Get Jazz Cash IBAN Number In Just 1 Minute: Multiple Methods

In search of your Jazz Cash IBAN Number? Right! Or you are a casual user of the Jazzcash App, and you need an international transaction for which the IBAN is very compulsory? Rest assured; you’ve come to the correct place. Here you will find all your answers.

Getting your Jazzcash IBAN Number couldn’t be simpler! We’ve shared five different ways to get your Jazzcash IBAN number with step-by-step instructions below. So no more guesswork or confusion; find your IBAN at your fingertips in no time and start getting your international payments. 

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to find your Jazz cash iban number in seconds whenever you need it. We’ll also share the importance of knowing your IBAN at the end. So let’s quickly get your IBAN so you can start your international payments without any problem.

 What Is Jazz Cash Iban Number?

The IBAN is also called International Bank Account Number. This number is used for fast and secure International transactions. The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) comprises a country code, a check digit, and your unique bank account number. Every account has a unique IBAN.

Jazzcash IBAN number usually consists of 24 characters. “PK29JAZZ0000000000000001” is the format of these characters. It is your global bank account number for all kinds of international payments. You can only make transactions if you provide it to them. So we have shared multiple methods to help you in finding it quickly.

How To Get Jazzcash Iban Number? 5 Simple Ways

You can get jazz cash Iban numbers by five different methods. You can apply the techniques described below based on your preferences and circumstances. Follow the step-by-step instructions for every technique for a hassle-free experience.

By Using Jazzcash App

The first method to find your Jazzcash Iban number is with the Jazzcash account. It is the easiest of all scenarios.

  • All you need to do is log in to your Jazzcash app.
  •   After that, click on your name or profile section in the top left corner.
  •   There you will see four different rows containing your personal information.
  •   You can see your IBAN in the last row.
  •   A copy button is in front of it, so you can copy and send/use it where needed.
Jazz Cash IBAN Number

Finding Jazz Cash Iban Number With Code

The 2nd best method to get your IBAN is dialing the Jazzcash Ussd code. But this approach has a drawback. Only Jazz Sim users can utilize this method.

  • Dial *786# from your registered mobile number to find the JazzCash iban number by used service.
  • From the menu options, choose My Account.
  •   Under my account, click on IBAN information for more procedure
  •   Your IBAN will be displayed on your phone screen.

By Using Jazzcash Email

Another way to find your Jazzcash IBAN number is with the help of contacting Jazzcash via Email.

  • Send an email to jazz cash email on
  •   In the Email, you will ask for the jazz cash IBAN number
  •   They may ask for some details for verification.
  •   Then you will get your IBAN via Email in the next 24-48 hours.

Finding Jazz Cash Iban Number Via Helpline

The 4th method to find your IBAN is by calling their helpline.

  • Jazz sim users will dial 4444, and all other sim users can dial 021-111-124-444.
  •   After connecting with the agent, you will ask for your IBAN
  •   The agent will first verify some details
  •   Then he will provide you with the IBAN of your account.

By Using Jazzcash Sms Service

It is the last method to find your Jazzcash International Bank Account number. Follow the steps below to do it quickly.

  • First, Open the messaging app and write a message
  •   Type MBS followed by space
  •   After this, you will type your Jazz cash wallet pin after the space
  •   Send this message to 2179 
  •   You will receive a text containing your IBAN from the Jazz message service.

That’s all about how to get JazzCash IBAN number. All of these are working methods. If you are still unable to find your IBAN or having any problem finding it feel free to contact us.

Importance of Jazz Cash IBAN Number

In the modern digital age, financial transactions have evolved drastically, making it crucial for individuals and businesses to have a trustworthy and efficient payment system. Knowing your Jazz cash iban number is essential for international payments. Here are some of the critical factors showing its importance.

Cross-Border Transactions With Mobile Banking

The Jazz cash iban number has enabled cross-border transactions with mobile banking. It allows it’s all yours to make payments internationally, allowing businesses to expand their reach beyond borders and individuals to support their loved ones overseas. With the convenience of the Jazz Cash IBAN, users can quickly transfer money, pay for goods and services abroad, and conduct international trade, promoting global financial integration.

Empowering E-Commerce and Online Business

In the era of e-commerce and online business, the Jazzcash iban number emerges as a powerful tool. Its unique features, like connecting Jazzcash and Payoneer accounts, have made global payments easy like never before. By linking it to their Jazzcash accounts, businesses and entrepreneurs can efficiently manage their online transactions.

Enhancing Financial Inclusion and Accessibility

One of the significant advantages of the Jazzcash iban number is its contribution to enhancing global payments for everyone. In Pakistan, many people need bank accounts. However, JazzCash provides a way for every individual to access banking services. You can create a Jazz Cash account, and with its IBAN, you can make bill payments, transfer funds, and make online purchases.


How To Check Iban Number Of Jazz Cash?

There are five different methods for checking the IBAN of jazz cash. You can find it from the app, Ussd code, Email, sms, and helpline. We have explained all of these methods above.

What Is My Jazzcash Swift Code?

Jazzcash beneficiary swift code is UNILPKKA. It works for all accounts. You can also find your swift code on your bank statements or in official banking apps.

How many digits are in Iban Number In Pakistan?

The IBAN in Pakistan consists of 24 digits. The first two digits reflect the country code, the next 2 are check digits, the next two reflect the bank code, and the last 16 digits show the customer’s account number.


Knowing your Jazz cash Iban number is necessary, especially in Pakistan, where international transactions are challenging. The best and most convenient method to find your IBAN is with the help of the Jazzcash app.

Jazzcash Iban number also provides many additional services like mobile top-up bill payment, making it the perfect choice for all your banking needs. If you have any other questions about Jazz Cash, feel free to ask us in the comments or via Email. We will answer them ASAP in the Jazzcash category.

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