Latest Jazz Pubg Packages 2024

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! This is all we want to hear while playing our favorite game PUBG. But this is possible with fast internet and the best Jazz Pubg Packages?

Are you a Pubg fan, and are you tired of experiencing lag, high ping and interruptions while playing PUBG? Do you wish for a seamless and smoother gaming experience without worrying about data restrictions? Jazz Pubg Package is here to help you out.

Jazz has the fastest internet among all the Telecommunication networks. So, there is no need to worry about lagging or interruptions during the game. Jazz Pubg Package makes your gaming experience better and connvinient.

In this article you will be provided with all the Pubg Jazz offers including daily, weekly and monthly Pubg bundles for an affordable price. This article lets you subscribe to Pubg bundles and enjoy your favorite game. We understand your concern about a few Pubg Bundles, but we have gathered some of the best internet bundles to ensure that you smoothly play your favorite Battle Royale game, Pubg.

Jazz Daily Pubg Bundles

Daily Bundles are affordable and offer full-day access to Pubg. If you want to continue your gaming journey and increase your RP in pubg and need more balance, then these Jazz Daily Pubg Bundles suit you.

NameJazz Daily Bundle
PriceRs 35
Validity1 Day
Data1 GB
Subscription Code*117*4#
NameJazz Daily Extreme
PriceRs 21
Validity1 Day
Data2 Gb (12 Am-12 Pm)
Subscription Code*757#

Jazz Weekly Pubg Packages

With Jazz Weekly Pubg Bundles, you can enjoy week-long data for Pubg without interruptions. Jazz, PUBG offers 2.5 Gb of Pubg data and 500 MB of Flat data for just Rs 70.

NamePUBG Offer
PriceRs 70
Validity7 Days
Data2.5 Gb for PUBG
0.5 Flat Data
Subscription Code*670#
NameJazz Super Weekly Plus
PriceRs 330
Validity7 Days
Data10 Gb
Mints5000 Jazz Mints(100 other network)
Subscription Code*505#
Status Code*505*2#

Jazz Monthly Pubg Packages

Jazz monthly Pubg Bundles are the best option for Pubg enthusiasts who play Pubg daily and push their rank in the game. These bundles give the fastest internet and provide smooth gameplay. Now play with your friends and enjoy the best Battle Royal Game.

NameJazz Monthly Mega Plus
PriceRs. 650
Validity30 Days
Data15 Gb
Subscription Code*117*30#
Usage Details*117*30*2#
NameJazz Monthly Premium Package
PriceRs 868
Validity30 Days
Mints500 all network minutes
Subscription Code*2000#
Status Code*2000*2#


How to subscribe to Weekly Pubg Offer?

There are two options to subscribe to Jazz Weekly Pubg Offer. The first one is to dial *670# or open the Jazzcash app, and you will see a Packages option there. Click on it and search for the Jazz Pubg offer. After you find out about the Pubg offer, click on it and enter the number you want to activate Pubg Offer. The amount will be deducted from your account, and the bundle will be subscribed.

Can Pubg data be used for other internet activities?

No, you can’t use Pubg data for other activities. However, Jazz Weekly Pubg gives additional 500 mb Flat data, which can be used for all internet activities. Dial *670# to enjoy a week-long gaming experience for Rs 70. Conclusion


In conclusion, Jazz is the best network to enhance your gaming experience. Pubg is one of the most downloaded and played games in the world. Jazz provides the best pubg bundles to facilitate its users. With Jazz pubg packages, forget about lagging, high ping and connectivity issues. Jazz provides various bundles for minimal prices. Now challenge your friend on Pubg with Jazz pubg packages and enjoy a smoother and better gaming experience.

Regardless of these bundles there are more Jazz Internet Bundles. To find out more you can visit the article on Jazz Internet Packages 2023.

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