Jazz 2 Hour Internet Package: Get 1GB Data for Just Rs 10

Are you looking for a Jazz 2 hour Internet package at a reasonable cost? Whether you are tired of expensive internet bundles or limited data for your browsing sessions? Cast away your anxieties because you are looking at the right article.

We have shared three different 2 hours internet package jazz below, along with their subscription codes and other details. These bundles are designed to cater to all your data needs without burning a hole in your pocket. For just Rs 10, you get a whopping 1GB of data, providing more than enough for two hours of uninterrupted internet usage. 

Once you’ve gone through this article, you’ll discover the best internet bundle for 120 minutes. You will also know the Jazz 2 hour internet package code to activate it whenever you want. We have also discussed some fantastic benefits which make you think about why you should start it. So continue reading if you’re ready to wave goodbye to data restrictions and get an outstanding internet plan.

Jazz 2 Hour Internet Packages Details

There are three different 2 hours internet package Jazz available at the moment. These three are Sashay offers that Jazz introduced. All three are app-restricted bundles for WhatsAppFacebook, and Youtube. If you need general Mbs for browsing or all usage, you can subscribe to Jazz 1 hour internet packages below.

Jazz 2 Hour WhatsApp Package

Introducing the “Jazz 2 hour Whatsapp package” for just RS 10, including tax. It provides 1 Gb of Whatsapp data for audio, video calls, status, etc.

Package NameJazz Sashay offer Whatsapp
PriceRS 10 including tax
Validity2 Hours
WhatsApp Mbs1024
Jazz 2 hour internet package code*220*1*1#

Jazz 2 Hour Youtube Package

The Jazz 2 hour youtube package provides you with 1 Gb of data in only 10 Pkr for 2 hours. Subscribe to it and enjoy your favorite YouTubers at such an affordable price whenever you want.

Package NameJazz Sashay Offer Youtube
PriceRS 10 including tax
Validity120 minutes
Data1024 MBs
Jazz 2 hour internet package code*220*2*1#

Jazz 2 Hour Facebook Package

The Jazz 2 hour Facebook package is among these options’ most used bundles. It provides massive 1 Gb data to meet all kinds of Facebook needs for 2 hours straight for only 10 rupees.

Package NameJazz Sashay Offer Facebook
Validity120 Mints
Internet volume1024MBs
Jazz 2 hour net package code*220*3*1#

Sashay Offers Terms Of Agreement

  • The data limit for these Sashay offers is 1 Gb.
  •  This package is valid on 2G/3G/4G devices only.
  •  The taxes will be charged.
  •  It usually provides speedy internet.
  •  You will be charged the usual price per MB after consuming these 1024 Mbs.
  •  No additional and hidden charges are there.
  •  You can check whether you are in a 4 G-supported area by dialing *443*1#.

All these packages are for specific apps. If you want data for all kinds of use, subscribe to the Jazz 1 hour internet package. It is the best alternative option.

Jazz 1-Hour Internet Package

With the Jazz Super Ghanta offer, you can get 1GB of internet with just RS 15. 

Package Name Jazz 1 Hour Internet Package
Balance Needed15 Pkr
Validity60 Mints
Data1 Gb
Jazz 1 Hour Internet Package Code*638#

That was all about Jazz internet package 2 hours. You might also like our detailed blog post about all the Jazz Internet Packages.

Benefits Of Jazz 2 Hour Internet Package

Jazz two hour internet package comes with a range of benefits that make it an attractive choice for users looking for affordable and efficient data packages. Its numerous advantages make it a top choice among Jazz users. Let’s delve into some of the key benefits that set this package apart from the rest.

Affordable Price

One of the most appealing aspects of the Jazz 2 hour net package is its incredibly affordable price. For just Rs 10, you can avail of any of the bundles shared above. This unbeatable pricing strategy ensures that customers get the best value for their money without burning a hole in their pocket. It’s a perfect choice for those on a tight budget.

Enough Data For 2 Hours

With 1GB of data at your disposal, 2 hours internet package jazz ensures you have enough data to last for two hours of uninterrupted internet usage. Whether watching the latest news, enjoying videos, or conducting research, this generous data allowance lets you maximize your online experience without worrying about exhausting your data limit. It’s the best choice for staying connected and productive during your two-hour browsing sessions.

No Timing and Area Restrictions

Another significant advantage of the Jazz two Hour Internet Package is the freedom it provides to subscribers. There are no timing or area restrictions, meaning you can subscribe to this package any time of the day or night from anywhere in Pakistan. This 24/7 accessibility allows you to stay connected whenever and wherever you need it, be it at home, work, or while on the go.


What is Jazz 2 Hour Internet Package Code?

There are 3 Jazz 2 Hour Internet Package Codes. The activation code for WhatsApp is *220*1*1#; for youtube, it is *220*2*1#; and for Facebook offer is *220*3*1#.

What Is Jazz Internet Package 15 Rs?

Jazz 1 hour internet package is also known as Jazz internet package 15 rs. To avail of this offer, simply dial *638#.

What Is Jazz 1Gb Internet Package?

2 hours internet package Jazz provides you with one gb data. For this reason, it is commonly called the Jazz 1 gb internet package.


To summarize, there are three jazz 2 hour internet packages, but these are limited to FB, WhatsApp, and YT. If you want no restrictions on data, you should go for the Jazz hourly internet package shared below. It is a perfect choice. It’s cost-effectiveness and ample data allowance make it an ideal choice for your data needs and productivity during those two hours.

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