Zong 2 Hour Call Package 2024: Unlimited Calls With 1Gb Data

In search of a cheap Zong 2 Hour Call Package? Are you tired of running out of talk time during crucial conversations? Are you also looking for an economical bundle with both internet and calls? Look no further!

With the Zong 2 hour call package, you get unlimited on-net call minutes, one gb of internet, and much more for just 14 Rs. We have shared the complete details and the subscription code of this offer below. We have also shared the key benefits of this offer which make it special in the end. Say goodbye to expensive hybrid bundles now.

After reading this blog post, you will have all the necessary knowledge to enjoy all kinds of benefits of this Zong 2 hour non stop offer. Discover the package’s pricing details, activation process, and additional benefits that come with it. Let’s get into the details of this offer to help you in activating this offer and get the best calling experience without further due.

Zong 2 Hour Call Package Details

Here is the subscription code and brief details of this Bundle. Remember to look at the terms and conditions before activating this offer because you automatically agree to those when you subscribe.

NameZong Call Package 2 Hours
PriceRs 14
Validity2 Hours
Call MintsUnlimited
Internet1 GB
Zong call package 2 hours code*3000# or *5555#
Usage DetailsZong App

Terms and Conditions

  • The valid time for this offer is 120 minutes after you receive the verification message.
  •  The Bundle does not have an automatic subscription upon expiry.
  •  You will be charged 0.15 Rs as a call set-up fee for every outgoing call.
  •  1Pkr +Tax / MB will be the charging price after your 1 Gb data is finished, and there is still time left from the bundle expiration.
  • Every government tax is included in the basic cost.

Why Subscribing to Zong 2 Hour Call Package?

So, why subscribe to this Bundle when there are many other packages in the store? To answer this, we will give you some features of this package.

Free Tv

One of the key advantages of this offer is you will get free access to Zong Tv app for 2 hours. You can enjoy all your fav dramas, movies, national and international channels in premium quality for free.

Unlimited On-Net Minutes

With the Zong 2 Hour Call Package, you get unlimited on-net minutes. It means you can make unlimited calls to any Zong number in Pakistan without worrying about additional charges. You can talk as much as you want within allocated two hours, whether it’s a lengthy call to your family or for office work.

1 GB Internet

You also receive 1024 Mb data alongside call minutes, which means 120 minutes of unrestricted browsing. This data is enough for all internet needs except downloading/uploading.

No Time Restrictions 

There are many affordable bundles in the market, too, but usually, the problem with them is their time restrictions. You can activate this package at any time of the day or night, 24/7, whenever you want. There are no time restrictions for this offer.

Affordable Pricing

Affordability is a key factor in selecting any, and the Zong 2 Hour Call Package doesn’t disappoint. It provides an affordable solution for extended talk time. With only 14 Rupees, you can make unlimited calls within the Zong network for two hours at a competitive price, allowing you to stay connected without breaking the bank.

FAQs (Zong 2 Hour Call Package)

How can I use Zong Tv For Free?

You can use Zong Tv for free for 2 hours by subscribing to the Zong student package described above.

What Is Zong 2 Hour Call Package Code?

2 hour non stop offer subscription code is *3000# or *5555#. You can use any of these codes to subscribe to this offer.

When Can I subscribe to Zong 2 Hour Call Package?

You can activate this offer at any time during the day. The two-hour validity period starts from the moment of activation.

What Is Zong Student Package?

Zong student package is the other name of the Zong 2 hour call package. It gives you 2 hours of free on-net calls, 1 Gb of data and free Zong Tv.


In conclusion, the Zong 2 Hour Call Package is the best choice if you want unlimited entertainment for 2 hours. Along with free Zong tv, 1 Gb of data and 2 hours of on-net calling, this Bundle is also very economical. So stay connected with your loved ones, make important business calls, and enjoy seamless conversations anytime, anywhere.

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