Zong Call Divert Code 2024 Activate & Deactivate Easily Now

Are you looking for Zong Call Divert Code or Zong call forwarding code, and you are tired of wasting time searching for a straightforward free solution?

Worry No more because we will tell you how you can divert your calls completely free using your Zong sim. We will share different kinds of diversion codes that lead the caller when you are busy, unreachable, or don’t answer the Call. We will also share the zong Call divert deactivate Code if you want to quit using this service.

Upon exploring this article, you can activate or deactivate Zong call forwarding service quickly for free. We’ll also go over some of the main advantages of using this Zong service. Without further ado, let’s get to the meat of this blog post.

What Is Zong Call Divert Code

Zong Call Divert activate Code, or Zong call forwarding code does the same job. These are only alternative names for the same service. This feature enables you to forward your calls to another number you choose.

This feature is often used when you are busy in a meeting or somewhere else and can’t attend the incoming calls, so you enable the Call to divert so that the incoming calls don’t leave unattended. Someone other receives the incoming calls on your behalf.

Why Activating Zong Call Forwarding Service?

Here are some reasons you would like to use this Zong’s amazing feature.

  • Improved Accessibility: Diverting calls ensure you receive important communications even if you are occupied elsewhere.
  • Flexibility: You have the option to reroute calls to any preferred number, keeping you connected wherever you are.
  •   Privacy: Call diversion provides an additional layer of privacy by enabling you to forward calls to another number, keeping your number confidential.

Types Of Zong Call Diverting and their Codes.

There are four types of Zong Call forwarding according to different conditions.

  • Busy Mode (Divert When Busy)
  •  Don’t Pick Call Mode (Diverting When Unanswered)
  •  Number Out of Reach Mode (Diverting When Unreachable)
  •  Unconditional or other Mode (Divert All Calls)

All of these conditions have different subscription processes. Let’s explore their particulars in more depth.

Busy Mode (Divert When Busy)

This first Zong Call Divert Code will forward your calls whenever your number is busy.

OfferBusy Mode
Subscription Code**67*Number#
Unsubscription Code ##67#

Don’t Pick Call Mode (Diverting When Unanswered)

This call diversion will work when you leave any call unanswered, whether you are busy or your mobile phone is silent.

OfferDon’t Pick Call Mode
Subscription Code**61*Number#
Unsubscription Code##61#

Number Out of Reach Mode (Diverting When Unreachable)

This type of Call diverting happens when your phone is unreachable from incoming calls. It may be due to network coverage or when your phone is powered off. It is especially helpful for areas where you have many network problems.

OfferNumber Out of Reach Mode
Subscription Code**62*Number#
Unsubscription Code##62#

Unconditional or other Mode (Divert All Calls)

This zong call divert activate Code will forward all the incoming calls on your phone without any specific condition.

OfferUnconditional or other Mode
Subscription Code**21*Number#
Unsubscription Code##21#

Zong Call Divert Deactivate Code

For every type, there is a different Zong call divert deactivate Code. All of the unsub codes are listed below.

  • Divert (Busy Mode) Unsub code ##67#
  •   Don’t Pick Call Mode. Deactivate code ##61#
  •   Number Out of Reach Mode unsub code ##62#
  •   Unconditional or other Mode de-active code ##21#

That was all about activation and deactivation codes for Zong call forwarding. If reading is difficult for you and you are more of a video learner, you can look at this Youtube video to find Zong call forwarding code.

Zong Call Divert Without Code

You can also divert your calls with the help of your mobile phone’s settings. Usually, you can find this option nowadays on almost every mobile. You can try this method if the codes above are not working. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your incoming calls are forwarded to another number of your choice from your device setting:

Open the “Settings” app: Locate the settings app on your mobile phone. It typically has a gear or cogwheel icon, which you can find on your home screen or in the app drawer.

Select “Call Settings” or “Phone Settings”: Depending on your mobile phone’s make and model, the exact name may vary slightly. Look for options related to calls or phone settings.

Tap on “Call Divert” or “Call Forwarding”: Within the call settings menu, you should find an option specifically for Call divert or call forwarding. Tap on it to proceed.

Enter the desired phone number: After selecting the type of Call divert, you will be prompted to enter the phone number to which you want your incoming calls to be forwarded. Make sure to enter the number correctly.

Save the settings: Once you have entered the desired phone number, save the Call divert settings. The exact method of saving may vary depending on your mobile phone. Look for a “Save” or “OK” button, or exit the settings menu.

Congratulations! You have successfully activated Call divert settings on your mobile phone. Any incoming calls to your number will be forwarded to the designated phone number you specified.

Remember, whenever you wish to deactivate Call Divert, you can revisit the call settings and disable the option you previously enabled. This way, your calls will be returned to your number as usual.

Yes, that is all about the method that can forward your calls without needing any Zong sim call divert Code.


What Is The Price Of Zong Call Divert?

There is no fee associated with Zong Call Divert. It is a free feature introduced by zong for its customers. Now forward your important calls to any number without any cost.

What Is Zong Call Divert Cancel Code?

Zong calls divert deactivate, and Zong calls divert cancel codes are the same. To cancel the Call, divert dial ##67#.

Can I divert calls to an international number?

Yes, you can divert calls to both local and international numbers. But diverting your calls to international numbers is paid.


Wrapping it up, there are four types of Zong call diverting, so there are for Zong call divert codes which we have shared above. It is a valuable feature allowing you to control your incoming calls. Using the provided Call divert codes, redirect calls to another number when busy, unanswered, or unreachable.

Remember, Zong also offers the option to customize your Call divert settings to suit your specific requirements. We have also shared the zong Call divert deactivate codes at the end if you want to deactivate this service. You can share your problems related to any sim (Telenor, Ufone, Jazz & Zong) in the comment section. We will answer them in the All Sims FAQs category as soon as possible

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