Ufone SMS Packages (2024) 

Ufone has low coverage among all the other network operators but their SMS packages are the cheapest and widely used all over the country. Ufone sms packages come under different categories daily, weekly, and monthly. Are you tired of costly sms bundles and want to find the cheapest packages? Are you worried the amount of sms given to you is less?

We will answer all your questions here and provide you with the latest and most affordable sms bundles. Yes, a few of the sms packages are costly but don’t worry, here you will also find the cheapest ones. Although some packages have less amount of messages in them if you subscribe to weekly and monthly Ufone bundles you will get the maximum number of sms.

The most frequent Ufone sms bundle is the Ufone weekly sms package. Here we bring you all the Ufone sms packages with their price, total messages, and duration. By staying with us you’ll be able to find the best sms bundles for you as per your requirement. So without further delay let’s start 

Ufone Daily Sms Package

Daily sms packages are the cheapest among all the categories. The validity of these bundles is of one day. The major drawback is the number of messages included in these daily offers. Here are the few Ufone daily sms package

BundleDaily Package
PriceRs. 4.77+tax
Validity1 Day
Subscription codeSms sub to 605
Unsubscription codeSms unsub to 605
NameUfone International SMS Bucket
FeeRs. 5.96
Duration1 Day
Activation Code*6605#
PackageUfone 2 in 1 SMS offer
PriceRs. 9.99
Duration3 Days
International Sms50
How to activate*615#
NameUfone Daily Chat Package
Internet500 Mbs Only for Whatsapp
Activation Code*3465#
Remaining Usage*706#

Ufone Weekly Sms Package

Ufone provides the most amazing weekly SMS bundles. These bundles are affordable and provide a decent amount of SMS. There is also a Fortnightly Package which has a duration of 15 days. You can avail of this offer for Rs 40.

PackageWeekly Sms Bucket
PriceRs. 11 .95+tax
How to activateSms sub to 608
Unsub codeMsg unsub to 608
NameFortnightly Package
PriceRs. 39.33 + tax
Time span14 days
Total sms10,500
How to subscribeMsg sub to 603
UnsubscribeSms unsub to 603

Ufone Monthly Sms Package

There is only one Ufone monthly sms package, other than that there is a 45-day bundle and a yearly bundle. Monthly bundles have the most amount of sms.

BundleUnlimited package
FeeRs. 95.6+tax
Duration1 month
Subscription codeSms sub to 607
How to unsubSms unsub to 607
Name45-Day Sms Bucket
Cost Rs. 118.31+tax
Validity45 Days
Sms 31,000
Sub Sms ‘sub’ to 614
UnsubSms ‘unsub’ to 614
OfferYearly SMS Package
PriceRs. 795.87+tax
Duration1 year
How to ActivateSMS ‘Sub’ to 601
How to deactivateSms Unsub to 601

Best Ufone Sms package

We personally find the Ufone weekly sms bucket the best value bundle as for a mere price of Rs 12 Pkr it allows you to send sms for a whole week. This is also the most frequent sms package of Ufone according to them. It is very easy and cost-effective to send sms rather than to call each time.


These were the latest Ufone sms packages that we mentioned above. These packages are collected and verified by us so there won’t be any previous or wrong packages here. Ufone has been ambitious in providing its customers with the best service. These bundles are designed as per your requirement from cheapest to costliest, few to unlimited sms.

A special tip for our readers concerned about extra charges is to sign up for Ufone’s SMS alerts and notifications. This service keeps you informed about your balance, expiry date, and other important information so you never run out of SMS or miss an important message.

If you have a higher budget you may want to look at Ufone Hybrid Packages to fulfill all your needs with one offer.

Terms And Conditions

  • There are several terms and conditions which are to be applicable to the above Ufone sms packages.
  • The sms packages will only work in the country. No, International sms would be included in these bundles.
  • The daily sms packages will have a validity of 24 hours which means the sms will work for the next 24 hours from the time the bundle has been activated.
  • Daily sms packages can be subscribed to once in 24 hours.
  • You can unsubscribe to any sms bundle by just sending ‘Unsub’ to 506.
  • To check the remaining details of the sms bundles just send a blank message to 606.
  • From now on the daily sms package will be auto-subscribed after 24 hours.


Does Ufone Offers Free SMS Package?

No, Ufone does not offer any free sms bundle. But, here you can check the cheapest sms bundles with their details. All the Ufone sms packages are provided in an organized manner to provide ease to the users.

What Is Ufone Night Sms Package?

This bundle gives you 300 sms at the cost of only 1 rs. To subscribe to this package send ‘sub’ to 609. Remember this bundle can be activated at night only, which means it will work after 12 pm.

Are There Any Hidden Charges Other Than The Bundles Price?

There aren’t any hidden charges for the sms bundles. Only 60 paisa would be charged when you’ll send messages to 606 and 600. Other than that there is only a bundle fee which will be charged when you avail of any sms offer.

What Is The Cheapest Sms Package?

Among all the Ufone sms packages the daily bundle is the cheapest. It’ll cost you merely Rs. 5 pkr. This bundle offer 1600 sms to any network. To avail of this offer text sub to 605. You can also see the details of this package on this website.

What is Ufone Daily Chat Package?

Ufone sms packages offer a Daily chat bundle which allows you to send unlimited sms for 1 day for just Rs 6. There is also an additional incentive with this offer, you get free 500 mb of Whatsapp data on subscribing to this bundle.

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