Ufone International Roaming Packages 2024 Updated

Are you tired of excessive charges while using your phone abroad? Do you often struggle to purchase sims and use the internet when travelling internationally? Look no further! In this article, we will unravel the world of Ufone International Roaming Packages, addressing all your concerns and providing you with the ultimate solution for hassle-free communication abroad.

When it comes to international roaming, Ufone has you covered. We understand the problems of travellers who seek cost-effective and convenient communication options during their journeys. That’s why we developed a detailed article on Ufone International Roaming Packages, exploring the competitive prices, comprehensive coverage, and exciting features that make them the go-to choice for global connectivity.

This quick guide to Ufone international roaming packages will assist you in subscribing to the best offer. We will outline the pricing structures, package details, coverage areas, and how to subscribe to these offers. Whether you’re a frequent globetrotter or planning your next international adventure, this article will equip you with the knowledge to stay connected without breaking the bank. Stay tuned as we unlock the world of Ufone International Roaming Packages and revolutionize how you stay connected abroad.

Ufone Prepaid International Roaming Packages

These International Roaming packages are for Ufone’s prepaid users. These bundles cover all the data roaming and call packages offered by Ufone. You can take a look at Ufone International Roaming Sms Packages

Ufone Prepaid Data Roaming Packages

Ufone offers prepaid data roaming bundles for KSA, UAE, UK, Turkey, Iraq and Qatar. The details and subscription methods of these packages are shared below. 

Saudi Arabia And UAE Data Roaming Packages

If you’re travelling to Saudi Arabia or the UAE, Ufone has you covered with its unique data roaming packages. These monthly bundles are only valid for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

Offer Name Bucket 1
Data1000 Mbs
Subscription Code Dial *506# then press 3 and then 2 
Offer Name Bucket 2
PriceRs. 980
Data2,500 MBs
Activation CodeDial *506# then press 3 and then 3 
Offer Name Bucket 3
CostRs. 2,100
Internet5,000 MBs
Subscription Code Dial *506# then press 3 and then 4 

United Kingdom Data Roaming Offer

There is also a data roaming offer for the United Kingdom by Ufone. These are 2 monthly offers. The details of these offers are shared below. 

Bucket 1

Offer Name UK 500 Mb Data Roaming Offer
CostRs. 490
Internet500 MBs
Subscription Code Dial *506# then select 2 and again 2 

Bucket 2

Offer Name UK 1500 Mb Data Roaming Offer
CostRs. 1400
Internet1500 MBs
Subscription Code Dial *506# then select 2 and then 3  

Turkey Data Roaming Bundles

As many Pakistanis travel to Turkey, Ufone has also introduced 2 data roaming for this country. These are also monthly bundles. 

Offer Name Turkey 500 Mb Data Roaming Offer
PriceRs. 490
Data500 MBs
Subscription Code Dial *506# then select 4 and again 2 
Offer Name Turkey 1500 Mb Data Roaming Offer
CostRs. 1400
Internet1500 MBs
Activation Code Dial *506# then select 4 and then 3  

Qatar and Iraq Data Roaming Packages

Ufone is the only operator in Pakistan that offers international data roaming services in Qatar and Iraq. These are also monthly packages like other prepaid offers. These packages come in two different options depending on their data. You can also subscribe to these packages by visiting the nearest Ufone franchise service centre if the code doesn’t work. 

Offer Name Iraq/Qatar 300 MBs Data Roaming Bundle
PriceRs. 490
Data300 MBs
Subscription Code Dial *506# then select 5 and again 2 
Offer Name Iraq/Qatar 700 MBs Data Roaming Bundle
CostRs. 980
Internet700 MBs
Activation Code Dial *506# then select 5 and then 3  

Terms and Conditions For Data Roaming Packages 

  • It is a limited offer and is only valid for prepaid customers.
  • All prices include taxes.
  • Customers can subscribe to this offer by dialling the USSD code *506# anywhere worldwide. The USSD menu will provide options to select either the Standard Data Roaming or any data buckets.
  • Customers can activate this bundle by dialling Ufone Customer Helpline 333 (in Pakistan) or Ufone IR Help Desk +92-333-5100038 (outside Pakistan only). Standard Ufone Voice, Outgoing Roaming charges will apply.
  • Customers can subscribe to this offer through the Ufone Selfcare App or the Ufone Official Website. If subscribing through the website, a confirmation SMS reply is required, which is free from Pakistan but will incur Standard SMS roaming charges when sent outside Pakistan while on roaming.
  • Customers can also visit the nearest Ufone franchise, Service Centre, or OSS (PTCL Joint Shop) to subscribe to this offer.
  • After consuming the assigned volume and expiry of the IR data bucket, the customer will switch to standard data roaming charges.
  • IR Data Buckets will not be auto-renewed, and the customer will need to re-subscribe to data roaming buckets.
  • Customers can purchase multiple IR Data Buckets, and the volume will accumulate, with validity as per the last subscribed bucket.
  • If the customer unsubscribes from data roaming, they will still be able to use the bucket, but once the bucket expires or the resources are consumed, they will not be able to use data roaming.

