Jazz 2 Hours Call Package Code 2024

Are you seeking the Jazz 2 hours call package code or the Jazz student offer? Do you want to subscribe to the cheapest Jazz call package? Do you often scramble to top up your mobile balance to keep the conversation going? If so, we have an exciting solution for you!

Jazz 2 hours call package code is *555#. It is the cheapest Jazz Call Package. We will also share other details, including unsubscription, status and info code, and price. Please keep reading to subscribe to it and enjoy two total hours of uninterrupted calling bliss.

After reading this brief guide, you will know how to activate the Jazz 2 Hours Call Package and its complete details. It guarantees you will never have to worry about running out of call minutes. We will guide you step-by-step on activating this package and exploring its benefits. Additionally, we will delve into the various features of this incredible offering, highlighting why it is the perfect solution for your communication needs. Please keep reading to know more about Jazz student offer and take control of your conversations like never before!

Jazz 2-Hours Call Package Or Friends Bundle.

Jazz 2-Hour Call Package, or the Jazz Student bundle, can be activated by dialling *555# or *3000#. It is also called as friends bundle lately. Its total cost is 15 Rs. You can subscribe to it anytime. The details of this offer are shared below. 

Package Name Jazz 2 Hours Call Package/ Friends Bundle
PriceRs 15 
Duration 2 Hours
Internet1 Gb Facebook Data
Call Minutes Unlimited Jazz Minutes for 2 Hours 
Sms 200
Subscription Code*555# or *3000#         
Status Code*320*2#
Info Code*320*3#
Unsubscription Code*320*4#

Terms And Conditions

  • The package lasts 2 hours.
  • You will get 1 Gb of Facebook data for up to 120 minutes.
  • You will be charged Rs. 0.13 for a call as a setup fee.
  • The entire cost of the package is Rs. 15. 

Why Subscribing To Jazz 2-Hour Call Package?

Subscribing to the Jazz 2-Hour Call Package offers several benefits. You might consider subscribing to this package for the following reasons:

Unlimited Calling: The Jazz 2-Hour Call Package allows you to make unlimited calls to any Jazz number for two hours. It is particularly beneficial if you have long conversations or need to make multiple calls quickly.

Cost-Effective: The package is designed to provide a cost-effective calling solution. By activating this package, you can enjoy unlimited calling for a fixed duration at a discounted rate compared to regular call charges.

Flexibility: The Jazz 2-Hour Call Package offers flexibility in terms of usage. You can subscribe to the package multiple times a day if needed, ensuring you have uninterrupted calling for extended periods.

Budget Management: The Jazz 2-Hour Call Package can benefit budget-conscious individuals. It allows you to plan and allocate a specific budget for your calling needs, as you know the two-hour cost.

Fb Data or SMS: You also receive 200 Sms and 1 Gb of Facebook data if you are a FB lover. This offer is the most convenient hourly offer for you.


What is the Jazz Call Package 2 Hours Code?

Jazz call package 2 hours code is *555#. 

Can I Use Facebook With Jazz Student Offer?

Yes, you also get 1 Gb of Facebook data for 2 hours when you subscribe to the Jazz Student offer, now called the Jazz 2 hours call package. 

Can I Subscribe To The Jazz 2-Hour Call Package Multiple Times In A Day?

You can subscribe to the Jazz 2-Hour Call Package multiple times daily. Each subscription will provide you with a new two-hour period of unlimited calling.

What Is The Jazz Friends Bundle?

Jazz 2 hours call package is also called a friends bundle. 


In conclusion, the Jazz 2-Hour Call Package, also known as the Friends Bundle, offers a convenient and affordable solution for those looking to have uninterrupted conversations without worrying about running out of call minutes. Activating this package will help you to enjoy two hours of unlimited calling to any Jazz number, especially if you engage in lengthy conversations or need to make multiple calls within a short timeframe. 

What makes it more special is its 1 Gb Fb data and 200 Sms which you also get alongside call minutes. Whether for personal or academic purposes, it is a terrific decision if you want a reliable and cost-effective calling solution as a Jazz prepaid user.

If this offers doesn’t suits you we have a detailed article on all the Jazz Call Packages. You can take a look at them to find the best offer for yourself.

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