associated with your mobile services and subscriptions. Knowing your SIM number lets you easily manage and customize your mobile plans, data packages, and additional services. Staying informed about promotional offers and exclusive deals specific to your SIM card becomes more effortless, allowing you to maximize your mobile service provider’s offerings.

Reporting Lost or Stolen SIM Cards

In unfortunate situations where you lose your mobile device or have your SIM card stolen, knowing your SCOM SIM number is crucial. By promptly reporting the loss or theft of your SIM card and providing your SIM number to your telecommunication provider, they can deactivate the SIM card to prevent unauthorized usage and protect your personal information.

Some Other Important Codes Of Scom

Here are some essential and helpful codes for using a Scom sim. You should know these codes. 

  1. Free Minutes and Bundle Query: To check your free minutes and bundle information, dial *125# and reply with option 1.
  2. Recharge Card Scom Code: To recharge your SCOM account, dial *126*PIN.
  3. SCOM Loan Code: Need a loan? Dial *135# to access SCOM’s loan service.
  4. Balance Transfer: Transfer your balance to another SCOM number by dialing *128*Amount*MobNo#.
  5. Package Change: Modify your current package by dialing *725#.


Can I Check Multiple Scom Sim Numbers At Once?

If you have active multiple Scom sim numbers on mobile, you can find the numbers by dialing *999# from each one. 

What Should I Do If The Sim Number Does Not Match My Scom Account?

Although it only sometimes happens if, by any chance, your sim number doesn’t match your Scom account, you can contact their customer support by dialing 111-726-726. 

Is It Possible To Check Scom Sim Numbers From Another Network Operator?

No, it is generally impossible to check SCOM SIM numbers (Subscriber Identity Module) from another network operator, but you may try calling their helpline at 111-726-726. They will verify your identity first and may help you later. 


Wrapping it up remembering your Scom sim number is essential for various purposes. The best and free method to get your Scom sim number is through their official app in case you are signed up.

Contacting SCOM or the network operator directly is a lil troublesome. Still, we recommend it as they have access to the necessary database and can assist you in retrieving your SIM card details accurately. Whether you need it for billing, authentication, or other purposes, reaching out to the network operator is the most reliable and efficient way to obtain the information you seek.

Keep in mind to only share your SCOM SIM number with trusted persons. Safeguarding your SIM card information is crucial for protecting your privacy. Here is another article on how to check your sim number of other Pakistani telecom companies including Telenor, Ufone, Jazz and Zong.

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