Standard Roaming Tariff

The standard roaming tariff means the usual rates for using Ufone services in all parts of the world. You must use the sim with standard rates if no roaming package is offered in your desired country. The rates for using your phone abroad can vary based on the country you’re visiting and the network you’re using.

To find your destination’s exact roaming tariff rates, visit the Ufone website>Products>International Roaming>Prepaid>Standard Roaming Tariff and select the country. After that, the details will be displayed below. These details will be about,

Live Operator refers to the mobile operator you will connect to while roaming in the selected country.

Incoming Call: You will incur this charge for receiving a call while roaming in the selected country.

Local Call: You will be charged for calling a local number in the selected country while roaming.

Call Back To Pakistan: This is the charge you will incur for making a call back to Pakistan while roaming in the selected country.

Calling to other countries: You will incur this charge for calling any country other than Pakistan while roaming in the selected country.

SMS: Here is the cost you can expect to be charged for sending a text message while roaming in the specified country.

Internet/MB: You will incur this charge for using mobile data while roaming in the selected country.

Data Charging Plus refers to any additional charges or packages available for data usage while roaming in the selected country.

It’s important to note that international roaming rates can be expensive, so it’s advisable to confirm with your mobile provider before travelling to ensure you know the costs and can plan accordingly.

Roaming Per Second Offers

Ufone’s “Per Second” Roaming Offers are specially designed for travellers who frequently visit Saudi Arabia, UAE, the UK, or Iraq. With these offers, you can enjoy low call rates for both incoming and outgoing calls. You’ll love that you’ll only be charged for the exact time your phone rings since you’ll be charged per second.

Ufone’s “Per Second” Roaming Offers In Saudi Arabia

If you travel to Saudi Arabia, you can choose from four roaming offers depending on your needs. The applicable networks for these offers are Mobily, Zain, and STC. The call type and per-second tariff for each request are as follows:

Outgoing Call* – 0.36 PKR

Incoming Call – 0.57 PKR

Ufone’s “Per Second” Roaming Offers In UAE

Ufone has also offered unique per-second roaming for UAE as there are a large number of Pakistani workers working there. The valid network for these calls is Etisalat. The per-second tariff for incoming calls is only 0.36 PKR.

Ufone’s “Per Second” Roaming Offers In the UK

Whether you plan to go to the UK for study or work, there is no need to worry about expensive call rates back to Pakistan. Ufone has covered you with its “Per Second” Roaming Offers on the Everything Everywhere, Orange, Vodafone, and Telefonica networks. You can enjoy low call rates for incoming calls at a per-second tariff of only 0.36 PKR.

Ufone’s “Per Second” Roaming Offers In Iraq

Ufone has also introduced an outgoing call package for Pakistanis in Iraq. The valid networks for this offer are Asiacell and Zain networks. The call type and per-second tariff for this offer are as follows:

Outgoing Call* – 1.20 PKR

Terms and Conditions For Per Second Offers

  1. There is no need to switch SIM cards and endure the agony of lengthy queues at foreign airports to procure an international SIM.
  2. Your friends and family will bear any local call and SMS charges incurred by you in accordance with their respective plans.
  3. We do not impose any subscription fees or minimum balance requirements.
  4. No security deposit or activation process is required since all the services are automatically activated.
  5. You are entitled to unlimited incoming SMS from Pakistan and any part of the globe, free of charge.

Saudi Arabia And Uae International Roaming Package Or Super Hajj Offer

Whether you’re going for Hajj or any business trip to the United Arab Emirates, this offer is for you. With this offer, you can use your Ufone number to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS, and use mobile data while roaming in KSA or UAE at affordable rates. Having the ability to communicate quickly during emergencies will provide you with peace of mind.

Package Name Mini Super Roaming Offer for KSA & UAE
Price630 Pkr
Validity1 Month
Internet300 Mbs
Call Minutes (Outgoing & Incoming)30
Sms Outgoing 30
Subscription Code*4880#
To Check Remaining Details*706#
Package Name KSA & UAE Super Roaming Offer 
Price2100 Pkr
Validity1 Month
Internet1500 Mbs
Call Minutes (Outgoing & Incoming)120
Sms Outgoing 120
Subscription Code*4881#
To Check Remaining Details*706#

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer covers minutes that can be utilized for outgoing calls within the roaming country, back to Pakistan and incoming calls from anywhere around the globe.
  • The International SMS provided in these bundles is valid for all countries where incoming SMS are free.
  • You can activate the offer multiple times.
  • If subscribed multiple times, the free minutes and SMS will accumulate, while the validity will apply according to the new bucket/Super Card.

Postpaid International Roaming Packages

Ufone has remembered its postpaid users while offering International Roaming offers. Stay connected with Ufone even when you’re travelling internationally! Ufone provides a wide range of exclusive Postpaid Roaming Packages to keep you connected wherever you go. 

