Best Jazz TikTok Packages 2024: Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Tiktok has up to 1 Billion downloads globally and is also one of Pakistan’s most-used social media platforms. Are you a Jazz user and still using expensive packages for TikTok? Jazz TikTok Packages are the perfect solution whether you are a content creator or a viewer who wants to enjoy his favorite stars.

Jazz TikTok Packages offer different daily, 3-day, weekly and monthly bundles for Tiktok with very affordable rates. With these wide range packages, jazz lovers can find the best value for their money while watching their favorite stars. These packages are designed uniquely for content creators and fans who want to enjoy Tiktok in this digital age.

By reading this post, you can find the most suitable offer for yourself according to your need. We will provide you the all the perks and details of these packages to help you select and subscribe to the package. So, whether you are a Tiktoker or a fan of Tiktokers, this will be a very useful article. Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of jazz and social media!

Jazz Daily TikTok Packages

Currently, two packages are being offered for 24 Hours duration for TikTok. One is the Jazz Daily Tiktok package, and the other one is Jazz Daily Browser Offer. Let’s get into the details of these packages without wasting our time.

Daily TikTok Offer

Jazz daily tiktok offer provides you 1Gb of TikTok data for only 31 Pkr.

NameJazz Daily Tiktok package
PriceRs 5
Validity1 Day
Internet30 Mb (Tiktok Only)
Jazz Daily Tiktok Packages Code*114*5#
Unsubscribe Code*114*5*2#

Daily Browser Offer

This is a special offer introduced by Jazz, which lets you use Tiktok and browse together. It means you can search for anything on Google alongside Tiktok.

NameJazz Daily Browser Offer
PriceRs 12
Validity1 Day
Browsing Data50 Mb
Jazz Daily Tiktok Packages Code117*11#
Status Code117*11*2#

Jazz 3-Day TikTok Packages

There is only one bundle offered in the 3-day category for tiktok. It will provide you 1 Gb tiktok data for 3 days at only 46 Pkr.

NameOn-net Call Minutes
PriceRs 46
Validity3 Days
TikTok Data1 Gb
On net Call Minutes100
Subscription Code*631#
Status Code*631*2#

Jazz Weekly TikTok Packages

The Jazz Weekly TikTok Packages are a very affordable option for frequent tiktok viewers and influencers. Users can subscribe to the package by following the details below. Now stream for a whole week without worrying about the data to end. Watch the latest videos and upload content without any hassle.

There Jazz Tiktok Package Weekly will get you eight gb of Tiktok data for a whole week for just Rs 230.

Offer NameJazz Tiktok Package Weekly
PriceRs 135
Internet12 Gb
Subscription Code*117*14#
Status Checking Code*117*14*2#

Jazz Monthly Tiktok Package

The last and the largest duration offer is Jazz Monthly Tiktok Package. It provides three gb of Tiktok data in a time span of 30 days. This means you don’t have to worry about subscribing to daily or weekly bundles again and again; subscribe Jazz monthly Tiktok package and enjoy endless Tiktok surfing for the next 30 days.

NameJazz Monthly Tiktok Package
PriceRs 650
Validity30 Days
Internet15 gb
Jazz tiktok package monthly code*117*30#
Usage Details*117*30*2#


What Is The Duration Of TikTok Packages Being Offered By Jazz Currently?

Currently, Jazz is offering four different durations of TikTok packages, including daily, 3-day, weekly and monthly.

What Is The Price Of Jazz Daily TikTok Offer?

The Jazz Daily TikTok Offer is available for just Rs 05, providing users with 30 MB of TikTok data.

What Is The Subscription Code For Jazz Weekly TikTok Package?

The subscription code for the Jazz Weekly TikTok Package is *117*14#.

What Is Jazz Tiktok Package Monthly Code?

Jazz Tiktok package monthly code is *117*30#.

Can Users Browse The Internet And Use TikTok Simultaneously With Jazz Daily Browser Offer?

Users can browse the internet and use TikTok simultaneously with the Jazz Daily Browser Offer. This package provides 50MB of browsing data and 1GB of TikTok data for a validity period of 1 day.


Wrapping it up, all these offers by Jazz are specially designed for TikTok fans, so they are affordable if you only want to use TikTok on the internet. You can subscribe to several packages, but the most popular and used among these are Jazz Weekly TikTok Packages.

Remember, if you are a content creator or an addictive TikTok fan, subscribe to 8Gb Weekly Bundle; otherwise, you can go for the 4 Gb offer. All the details of available Jazz TikTok Packages are shared above. Subscribe now and start your journey to stardom!

If none of the above offers fits your needs, look for all the Jazz Internet Packages.

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