Jazz 1 Hour Call Package: Unlimited Calling In Just 15 Rs

Jazz 1 hour call package with free Fb, Amazing! Isn’t it? Long conversations that get cut short due to high call rates can be quite a hassle. Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy unlimited talking without burning a hole in your pocket?

Let’s introduce you to the Jazz one hour call package. We’ve covered all the specifics regarding this offer below, including the subscription code, price, etc. You will also receive free Facebook data Sms alongside Jazz minutes. We have discussed its significant advantages and disadvantages below too. 

By the end of this post, you’ll clearly understand how this bundle can transform how you communicate and save you from hefty charges. So, keep reading to unlock a world of uninterrupted conversations that won’t dent your wallet, and get ready to make every call count.

Jazz 1 Hour Call Package Details 

There is no 1 hour call package Jazz available at the moment. We have tried to find the best possible replacement. The best we could find was this Jazz 2 hour call package. You can activate this bundle for just 15 Rupees.

Package NameJazz 1 Hour Call Package
Cost 15 PKR
Duration2 Hours
Data 1GB Facebook Data
Jazz MinutesUnlimited Jazz Minutes
Sms 200
Jazz 1 hour call package code*3000# or *555#
Info Code*320*3#
Unsubscription Code*320*4#
Status Code*320*2#

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Terms And Conditions

  • The jazz one hour call package is valid for 2 hours only.
  •   You need to pay a 0.13rs charge for every call you’ll make as a setup fee.
  •  You can enjoy it in just 15 Pkr.
  •  This bundle also provides 200 sms and 1 GB Fb internet data.


What Is Jazz 1 Hour Call Packages Other Networks?

There is no other Jazz 1 hour call package with other network minutes. Only Jazz to Jazz minutes is being offered with this offer.

How Can I Call Jazz 2 Hours Free?

By subscribing to the jazz 2 hour bundle, you can call your friends, family, and coworkers free for 2 hours. You can also enjoy 200sms and 1 GB of Fb data with this bundle.

How Much Jazz Call Packages Per Hour Cost?

There is no Jazz call package that charges you per hour. Instead, you can subscribe to the bundle described above. It costs around 15 Rs for 2 hours.

What Is Jazz 1 Hour Call Package Code?

There is no Jazz 1 hour call package code because there is no active hourly call offer at the moment. Although the above describes Jazz 2 hours, the call package code is *555#.

How Can I Activate Jazz 2 Hour?

You can subscribe to Jazz 2 hours call package by dialing *555# or *3000# from your sim. The alternative method to activate this offer is with the Jazz World app.


Wrapping up the bundle described above is the best possible answer to Jazz 1 hour call package. Free Facebook and sms make it even more special. As we’ve explored throughout this post, this offer transcends mere affordability, granting you the power to connect without compromise.

Gone are the days of rushed conversations and the constant worry of exceeding your talk time limit. So activate now, make every call matter, and enjoy the ultimate convenience of limitless talking. Keep visiting us for the latest updates. 

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