Telenor Call Packages Updated 2024

You probably are here to find the best call packages. Telenor provides amazing network coverage all over the country with the best call packages. Are you tired of costly call bundles or are u tired of subscribing call bundles every day? The solution to all your problems is here.

Here we will provide you with the most affordable call bundles. You don’t have to worry about subscribing call bundles on daily basis, Telenor brings monthly call packages which offer unlimited Telenor to Telenor calls for a month with a minimal fee. Telenor call packages lie under three categories Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

The most subscribed Telenor call package is Telenor 3\3 Offer. Telenor has a bunch of amazing call offers. Telenor also has introduced location-based call bundles, these packages have special features and are of low cost. 

So, Stay with us to see all the bundles their details, and the procedure of their subscription. 

Telenor Daily Call Package

Telenor daily call package has the validity of one day. There are several daily call bundles starting from Rs.5. These bundles usually have fewer call minutes as compared to the other ones. Some of the Telenor daily call packages expire at midnight of the same day and some of them have a time span of 24 hours.

NameTelenor Good Time Offer
PriceRs. 6 incl tax
Validity2 hours
Call MintsUnlimited calls for the next 2 hours
Internet250 Mb for Facebook 
Subscription Code*345*20#
NameTelenor Full-Day Package
PriceRs. 6 incl tax
Validity1 Day
Call MintsUnlimited calls
Internet50 MBs and 100 MBs for WhatsApp
Subscription Code*5*250#

Telenor 3-Day Call Packages

NameTelenor 3-Day Din Bhar Package
PriceRs. 24.50
Validity3 Days
Call Mints100000 mints (6 am to 6 pm)
Subscription Code*345*626#
NameTelenor 3-Day Super Hit Package
PriceRs. 34
Validity3 Days
Call Mints100000 minutes (7 pm to 10 pm)
Subscription Code*345*299#
NameTelenor djuice 3 Day 3 ka scene offer
PriceRs. 34
Validity3 Days
Call MintsUnlimited calls FnF numbers only
Internet50 MB
Subscription Code*030#
NameTelenor 3-Day Voice offer
PriceRs. 36 pkr
Validity3 Days
Call Mints600 on net mints12 am – 7 pm
Internet50 MB
Subscription Code*799#
NameTelenor Djuice 3 Day on net bundle
FeeRs. 36 incl tax
Duration3 Days
Call Mints250 mints
Internet15 MB
Activation Code*730#
NameTelenor super 3 bundle
FeeRs. 40 incl tax
Validity3 Days
Call Mints300 mints
Internet100 MB
Subscription Code*5*300#
NameTelenor 3\3 Offer
FeeRs. 50 incl tax
Validity3 Days
Call Mints600 mints
Internet50 MB
Subscription Code*345*243#

Telenor Weekly Call Package

Telenor Weekly packages are the most used call bundles that Telenor offers. These bundles expire on the midnight of the seventh day from the day of the subscription. The prices of these bundles are a bit more than the daily ones, but the packages have more Telenor minutes.

NameTelenor weekly voice lite
FeeRs. 25 incl tax
Duration7 Days
Call Mints140 mints
Activation Code*345*54#
NameTelenor Haftawaar Offpeak Offer
FeeRs. 55 incl tax
Duration7 Days
Call MintsUnlimited calls between 12 am to 7 pm
Activation Code*978# 
OfferTelenor Haftawaar Chappar phaar Offer
CostRs. 100 incl tax
Time SpanWeekly
Call MintsUnlimited calls 
Internet70 mbs350 MBS social
How to Activate*978# 
OfferTelenor Djuice weekly internet package
CostRs. 190 incl tax
Time SpanWeekly
Call Mints150 Telenor mints
Internet3.5 GB
How to Activate*345*88#

Telenor Monthly Call Package

Telenor Monthly call packages have the longest time span. These bundles are valid for 30 days. These are costly offers but the amount of minutes in these offers is increased. 

PackageTelenor Sim Lagao Offer
PriceRs. 0
Validity30 Days
Call Mints3000 mints
Internet10 Gb
Subscription Code

Telenor Sim lagao offer is only valid for customers who haven’t used their Telenor sim for the past 2 months or more. 

