How To Find Telenor Puk Code? Step-by-Step Guide.

Are you a Telenor subscriber, and have you accidentally blocked your SIM card by entering the wrong PIN code multiple times? Are you now wondering how to find your Telenor PUK code and unlock your SIM card? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. This post will guide you through finding your Telenor PUK code. To find your Telenor PUK code, you can use many methods.

These methods include finding your Puk code using My Telenor App, Nearest franchise, Customer Support, Via Text, etc. We have provided the details of these methods below. Keep reading to find the solution and start using your Sim.

By reading this post, you will learn how to find your Telenor PUK code and avoid any further complications that may arise from entering the wrong PUK code multiple times. Knowing how to retrieve your PUK code will save you time and frustration and ensure you can continue using your Telenor SIM card without any further issues. So, read on and learn how to find your Telenor PUK code easily.

What is a Telenor PUK Code?

An 8-digit code known as a Telenor PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) is used to unlock a Telenor SIM card that has been locked after repeatedly inputting the wrong PIN code. It means you can’t use any service on sim untill you verify it Puk code.

Definition of PUK code

PUK stands for Personal Unlocking Key, a unique code associated with a particular SIM card. The PUK code unlocks the SIM card when it is blocked due to entering an incorrect PIN code multiple times. It is an 8-digit code the mobile network operator provides, such as Telenor.

How PUK code differs from SIM PIN code

A SIM PIN code is a 4 to 8-digit code that protects the SIM card from unauthorized use. It is a security feature that prevents someone else from using your SIM card if it is stolen or lost. On the other hand, a PUK code is used to unlock the SIM card when the SIM PIN code has been entered incorrectly multiple times. The SIM card will be permanently blocked if the PUK code is repeatedly entered incorrectly, and you will need to register a new SIM card from your mobile network operator.

Things to Consider Before Retrieving Your Telenor PUK Code

There are a few things you should take into account before moving further if you need to recover your Telenor PUK code. These considerations include:

Identity verification requirements

Telenor takes customer security seriously and requires identity verification before providing PUK code information. Personal data including name, address, phone number, and national identity number may be needed as part of the verification procedure.

SIM card replacement fees

If you have lost your SIM card or it has been damaged, you may need to replace it to continue using Telenor services. Depending on your location, replacing a SIM card may come with additional fees.

Timeframe for retrieving PUK code

The process for retrieving your Telenor PUK code can take some time. Depending on the specific circumstances, it may have delays before you receive the necessary information. Therefore, planning and remembering to retrieve your PUK code is essential.

Different Methods To Find Telenor Puk Code

If your Telenor SIM card gets blocked and you can’t access your mobile services, you’ll need to retrieve your PUK code to unblock it, or you want to know your Puk code for emergencies. Here are a few efficient ways to find the Telenor PUK code.

Steps To Find Your Pin/Puk Code Using My Telenor App

It is a straightforward method to find your Telenor Pin or Puk code if needed. All you need to have is your My Telenor app login. Follow these simple steps to find your Puk code without any trouble.

  • Log in to the app
  • Click on three lines at the top right corner
  • Go to the customer support section
  • Click on Pin/Puk
  • And that’s it. Both Pin and Puk codes will be on the screen.

Telenor PUK Code Reset Method Using Customer Care

You can use the methods below to reset your Telenor PUK code if your Sim has been locked.

  • Call Telenor customer care service at 345 or visit a customer care center.
  • First they will ask about your name and number to start the process
  • Verifying your identity
  • Ask the customer care representative to reset your PUK code.

Visit Nearest Franchise

One of the most common methods to retrieve your Telenor PUK code is visiting the nearest Telenor franchise. You must bring a valid ID card and your blocked SIM card to verify your identity. The person will give you your PUK code after completing the verification process.

Using SIM Jacket To Find Telenor Puk Code

Another way to find your Telenor PUK code is by using a SIM jacket. When you register the Sim with Telenor, your sim Puk code is also mentioned on its back. So always remember to take care of the documents or sim jacket after the purchase, as it is the easiest method to find your Puk code.

How To Find Telenor Puk Code Via Sms

You can reset your PUK code using SMS by following these simple instructions.

  1. Send your PUK Code with your number to 785 or 346
  2. PUK code 0345-0000000 to 785 or 346
  3. After a short while, you will receive a message containing PUK Code Information

Remember, this method only works for Telenor users whose Sims are active and Unlocked, but if your Sim is already locked, then this method won’t be of any use.

