Zong Free Facebook Code 2024: Enjoy Unlimited Fb Real Tricks!

Are you still looking for Zong Free Facebook Code in 2023? If yes, then worry no more because we are introducing the ultimate solution to your Facebook woes! Zong is offering free Facebook for its customers. You listened to it absolutely Free Unlimited Facebook by Zong for two weeks.

We have explained the four different 100% working methods that will help you use free Facebook on your Zong sim. Imagine browsing through your news feed, posting updates, and chatting with friends without worrying about fees.

After going through this article, you can access free Facebook as a Zong Sim user. These methods are simple, and with our help, you can access these amazing features of this most popular social media app in Pakistan without paying a single penny.

Multiple Methods To Use Zong Free Facebook 

There is no specific Zong free Facebook code, but here are the four best 100% working tricks which will help you use this App free of cost. Let’s look at the details of these tricks one by one.

Zong Free Facebook Via Sign Up

It is the best way to use Zong Free Facebook for two weeks. Follow the step by step instructions below to activate this trick.

  • First of all, you should have an activated Zong sim.
  •  Turn on mobile data to Zong.
  •  Now open the Facebook app.
  •  Create a new account or signup.
  •  After creating a new account using Zong sim, you have successfully subscribed to zong free Facebook code.
  •  Enjoy unlimited Facebook for the next 14 days.

Terms and Conditions

You automatically agree to these terms and conditions when you activate this offer. Here are the following terms and conditions

  •  The validity of this bundle is 14 days from the day of subscription.
  •  You can only access Facebook in this package. This package is the only link that can be browsed.
  •  Facebook videos and online streaming aren’t part of this bundle, so you would have to pay Zong 4g to watch videos.
  •  It is a limited-time offer, and Zong 4g has the right to terminate this package at any moment without prior notice.
  •  Zong only encourages using this offer for fair usage.
  •  By reading these terms, you abide by these terms and conditions.

My Zong 1400 Mb Welcome Bonus

Another trick to using Zong free Facebook is with the help of the My Zong app bonus. You can also get 1400 Mb free by zong and use it for Facebook. Follow the instructions below to get this 1.4 Gb for free.

  • Go To Playstore
  •  Download and then install the My Zong app
  •  Sign up with your zong number
  •  After logging in, you will receive 1400 Mbs as a signing-up bonus
  •  Enjoy the data for your Fb needs (You can also use it for using other apps or internet services too)

My Zong Free Spins

You can use My Zong free spins to collect Mbs and use FB for free. Follow these simple steps to get these free Mbs.

  • Login To My Zong application
  •  Go to the rewards section
  •  There, you will see three different MBs between 10 Mb to 500 Mb.
  •  First Spin is completely free.
  •  Shuffle it and then click on any circle.
  •  It will show you what you have won, and free MBs will be added to your account.

Terms and Conditions For My Zong Rewards

  • You will get three spins daily.
  •  The first spin is completely free.
  •  The remaining two will cost 1 to 2 rupees each.
  •  Afte that you will also receive a verification message confirming your reward details.
  •  These MBs will be valid for the same day till midnight.
  •  You can see the details of these free MBs in the “Usage” section.

Zong Free Facebook And Messenger

Zong understands the importance of connecting with friends and family on multiple platforms. That’s why, in addition to Zong Free Facebook, they also offer Zong Free Facebook and Messenger.

With this exciting feature, you can enjoy unlimited access to Facebook and Messenger without any data charges. Now you can browse through your news feed, chat with friends, and stay connected through messages, all without worrying about data limits.

Activate Zong Free Facebook and Messenger today and enjoy the best of both worlds!


How Can I Get Zong Free Facebook For 14 Days?

To avail of Zong Free Facebook for 14 days, create a new account using Zong Internet and enjoy free Facebook for the next 14 days.

What Is Zong Free Facebook Code?

There is yet to be a Zong free Facebook code, but there are different methods to enjoy free Facebook using Zong 4g, which we have explained in detail.

How To Get Free Internet On Zong?

Zong 4g gives free 1400 MB to users when signing up for My Zong App for the first time. If you haven’t downloaded the App, download it now and enjoy free 1400 Mbs.


In conclusion, this answers your most asked Zong free Facebook code 2023. All these methods are working. You can use the above tricks to use Zong-free Fb on your sim. You might not be eligible for 1400 Mb or 2 Weeks of free Facebook if you already used these tricks, but the other two methods work for everyone.

If you don’t meet the conditions of the above-explained tricks to use free Facebook, then you can look at these Zong Facebook Packages to find the most affordable bundle for your Fb needs.

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