Jazz Work from Home Bundle: 12GB Plus Unlimited Jazz Minutes

Jazz work from home bundle is the special offer launched by Jazz for their daytime users. Are you searching for a combined internet and call package at a Pocket-friendly price? Well, then will be done with your search after reading this article.

It provides you with 12GB of data and unlimited Jazz minutes. So never worry about exhausting your data or cutting short important conversations again. We will unveil all the incredible features of this offer below. We will cover everything from activation code to data usage and the terms and conditions of this offer. 

By the end of this post, you will understand how the Jazz Work from Home Bundle can revolutionize your remote work experience. Its new name is Prepaid Super Woman Bundle now due to its endless calling minutes alongside data. Let’s find out the details of this incredible hybrid bundle without further waiting.

Jazz Work From Home Bundle Details

Jazz work from home bundle provides 12GB of internet data and 5000 net minutes for seven days in just a 123 Pkr balance. It is also known as the Jazz 12 gb internet package weekly. It is the best offer for people who usually need data or minutes during day time. Here are its important details.

Package NameJazz Work From Home Bundle
Overall Price145 Rs
Balance Required123 PKR
Validity 7 Days
Timing8AM to 6PM
Data12 GB internet
Jazz MinutesUnlimited
Subscription Code*117*14#
Unsubscription Code*117*14*4#
Check Status Code*117*14*2#
Info Code*117*14*3#

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Terms And Conditions

  • If you want to check the remaining GBs and minutes of this package, you should have a 0.6RS balance on your phone
  •  The jazz 12 gb internet package weekly is a non-recursive offer.
  •  This bundle has timing limitations from 8 am to 6 pm.
  •  Jazz work from home is valid for only seven days. It will expire on 23.59 of the 7th day.
  •  Data speed will be 512kbs.
  • If you use data without purchasing a package, you will be charged 5 MBS.
  •  There are no network restrictions for this offer whether you have 2g, H+, or 4G signals in your area.
  •  Internet speed depends on a web page accessed, number of use, sim, device, and time of the day.

Pros and Cons Of Jazz Work From Home Bundle

Still undecided? No problem! Here are the major advantages and disadvantages of Jazz weekly 12 gb internet package to help you decide whether you should activate it. If you don’t find any major red flags, it’s an amazing choice.


  • It is the best value for money for daytime users.
  •  No data restrictions for specific apps.
  •  Infinite call minutes for a complete week.


  • Jazz 12 gb internet package weekly is time restricted offer (8 am to 6 pm).
  •  There are no off-network minutes with this offer.
  •  Although it’s a hybrid offer, there are no sms offered with this bundle.


How Can I Get 12 Gb Data On Jazz?

You can get 12 gb internet data with Jazz work from home bundle. It would be best if you had a 123 Rs balance to activate this bundle.

What Are *117*14# Jazz Package Details?

You will get 12 GB of internet data and 5000 on-net minutes from 8 am to 6 am. This offer is valid for seven days. 

What Is Jazz Super Woman Bundle?

Jazz Super woman bundle is the other name of Jazz work from home bundle. All the details of this offer have been provided above.

How Can You Find The Unused Details Of Jazz Work From The Home Bundle?

You can check the leftover MBS of this bundle by two methods. The jazz world app is an amazing choice for checking the details of any offer. The second method by which you can check the remaining MBS of this bundle is by dialing *117*14*2#.

What Is Jazz Work From Home Bundle Code?

The subscription code for jazz work from home is *117*14#, .and the unsubscription code for this bundle is *117*14*4#.

What Is Jazz 10gb Weekly Internet Package?

This work from home offer was previously known as the Jazz 10gb weekly internet package. But now this 10 Gb has increased to 12 Gb, and the price is also updated.


Wrapping it up Jazz work from home bundle is the best choice for daywalkers. Embrace the freedom of limitless communication and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout the week with this Jazz weekly 12 gb internet package. Whether you’re managing virtual meetings, sharing files, or staying connected with loved ones, it’s the perfect choice. 

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