Whether you’re jetting off to Saudi Arabia, UAE, the UK or Turkey, our packages cater to your data needs with excellent coverage and affordable rates.

Postpay Data Roaming Packages

Postpaid monthly data roaming packages are offered for 5 countries, including KSA, UAE, USA, UK & Turkey. You can check the remaining Mbs by *707# for any of the packages below. 

Saudi Arabia And United Arab Emirates Data Roaming Packages

These offers can be subscribed to by dialling *506# and selecting the option showing KSA and UAE data bucket options. You can also contact Ufone’s franchise or service centre.  

Package Name Mini KSA/UAE Data Roaming Buckets
Price699 Pkr
Validity1 Month
Internet1024 Mbs
Valid Networks For This OfferMobily Saudi Arabia, STC Saudi Arabia and Etisalat UAE
Package Name Mega KSA/UAE Data Roaming Buckets
Price2099 Pkr
Internet4,096 MBs 
Valid Networks For This OfferMobily Saudi Arabia,Etisalat UAE STC Saudi Arabia 

UK Data Roaming Packages

There are 2 data roaming offers for Ufone postpaid users. The first package, Bucket 1, costs PKR 699 and offers a data volume of 1,024 MBs, valid for 30 days. Customers can call WhatsApp and use data services on eligible networks such as Vodafone, Everything Everywhere, and O2 (Telefonica). To subscribe to this package, customers can dial *506# and select from the menu or visit Ufone Service Centers, Franchises, and PTCL joint shops.

The second package, Bucket 2, costs PKR 2,099 and offers a whopping 4,096 MBs of data, also valid for 30 days. Eligible networks and subscription methods are the same as the 1st package. 

Turkey Data Roaming Buckets

Package Name Turkey Mini Data Roaming Package
Price699 Pkr
Validity1 Month
Internet1024 Mbs
Authorised NetworksTelsim & Vodafone
Package Name Turkey Mega Data Roaming Bucket
Cost2099 Pkr
Data4,096 MBs 
Permissible NetworksVodafone and Telsim

USA Data Roaming Buckets

Package Name USA Mini Data Roaming Package
Price699 Pkr
Validity1 Month
Internet1024 Mbs
Authorised NetworkT-Mobile
Package Name USA Mega Data Roaming Bucket
Cost2099 Pkr
Data4,096 MBs 
Permissible NetworkT-Mobile

These were all the postpaid packages by Ufone. Standard roaming charges will apply if you want to use Ufone Internet in any country without offering packages. You can find standard roaming charges for any country from the postpaid roaming tariff

Internet Roaming Usage Alert

Ufone also has an “Internet Roaming Usage Alert” service for Postpaid users. It is a revolutionary feature designed to provide clarity and transparency, ensuring you stay up-to-date with your internet usage. This service is free of cost, so you can enjoy peace of mind while accessing the internet while roaming. 

With the Internet Roaming Usage Alert, you will be fully aware of your internet consumption, as it updates every 4 hours, allowing you to monitor and manage your data usage effectively. Say goodbye to unexpected charges and stay in control with this invaluable service.

Gift Data Roaming Bucket For UAE and Saudi Arabia

It is an international roaming data offer that you can gift to your dear ones or anyone travelling abroad so that they can use the internet. The details of this package are shared below. 

Package Name Gift Data Roaming Bucket
Valid CountriesUAE and KSA
Valid UsersBoth Prepaid and Postpaid
Price410 Pkr + Tax
Validity1 Month
Internet1000 Mbs
Subscription Code*5061*Number#

Ufone International Roaming Customer Support 

There are multiple ways to contact Ufone International roaming customer support. The company has decided on two different sections. Some problems are common and can be easily solved from the FAQs section. That’s why they created it separately. Let’s get into the details of these sections.

Ufone International Roaming Support Phone No

Suppose you want to talk to an international roaming customer support agent. Dial 333 from your Ufone sim. If you wish to contact us through any other number, dial 051-111-333-100. 

Voice of Customer

The first section is the voice of the customer for international roaming customers. Here you can contact the support team. All you have to do is share personal details like Name, number and mail first and select some answers to the questions. 

Afterwards, you can share your detailed suggestion, complaint or problem below. 


These are the standard solutions which most people are looking for. These are to help the customers in solving the problem without contacting support. Here they have provided three different sections for the most asked questions. These sections include faqs about. 

  • Voice Roaming 
  • Sms Roaming
  • Terms and Conditions


In conclusion, Ufone international roaming packages offer a convenient and reliable solution for customers who travel abroad and need to stay connected. With flexible packages and competitive rates, Ufone ensures that users can make and receive calls, send messages, and access data seamlessly while travelling. 

Whether for business or leisure, Ufone international roaming packages provide a hassle-free experience. With Ufone, you can enjoy your international travels without any problem and stay connected wherever you are.

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