Zong Night Internet Package: Huge Data With Affordable Rates

Are you a night owl searching for the best Zong night internet package? Or are you also searching for massive data offers at unbeatable prices for the night? Whether you work at night or want to enjoy your favorite shows, you have stopped at the right place.

Here we will share the details of all the Zong night internet packages, including daily, weekly, and monthly offers. We have also shared their subscription codes and terms of the agreement so you can have a complete understanding of these offers before activating them. These offers are specially for users who often need help with data caps and high costs.

Reading this blog post lets you select and activate the best internet bundle for the night. We’ll break down the package’s features, data limits, and pricing structure, providing a clear overview of what to expect. Keep an eye out as we delve into the specifics of these plans!

Zong Night Internet Packages Details

Here we are going to share the information about all the Zong night internet packages available at the moment. There are four different bundles available at the moment. One daily, one weekly, and two monthly offers are currently available. These are also called Zong good night offers. Let’s check them out!

Zong Daily Night Internet Package

The first Zong Night offer we will introduce to you is the Zong daily good night package. It provides 2.5 GB daily from 1 am to 9 am in just 25 pk.

Package Name Zong Daily GNO Offer
Cost25 RS
Validity1 day
Timing 1AM to 9AM
Data 2500 MBs
Activation CodeSend “GNO” to 6464
Unsubscription Code Send “UNSUB GNO” to 6464

Zong Weekly Night Internet Package

Zong’s weekly night internet package provides 100 GB of data from 1 am to 9 am in just 150 Pkr. This bundle is best for nighttime zong users. This offer is especially appropriate if you’re someone who extensively consumes data. It is the perfect choice whether you need data for downloading/uploading or you want to enjoy Netflix etc.

Package Name Zong Weekly Mega Data
Price150 RS
Duration7 days
Timing 1AM to 9AM
Internet 100 GBs
Subscription Code *808#
Unsubscription CodeSms “UNSUB LNO” to 6464

This offer will be automatically renewed if you have the balance in your account, so remember to Unsubscribe when you no longer need it.

Zong Monthly Night Internet Packages

There are 2 Zong monthly night internet packages available. One provides 20 Gb of data, and the other offers 40 Gb. You have the flexibility to choose the one that aligns with your requirements and budget.

Monthly 20 GB Night Offer

The first Zong night internet package gives you 20 GB of internet data, whereas 10 GB is limited from 1 am to 9 am. This bundle will cost you around 700 rs. You can enjoy this offer for one month.

Package Name Zong Monthly 20 GB Internet Offer
Price700 RS
Duration30 Days
Data20 GB (10 GB from 1 Am to 9 Am)
Subscription Code *6464*3*2#> 20 Gb> Subscribe
Unsubscription Code*6464#>Select 3> Select 2 >20 Gb> Unsub
Usage Check*102#
Bundle Information*6464#>Select 3> Select 2 > Then 20 Gb> Information

Monthly Max 40 GB Night Offer

The second Zong night internet package monthly offers you 40 GB of data for one month for 1000 Rs. The 20 GB data from this 40 gb only applies between 1 am and 9 am.

Package Name Zong Monthly Max 40 GB Internet Offer
Price1000 RS
Duration30 Days
Data40 GB (20 GB from 1 Am to 9 Am)
Subscription Code *6464*3*2#> 40 Gb> Subscribe
Usage CheckMy Zong App

Unsubscription Code Same as the subscription process; select Unsubscribe instead of Subscribe, still undecided. Dive into our array of Zong internet packages for 2023.


What Is Zong 50gb Late Night Offer?

A late-night offer provides you with less than 50 Gb of data. Although a Zong monthly night internet package provides 40 Gb of data.

What Is a 25 Rs Package In Zong?

Zong 25 Rs package is also called a daily good night offer. We have shared every single detail of this daily offer above.

What Is Zong Good Night Offer Monthly?

There are 2 Zong good night offers monthly. These 2 provide 20 Gb or 40 Gb in 700 and 1000 Rs.

What Is Zong Night 100 Gb Internet Bundle?

Zong 100 gb night internet package is also known as the weekly mega data offer. You can enjoy 100 GB of internet data for seven days in just 150. All 100 gbs are only valid for nighttime. It is also known as Weekly Mega Data, 1 am To 9 am.


This was the brief answer to your search for the best Zong night internet package. Zong weekly mega data offer is the best among these bundles as it provides the best value for money. But if you are looking for some data for 24 hours alongside the night, then you should go for monthly offers.

So activate now and say goodbye to your nighttime data limitations because this data is usually enough for videos, reels, scrolling, or any other usage.

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