Monthly Extreme Jazz: Subscribe Now And Get 10 GB Data

Do you come here searching for Monthly Extreme Jazz details or the 10 Gb data offer? Are you also tired of expensive Jazz monthly internet packages? Then your search ends here. Keep reading to know the further details and subscription process of this offer.

We’ll share the complete details of the Jazz Internet monthly extreme offer. We will also share the codes to subscribe, unsubscribe and find the remaining details of this offer. Say goodbye to data limitations with 10 Gb data and embrace a month of uninterrupted jazz streaming and exploration. Enjoy high-speed internet at affordable rates to fuel your jazz journey for the next 30 days.

After examining this post, you will gain insights on how to easily subscribe to this offer. We’ll also share the terms and conditions of this package at the end. So let’s get into the details of this offer so that you can start enjoying Jazz 4g internet ASAP!

Monthly Extreme Jazz Package Details

Jazz monthly extreme offers provide you with 10000 Mbs data for one month. It is one of the most affordable Jazz internet packages to meet your monthly data needs.

Package nameJazz Monthly Extreme
Price260 Pkr
Validity30 Days
Timing2 am-2 pm
Data10 GB
Subscription code*117*34#
Unsubscription code*117*34*4#

Terms And Conditions

  • All the taxes are included in the subscription price.
  •  This offer can’t be subscribed from 6 pm- 1 am.
  •  It is a limited-time offer from 2 am to 2 pm.
  • When you call the subscription code, your balance will be reduced by 0.6 rupees as an activation fee.
  •  You can not avail of this package once it’s already activated.
  •  It is a non-recursive offer, and you must subscribe to it again when it ends.
  •  Internet MBs will work on all 2G /3G/4G networks.
  •  The offer has no impact on internet speed; it depends upon the sim, device, multiple numbers of use and times of the day.
  •  0.30 Per MB will be charged after the expiry of this offer.
  •  Status or remaining mb codes are free of cost.
  •  The normal price charged per mb upon the use of the internet without a subscription to Jazz Internet monthly extreme offer is 2.39 Pkr per Mb & the charging pulse for it would be 512 KB.
  •  Remember, Jazz has the right to change these agreement rules or bundle details at any moment without notice.


What Is Jazz 10 Gb Monthly Package?

The Jazz 10 gb internet package monthly is just another name for the monthly extreme Jazz package. It gives you 10 GB with only 260 PKR, which is for 30 days.

How To Check Remaining Mbs In Monthly Extreme Jazz Package?

You can check the remaining Mbs of Jazz extreme internet package monthly using the Jazz World app on your phone. It tells you the subscription and remaining bundle details of any package you have subscribed to.

How To Subscribe To The Jazz 10 Gb Monthly Package?

You can subscribe to Jazz 10 gb internet package monthly by dialling *117*34#.

How To Check Jazz Monthly Extreme Pkg Status?

You can find the pkg status of this offer by dialling *117*34*2#.


Wrapping it up, Monthly Extreme Jazz is the most affordable monthly internet offer by Jazz. There is only one limitation of this offer which you may not like is its timing from (2 am to 2 pm). And please ensure you have read all the terms and conditions before subscribing to this offer.

If this offer doesn’t meet your needs, you can also look at our guide about Jazz Internet Packages to find other suitable offers for yourself. That was all about the 10gb jazz package!

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