Zong Monthly Call Package 80 Rupees Code 2024 (Updated)

Are you looking for Zong monthly call package 80 rupees code because you want to subscribe to it and get rid of expensive call offers? Do you want a monthly call bundle with no call setup charges? Are you seeking an affordable way to stay connected with your closed ones for an entire month? Look nowhere else! Zong has unveiled its 80-rupee Zong monthly call plan.

We will share the complete details of this zong voice package below, including subscription code, price, validity and others. We have also explained the terms and conditions of this offer.

After perusing through this article, you will acquire a thorough knowledge of every detail related to Zong Mahana Voice Offer. We have also listed its key benefits below, which made you consider why you need to activate this offer. It is among the cheapest zong to zong monthly call packages. Without further delay, let’s delve into the specifics of this offer.

The Key Benefits Of Opting For This Offer

Zong call package monthly 80 rupees is the most affordable call offer for Zong users. Explore the following essential aspects that make choosing this package a compelling option compared to alternative choices.

Cost Saving: Compared to other bundles, it isn’t overpriced. You can communicate with their loved ones all month long for just 80 rupees.

3000 Minutes: By subscribing to this bundle, you will get 3000 Zong mints, which can be used for a month.

Daily On-net minutes: Zong monthly call bundle for 80 rupees offers daily 100 mints which expires at midnight of the same day. So, you will get 100 minutes daily for a whole month.

No Setup Fees: Often, call bundles have Call setup charges, usually Rs 0.15, which apply on every call. However, there are no Call setup fees with this bundle.

These were its notable advantages, so dial the Zong monthly call package 80 rupees code now and enjoy these benefits.

Zong Monthly Call Package 80 Rupees Details

Bundle NameZong call package monthly 80 rupees
Original Price80 Rs
Updated PriceRs. 160
Validity30 Days
Total Mints3000 Zong Mints
Daily On-Net Mints100 Minutes Daily
Zong monthly call package 80 rupees code*36#

You can also subscribe to this bundle with the My Zong app.

Conditions of Use

These are the policy and agreement rules for zong call package monthly 80 rupees. Remember to take a look before subscribing to this offer.

  • Eligibility limited to prepaid customers.
  • The price of this bundle is 80, but the recharge required is Rs 160.
  • The bundle is valid for the next 30 days upon the day of subscription. No call setup fees.
  • Customers will get 3000 mints in this bundle but can only use 100 mints daily.
  • This bundle can’t be used for international calls or other network calls.
  • Zong reserves the right o change the bundle’s price at any time.
  • Zong can also terminate your bundle without prior notice.


What Is Zong Monthly Call Package 80 Rupees Code for activation?

Zong monthly call package 80 rupees code is *36#.

Can I activate This Package From My Zong Postpaid Connection?

No, zong call package monthly 80 rupees is not available for postpaid users.

What Is The Difference Between Zong Mahana Voice Offer And Zong Call Package Monthly 80 Rupees?

No, these two are just the same bundles. It is known as Zong 80 Rs call bundle because it was the price when this offer was introduced.


Wrapping it up, Zong monthly call package 80 rupees code is *36#. Pricing has always been a problem for users while subscribing to zong voice offers. Especially call bundles, they can cost you a fortune. So, avoid overpriced bundles and subscribe to this Zong Mahana Voice Offer.

It offers an excellent opportunity to stay connected with your loved ones without straining your budget. With no call setup fees and amazing voice quality, this bundle is one of the most affordable call bundles on the market right now. With 100 minutes daily for the next 30 days, this package provides all the essentials for seamless communication.

Activate the package today and enjoy uninterrupted conversations with your friends and family! Here is a brief guide to Zong Call Packages, including daily, weekly and monthly offers if you want to look at other call offers.

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