Troubleshooting tips for unsuccessful unblocking attempts

Sometimes you may be doing everything right but are still unable to unblock your sim. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you in this case.

  • Make sure that you are entering the correct PUK code. If you enter the wrong PUK code multiple times, your SIM card will be permanently blocked.
  • Restart your phone and try again.
  • Contact Telenor customer support for further assistance.
  • Clear Browser Cache if you are working online and using any browser

Reasons Why You Need a Telenor PUK Code

Their are a few reasons why you must always take care of your Puk code or at least you should be aware about how to find Telenor Puk code. Let’s have a look at those reasons.

Blocked SIM card

If you enter your SIM PIN code incorrectly multiple times, your Telenor SIM card will become blocked. To unblock your SIM card, you will need to retrieve your PUK code and enter it correctly.

Forgotten SIM PIN code

It is easy to forget your SIM PIN code, especially if you have not used it in a while. In this case, retrieving your Telenor PUK code is necessary to unlock your SIM card.

Attempting to guess SIM PIN code

Repeatedly guessing your SIM PIN code can lead to your Telenor SIM card becoming blocked. If you find yourself in this situation, retrieving your PUK code is the only way to unblock your SIM card.

Replacing a lost or stolen SIM card

If you have lost or had your Telenor SIM card stolen, you will need to replace it. To activate the new SIM card, you will need to retrieve your PUK code.

Tips for Preventing Telenor SIM Card Blockage

To avoid the inconvenience of a blocked Telenor SIM card, follow these strategies to prevent blockage:

Strategies to avoid SIM card blockage

  1. Avoid entering incorrect PIN codes multiple times.
  2. Memorize your SIM card PIN code or keep it in a safe and easily accessible place.
  3. Keep your SIM card and phone in a safe place to avoid loss or theft.
  4. Regularly change your SIM card PIN code for added security.

How to remember your Telenor SIM PIN code?

  • To remember your Telenor SIM card PIN code, try one of these methods:
  • Choose a PIN code that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.
  • Write your PIN code down and keep it in a secure place.
  • Use a password manager app to store your PIN code securely.

Importance of keeping Telenor SIM card in a safe place

It is important to keep your Telenor SIM card in a safe place to avoid loss or theft. Losing your SIM card could lead to unauthorized use of your phone number, and it may also lead to identity theft. Therefore, keep your SIM card in a secure location and do not share your SIM card or PUK code with anyone.


What happens if I enter the wrong Telenor PUK code?

If you enter the wrong Telenor PUK code multiple times, your SIM card will be permanently blocked, and you will need to get a new SIM card from Telenor. It is important to enter the correct PUK code to avoid this situation. Make sure to keep your PUK code in a safe place, and do not share it with anyone.

Can I retrieve my Telenor PUK code if I am abroad?

Yes, you can retrieve your Telenor PUK code if you are abroad. You can contact Telenor’s customer support through their international helpline number. You will need to provide some details to verify your identity, such as your full name, phone number, and date of birth. Once your identity is confirmed, they will provide you with your PUK code.

How long does it take to retrieve my Telenor PUK code?

The time it takes to retrieve your Telenor PUK code may vary depending on your location and the method you use to contact Telenor’s customer support. If you contact them through their international helpline number, they will provide you with your PUK code as soon as your identity is verified. If you visit a Telenor service center, you may need to wait in a queue, and the process may take longer.

Can I change my Telenor SIM PIN code after unblocking my SIM card?

Yes, you can change your Telenor SIM PIN code after unblocking your SIM card. Once your SIM card is unblocked, you can go to your phone’s settings and change your SIM PIN code. It is recommended to change your SIM PIN code regularly to enhance the security of your SIM card.

How to unlock a Telenor sim without a PUK code?

Unfortunately, there is no way to unlock your Telenor sim without a puck, so remember your Puk code to unlock the Sim.

How can I contact Telenor customer support?

To contact Telenor customer support, dial 345 from your Telenor number or email them.


In conclusion, the Telenor PUK code is essential for unblocking a blocked SIM card. You must always know How to find Telenor Puk code incase of any urgency. By following the steps above, you can unblock your Telenor SIM card and resume uninterrupted mobile services. Additionally, it is crucial to keep your SIM card and PUK code in a safe place to avoid inconvenience and potential identity theft.

If you still have any questions please let us know. We will be happy to assist you in comment section or we could also answer it in Telenor FAQs category if needed.

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