PackageTelenor Monthly First Free Call Offer
PriceRs. 10
Validity30 Days
Call MintsUnlimited calls
Subscription Code*326#

Telenor Monthly First Free Call Offer is valid for new Telenor customers only. This offer lets you make your first Telenor call of the day without any cost for the next 30 days.

PackageTelenor Mahana Budget Package
PriceRs. 80
Validity30 Days
Call Mints300
Off-net mints10
Internet3 gb for Whatsapp only
Subscription Code*514#
Remaining MBs check*999#
Mints details*222#
PackageTelenor Mahana Rakhwala bundle
PriceRs. 418 incl tax
Validity30 Days
Call Mints3000
Internet300 MBS
Subscription Code*345*30#

Best Telenor Call Package

The best Telenor call package is Telenor 3/3 offer. Get this amazing call offer for just Rs 50. By subscribing to this bundle enjoy 600 Telenor call mints with 300 sms and 50 MBS of data. This bundle is available for all Telenor customers. This offer can be subscribed to multiple times within the duration.

Telenor Postpaid Call Packages

PackageAny Network Voice Bundle 100
PriceRs. 150
Validity30 Days
Call Mints (All Networks)110
Subscription Code*345*821#
PackageAny Network Voice Bundle 250
PriceRs. 380
Validity30 Days
Call Mints (All Networks)280
Subscription Code*345*822#
PackageAny Network Voice Bundle 550
PriceRs. 830
Validity30 Days
Call Mints (All Networks)620
Subscription Code*345*823#
PackageOn Net Bundle 100
PriceRs. 150
Validity30 Days
Call Mints (On net)550
Subscription Code*345*831#
PackageOn Net Bundle 250
PriceRs. 380
Validity30 Days
Call Mints (On net)1300
Subscription Code*345*832#
PackageOn Net Bundle 550
PriceRs. 820
Validity30 Days
Call Mints (On net)3000
Subscription Code*345*833#

Postpaid Packages Terms and Conditions

  1. The offer mechanics and prices are subject to change with a seven-day notice period given to customers. 
  2. Note that all bundles will automatically renew. 
  3. It is worth noting that customers can only subscribe to one bundle at a time, and any previously subscribed bundle will be replaced with a new subscription.
  4. The default rate is a Pay-As-You-Use system, where subscribers will be charged PKR 1.4 per minute for on-net calls and PKR 1.5 per minute for off-net calls. 
  5. Customers can dial *345# or visit a nearby Telenor franchise center to subscribe to a bundle. Alternatively, customers can also dial 345 to subscribe.


Telenor has been known for providing a smooth calling experience to its users. These bundles are up-to-date and compete with other networks’ bundles. All the bundles above are organized so that you wouldn’t have any difficulty in finding a suitable offer according to your balance.

You can go for Telenor Postpaid packages too if you don’t have money at the moment. These were only call packages, but if you want to avail of call mints, sms, and the Internet all along then you must see Telenor Hybrid Bundles.


What Is An Fnf Number?

Fnf numbers are known as friend and family numbers. Telenor provides special Fnf call packages which allow the addition of different Fnf numbers and provide the best Fnf call offers. To add any number (Add <space> number to 7777), you can dial 555 and then press 4 to add any number to Fnf. A total of 15 numbers can be added to that list. 

How Can We Add the Fnf Number On Telenor?

To add any number to Fnf (Add <space> number to 7777), you can dial 555 and then press 4. A total of 15 numbers can be added to that list. These numbers can be of any network including Ptcl.

How To Avail Free Minutes On Telenor?

No, Telenor doesn’t offer any free resources including minutes. Although you can avail of 20 free call minutes on any network by recharging Rs 100 or more. Dial *5*100# before any recharge of 100 or above. These minutes would be valid for 1 day and a call setup fee of Rs 0.13 would be charged for every call. This offer is valid for all Telenor customers. Remember this package can not be renewed after it expires.

How Can I Get Telenor 2 Hours Call Package?

The Telenor 2 hours call package often known as the Telenor Good time offer gives you unlimited Telenor calls for the next 2 hours plus 250 mb of Facebook for the next 2 hours. The cost of this package is Rs.6. Dial *345*20# to avail of this deal. This bundle is available for all Telenor and Djuice customers. Call setup charges are also applicable.

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